The Best Snowmobile Goggles 2017 – The Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Are you a snowmobiler or someone that enjoys outdoor very much? No doubt one of the best seasons to enjoy the tranquility and profound appeal that nature has to offer you is during the winter.

What do you think is one of the best things you can do to protect you when having fun outdoors? It is unarguably the best equipment. As a snowmobiler one of the equipment you should not joke with is the best snowmobile goggles.


Some people think getting a perfect snowmobile goggle is not as important as getting the newest rad snowmobile, new winter clothes or nice helmet. Tell me, what do you think would happen if you can’t see where you are going?

Things might end badly I guess. To ensure a safe trip, we are going to show you the best snowmobile goggles and the buyer’s guide. Also, your questions about snowmobile goggles would be answered. Read on!

Firstly, here are the top snowmobile goggles we have for you.

  1. Spy Optic Targa 3 goggles
  2. Bolle Carve Snowmobile Goggles
  3. OutdoorMaster OTG Snow Goggles
  4. Fuel optics High-Performance Snow Goggles
  5. Smith Optics Scope Snow Goggle
  6. YAKAON Y Series Goggles


1. Spy Optic Targa 3 Goggles

This goggle combines progressive technology, persistence, and design. It features a flexible frame which gives it the ability to harmonize with any face for a comfortable fit.

The goggles have a strap and cushioning which hold the goggles firmly but not too tight.

These features ensure that wind and snow are blocked from getting inside the goggles.

Additionally, this product has a dual-lens system which is forged from polycarbonate cylindrical materials.

These materials will ensure the lenses does not scratch nor fog while riding on the snowboard. Also, to tackle lens fogging, this product features a patented scoop ventilation system.    



  • The lenses can be swapped
  • It offers 100% ultra-violet protection
  • Lens color is perfect for the day and at night
  • Awesome goggles for the money
  •  It is flexible, fashionable and comfortable
  • From our survey, users with big face complained about the size. They said its only fit well for small or medium-sized users.

  2. Bolle Carve Snowmobile Goggles

If you are looking for a snowmobile goggles with a classic design, Bolle carve snow goggles is one.

 This product comes with a black frame, flow vent technology, all-around vermillion tint, and double carbo glass lens.

The inner lens of this goggle features a premium anti-fog layer which prevents the build-up of moisture that could obstruct your clear view of the terrain in front.

The outer lens has a high-tech protective armor “the carbo glass” which drastically reduces the scratching of the lenses so they can be clear. Additionally, the double lens included offers a thermal barrier between your face and the elements while ensuring a superb seal and exceptional optics.

 Furthermore, this product features a flow vent technology which helps in optimizing the flow of air over the inside surface of the lens and also reduces fogging. It is also padded with a strap that is adjustable.



  • It offers universal integration with helmets; it fits easily and comfortably  
  • It is suitable for most head sizes and ages
  • It offers a maximum defense against icy winds
  • You can see clearly in both sunny and cloudy days
  • Provides good combination of quality and value
  • Offers a great viewing space
  • Some users complained that the goggles might sometimes fog up

3. OutdoorMaster OTG Snow Goggles.

If you are looking for a goggle to plow the snow in the middle of winter, this goggle is worth the checkout.

Even though they might not possess the mind-melting technology like the others, they have what it takes to be one of the best snowmobile goggles.

This product features a double layered lens with anti-fog coating and mirrored appearance. The great features provide 100% ultra-violet protection and incredible optical clarity. Included is a strap that is long and adjustable.

The strap and flexible frame makes this goggle to fit perfectly with any helmet.

Additionally, it features spherical lenses with great tints which give you peripheral vision and exceptional visibility.



  • Perfect goggle for both women, men, and youth
  • Designed with versatility and performance in mind
  • It comes at a lower price compared to other goggles
  • Tint is perfect for cloudy and sunny days
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • Users complained that it fogs up occasionally

4. Fuel optics High-Performance Snow Goggles 

A snowmobile goggles with superior quality from Fuel Optics. This product features a frameless design that is spherical and also ultra-wide.

 Included in the frame is a magnetic lens changing technology which allows you to remove the lens and replace it with ease quickly. 

The amazing feature also ensures that you easily clean up the lens when necessary.


The ultra-wide frameless design does not stop at this; it also has 100% ultra-violet protection with three-layer form for improved management of moisture and great comfort.

It features double lenses that create a thermal barrier to optimize airflow over the inside of the lens and also reduce fogging. The Vx-vision lenses in the outer part feature an exceptional coating that prevents it from scratching. Additionally, it has an adjustable strap that makes the goggles compatible with different head sizes and most helmets.



  • It offers thick and breathable padding for maximum comfort
  • Ensure you swap the lenses as fast as possible
  • Fantastic goggles with fantastic price
  • The goggle fits over most regular glasses
  • 100% helmet compatible
  • Users complained that it does not come with a protective bag or case

5. Smith Optics Scope Snow Goggle

If you are looking for a serious aid and crystal clarity snowmobile goggles, Smith optics scope snow goggles are one you can go for.

 It features a cylindrical double-carbonic X lens which fit the shape of your face perfectly to ensure a precise vision.

 It also has an originating airflow system that prevents fogging even if you are out on soggy days.

Included is a silicone backed strap which ensures the goggles fit your face well. Additionally, it features an ultra-wide and compression-molded face-foam that is hypoallergenic.

These great features offer excellent comfort so you can enjoy your ride with no hiccup. Included in the package of this product is a microfiber for keeping the goggles safe. A replacement lens sleeve is also included.



  • The product offers a lifetime warranty
  • For users using glasses, the goggle cover their glasses nicely
  • Pretty decent goggle for the price
  • Offers perfect fit
  • From our survey, some users complained about the strap being tricky to adjust

6.YAKAON Y Series Goggles

For the YAKAON Y series goggles, there are 17 different lenses available. That is a wow! It features magnetic lens technology that allows changing of the lenses quickly.

The lenses of this goggle are firmly held by eight spots magnet which gives you the chance to replace and clean them easily.

 Added to its exceptional features is the double layer lens which is made from a solid PC material. The lenses have 100% ultra-violet 400 protection and an incredible anti-fogging treatment.

Also, it has a foam padding that is thick and keeps your face warm. It features a spherical ultra-wide view that offers over 1800 view. It also offers a less visual interference and an incredibly clear vision. These amazing goggles also have a 2-way ventilation system that reduces fogging in almost all conditions and also increase the flow of air.

Furthermore, it came with a strap that is flexible, adjustable, and extra long. This feature ensures that it fits different face sizes and also has a better compatibility with most helmets.               



  • Offers an excellent impact resistance due to the TPU frame and PC lens it features
  • The strap is elastic for better helmet compatibility
  • Perfectly fits the face and does not leave gaps where wind can hit
  • Look and feel is incredible
  • Detachable strap and lens
  • Some users complained that it fogged up quite a bit


The snowmobile goggles reviewed above have everything a snowmobiler could want when it comes to style, protection, and great performance. All offers wide range of visibility and great ultraviolet protection. This means your view won’t be obstructed no matter what you are doing.

To learn more about snowmobile goggles and what to consider when you are looking for the perfect product to purchase, read our buyers guide below.  


A snowmobile goggle is one of the paramount tools used by snowmobile riders and some other outdoor enthusiast to protect the eye from getting injured during their outdoor escapades.

 It is a tool that allows you see clearly in the harsh winter conditions and also protect the surrounding of your eye.

The snowmobile goggles have two most common shapes, and these are:

Best Snowmobile Goggles
  • Spherical – they are curved from side to side and from the top and bottom
  • Cylindrical – the surface of the actual lens is flat, and they are curved on the side to wrap around your face

Additionally, there are different colors of snowmobile goggle lens. There is Gray, Amber, Yellow, Green, Orange and Dark brown.       


Best Snowmobile Goggles

If you are wondering why you need a perfect snowmobile goggle let me ask you this question, how precious is your eye to you?

 I think you love them so much that you are not willing to get them injured or lose them.

 With the best snowmobile goggles, you stand a great chance of getting your eye protected and enjoying your ride a lot more.

There are lots of benefits that await you when you purchase the perfect goggle for you. Some of the benefits are:

1.  It will protect you from visible light - Most of the time when the days are bright, the snow and some other surfaces can reflect the light, pointing directly to your eye. 

This reflected light would be reduced by the best snowmobile goggle ensuring it does not disturb your sight. With this, you would be able to continue your ride without hindrance.

2. It will protect your eyes from wind – As a snowmobile rider, you would derive a lot of fun by driving at high speeds.  Do you know dry airstream blowing toward your direction can irritate your eyes? This will lead to blurry and cloudy vision.

Your eyes could be protected from being exposed to dangerous elements like wind.

3. Your eyes will be protected from shrubs and debris – When driving snowmobile around the forest or bushy area, you cannot rule out flying debris and wayward branches. A good pair of snowmobile goggles will be able to shield your eyes and face from them all. 


No matter the brand of snowmobile goggle you have or purchase, you need to care for them. Below are some few tips to follow.

  • Do not rub the lens when it is wet. To remove as much water or ice as possible, you can tap or shake the goggles
  • Use the lens back or soft cloth to clean the glass when it is dry
  • If you have ice on the lens try warming up the goggle by putting it inside a jacket or placing beside a warm fluid.
  • When you are not riding, put the glass in a place with a reasonable temperature
  • Before storing them, ensure they are dry because storing the goggles when wet can affect its lifespan          

    Since there is a lot of snowmobile goggles brand available in the market, it might be difficult picking the best for you. Don’t panic as there are many features you need to look at before making your perfect choice.

    Best Snowmobile Goggles

    1. How Much You Can Afford For The Goggles 

    This is often the first factor you need to consider. You know what your bank account balance says; you know what you can afford so no one is going to decide the price of the goggle you should go for. No matter your budget there would be an affordable goggle that could fit into it.

    However, it is most of the time advisable to go for the best. Of course, you know the best always come at the higher price. Don’t be deceived not all expensive products are the best; in fact, you can sometimes get the best at a cheaper rate. Be careful when considering this factor.   

    2. Single Or Double Lens

    When choosing the lens type, it is often advisable you go for the double lens goggles. It will ensure that inside your goggles does not fog up. It will help mitigate the temperature difference between the external environment and the areas inside the goggles.

    3. The Lens Tint 

    A variety of light absorption option is found on most of the best snowmobile goggles. If you are in the store to buy, ensure you check the absorption rate of the goggles by checking how tinted the lenses are.

    4. The Color Of Lens

    When considering the color to go for, you can pick yellow. It is the most commonly used color. You know why?

    It is a warm color and offers the enhanced contrast you need so you can see any spots that are not friendly. It is perfect for sunny days and can block out blue light with ease. However, some of the other options you can go for are amber, gold, and orange.

    5. The Shape Of The Lens 

    In this situation, let your preference guide you. A spherical shaped lens is more preferred because it covers a wider field of view compared to the cylindrical shaped lenses.

    6. Clip-in Or Magnetic Lenses

    No doubt some goggles come with removable lenses so you can change them anytime you wish or depend on the condition that moment. If you are to purchase a snowmobile goggle, it either you choose a clip-in or magnetic lenses.

    Clip-in lenses might be perfect for snowmobile drivers who like to ride in one lighting condition or another while the magnetic lenses use magnets as they are much easier to change when needed. We believe the magnetic option is the best if you want to ride in different lighting condition.

    7. Fit And Coating Option

    For you to be more comfortable while riding, you need to get a goggle that fits you perfectly; not too small not too big.

    Also, there are different coating options you can select from; anti-fog, mirrored, anti-scratch, and polarized. You should not forget to check the frame, foam, and padding. Pick the one that suits your purpose.  


    With the review and buyer’s guide we have provided, we believe you would not be making a mistake by picking from any of the best snowmobile goggles discussed above. Make the right choice and make your outdoor experience one you will always remember.

    Don’t forget to consider all factors before purchasing from any shop. Doing this would help you make the right choice of snowmobile goggles. Remember, you can only enjoy what is perfect for you and no other person. 

    In case you find this helpful, or you have used any of these goggles and wished to share your experience, you can use the comment box. We will always welcome you.          

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