Left-Handed Bow: Aiming Against The Stereotypical Grounds

How to determine if you have received a left handed bow ? In a world that is so much guided by the stereotypical notions of the right and the left, it becomes a tough place for the Left-handed archers to commensurate.

In most of the cases, be it any field, the distinction between the right handed and the left handed seems inevitable. Almost 90% of the population is right handed and therefore are largely accepted.

But what about the other 10%? Unlike others, the World of the Left-handed archers is seen from the right side.

Left Handed Bow
Left Handed Bow


Feeling Deprived Because Of Being Left Handed is Just a Stigma

If you are one of those left handed archers, there isn’t any need of feeling deprived. It is very much scientific and can naturally occur to any being. There are so many batsmen who are lefty but when it comes to the sport of archery things might get a bit complicated.

Being a lefty is as much normal as being a righty. Though there isn’t much difference, yet I am sure that every now and then people around you make you feel uncomfortable about being a lefty. It is high time that you must release yourself from such inhibitions and flaunt the bow in your hand.

Video from youtube: Left or Right?

All You Have To Do Is Choose The Right Equipment 

I am sure you must have faced severe problems while buying your archery related equipment in the shops. Most of the shops don’t have equipment that is suitable and are specially made for the left handed bow.

This can be difficult but not impossible. The following must be kept in your mind if you are a left handed archer.

Left Handed Bow

Shooting Right handed, bow held with left hand                                                 shooting left handed, bow held with right hand

Credit: shakespearearchery.blogspot.com

  • You have to select for yourself a left handed bow which is not profoundly available, but there are many companies who manufacture bows that are specially equipped for the left handed archers.
  •  Even if you get one that is strictly manufactured for the lefties, you must not forget to weigh it, find its strength and the proper size that fits across your arms.
  • If you are a novice, you might get confused about choosing the right bow for yourself. There is one simple thing that must be kept in your mind while you are buying a bow for the left handed ones. A left handed bow must be held in the right hand and pulled by the left.
  • Another thing that you must take note of is the wrist release. They are not always specifically designed and can be used both by the right handed and the left handed shooters. It can be easily adjusted and converted according to your comfortable side- be it left or right.
  • There are various companies that have specifically given a thought to the problems you encounter. They provide you with the high dollar gear so that you don’t have to compromise with anything.

• Last but not the least, hand gloves must be taken note of, as they ought to differ according to the side of your hand.

• Lastly, the grip should also be comfortable, and before you buy one, you must always check that out. A left-hand bow will obviously be comfortably held in the right hand.​

The Right Eye Sees It All For Your Left Hand Bow

How to Determine Your Dominant Eye

In the case of left handed archers, the right eye is the most dominating part. The dominance of the right eye is more important in determining the fact that whether you are a right handed archer or a left one.

Until and unless we get involved in the field of archery, it is almost difficult for us to determine our dominating eye. We are able to determine if we are a lefty or a righty.

The selection of bow also depends upon the dominating eye to a large extent and therefore that is something to be determined at the first place.

While shooting, your one eye is naturally closed, and that determines your better dominant side- the eye and the hand being opposite to each other.

Being a left handed archer does not make you the odd one out. You just have to be a bit patient and focused, so that you can choose the right thing for yourself and make out properly in the field of archery.

We all know how important has this sport become in the Olympics and all the archers are not necessarily right handed.


Being a left handed archer can never take away your success and performance. So if you are upset and holding yourself back from archery, don’t!

A good performance demands proper equipment. The above-mentioned factors are very important for a safe and correct shooting style. Keeping the few basic factors in your mind, you can independently go and find your shooting pair without hesitation.

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