Longboarding In The Rain- Things You Should Know

Riding longboards and competing against your friends can be extremely thrilling and refreshing. You can use your longboard for multiple purposes such as downhill racing, racing in the rain, dancing or sliding, and help you relax. It's kind of dangerous activity like other extreme sports : parkour, extreme biking, rock climbing, ect...when you start playing any sport, you need in-depth beginner's guide.

n order to double the thrill of longboarding, you should go for longboarding in the rain. Unfortunately, this rainy pleasure can ruin your precious longboard. There are a few effective and successful procedures that can reduce or even prevent the unwanted damage.

Here are important things and facts you should know about longboarding in the rain, before trying it:


Beginners And Longboarding In Rain

Longboarding In The Rain

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Many beginners or inexperienced longboarding amateurs are interested in practicing in the rain.

No one can actually blame them, but it can be quite unsafe for many reasons. I

f you are a longboarding beginner, you will definitely jeopardize your gear in rain.

Longboards usually contain wooden and metal components. Constant exposure to rain will gradually damage your lovely board.

In time beginners will know how to take care of their longboards after rain exposure. So if you are a longboarding beginner, you shouldn't make your board wet.

Tips And Tricks For Protecting Your Longboard In Rain

You might not be into longboarding in rain, but weather conditions might force you to do it. Sometimes it can rain for an entire season,and your board will be subject to moist. If you are interested in preventing your gear from fast damage, you can follow those tips and steps:

Longboarding In The Rain

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1- Buy A Cheap Alternative Board

This solution sounds logical and easy, especially for beginners. Some beginners may find it difficult to make their boards totally dry. In such cases, cheaper longboards are the best options.

You won't harm your expensive original board and won't say no to such rainy adventure. So you can use your cheap board in rain and save the expensive one for sunny days. You need to keep in mind that cheap longboards can have poor manufacturing quality and less durability.

2- Buy An Expensive Board

Average longboards are not usually cheap, but waterproof ones can be expensive. If you have available funds, you should consider buying a waterproof longboard.

This solution will give you ultimate peace, if you are a lover of longboarding in the rain. You won't worry about rain causing rust or deterioration to your precious board.

3- Paint Your Longboard

Painting your board or buy a fully painted one is a very simple and practical solution. Paint layer can be a protective shield for your longboard against rust and deterioration. You can also add another layer of polyurethane to double the protection for your board.

You shouldn't think about decorating your board with partial paint. Partial paint can make your board rust really fast.

Full paint won't give your board full immunity and eternal protection against rain impact. This solution will provide short term protection for your longboard.

4- Buy Waterproof Components

Longboarding In The Rain

This solution can work well for experienced boarders. They can go shopping for replaceable bearings for their longboards. Bearings are replaceable components that let machines move very fast and perform extremely well.

If you buy waterproof bearings for your longboard, you will get better performance and more protection. Ceramic bearings are great options in such cases.

5- Buy Cheaper Bearings

This is also helpful for boarders, who don't want to buy an alternative board or waterproof components.

You can easily find cheap bearings for your longboard. Use the cheap ones in rainy days and keep the original ones safe and sound at home.

Many original bearings of longboards are not water-resistant. Rain can ruin them fast and easily.

Longboarding In The Rain

A cheap replacement can sound more practical solution to pro boarder, who can easily install substitute components.

You shouldn't go for that solution, unless you are aware of installing and removing your board's spare parts.

6- Shop For Bearings Shields

Longboarding In The Rain

Bearing shields are another fast, easy, affordable and effective solution.

You can go shopping for those little shields and use them to cover original longboard bearings.

The shields can offer reasonable amount of protection in the rain. Sometimes other boarders use duct tape to cover the sides of bearings. This solution can partially protect the wheel and other bearings for a very limited time.

7- Maintain Your Longboard

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This is a very important step to protect your board. Type of bearings you are using or the brand of the board won't protect your board for good.

You need to take good care of your beloved board. After each ride, you should clean it well.

Frequent cleaning of the wheels and bearings can enhance your longboards durability. It will also allow you to detect early signs of rust or other problems.

You need to constantly wipe dust or mud away from the wheels. You can also use alcohol solutions to clean the bearings and keep them shiny.

Video: Longboarding in the Rain - 6 Tips with Brandon DesJarlais


Longboards are not meant for use in rain but some people love to go longboarding in rain. Using the above given tips, you can minimize the risk of injuries and damage to the longboard at the least if not completely prevent them.

Though it is highly recommended to not use the longboard in rains, but if you still wish to do so, buy a water proof longboard. Always remember to dry your longboard after use in rains to prevent part damage and rusting.

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