Best Snowboard Boots Review And Buyer’s Guide – The Top 5 For 2017

Snowboarding! It can be one of the most electrifying outdoor experiences you will ever have. For those who have lots of passion for snowboarding, the best snowboard boots are one of the equipment that cannot be joked with.​

In fact, it should possibly be the first equipment you purchase in the snowboard/boots/binding set-up.

No doubt, finding the best snowboard boots might not be easy but they worth it. In this article, I am going to show you how to pick the best snowboard boots for you now and in the future.​


I will also show you the best snowboard boots and some other important information that can help you in your search for the perfect boots for you.

Let us briefly introduce you to the 5 best snowboard boots we have for you

Best Snowboard Boots

What Are The Best Snowboard Boots Brands ?

Selecting the best brands of snowboarding boots is based on personal feelings and opinion. Ask 15 snowboard riders this question; you will get 8-10 different answers. Still, some brands are more popular and top-rated compared to others. Some of the best brands are:

  1. Burton - they originate snowboards and also produce some of the best snowboard boots available in the market. They produce different boots to meet any budget. They regularly update their boots with the latest technology.
  2. Salomon - is a brand that makes quality boots at affordable price
  3. DC Phase
  4. Thirtytwo
  5. Head

The Best Snowboard Boots Boots - The Review 

1. Burton Imperial Men's Snowboard Boot

The Burton Imperial Snowboard Boots are one of the best snowboard boots that combine convenience and comfort of an excellent design. This lacing this boot features is the speed zone lacing system.

This lacing has a lifetime warranty, and it ensures you don't waste time when lacing up your boots. Also, the boot features a non-slip, high-quality Vibram EcoStep Outsole which alleviates slippage. The outsole also adds extra stability to the boots while snowboarding.

Another feature that helps in mitigating slippage is the rubber ice spikes. These coupled with sleeping bag reflective foil, LowProfile EST Optimized Midsole, and B3 Gel provides the boots with good cushioning.

Additionally, the Burton Imperial Men's Snowboard Boot features a total comfort construction. Snowproof internal gusset, and shrinkage footprint reduction technology. These great features offer great comfort. Using this boots assure you of a warm foot in the coldest snowboarding session.

2. FLOW 2017 Aero BOA Coiler Snowboard Boots 

If you are looking for a boot that is perfect for you are a snowboarding enthusiast, the FLOW 2017 Aero BOA Coiler Men's Snowboard Boots can fill in the gap. Putting on this boot is like wearing one of the old favorite slippers in your room. This boots are incredibly lightweight and are affordable compared to their peers.

These boots are incredibly soft and comfortable. Another amazing feature that this product offers is that it easily fit. Which means you wouldn't have any problem with the fitment of the boots.

 Compared to other boots the flex of this product is softer, and the two feather liner offers an additional comfort to the inner part of the boots. This feature would provide you with a plush feel while putting on the boots.

During the snowboarding session, these boots will offer you maximum stability and ensure that the size fits perfectly. This benefit is owing to the BOA Coiler lacing system it features. Adding to its excellent features is the B.F.T. Free-Track Outsole it has.

This ensures great traction while riding snowboard and also provides a firmer feel on the board. Even though you are wearing this comfortable FLOW 2017 Aero BOA Coiler Snowboard Boots the outsole is fully made of rubber and could give you a feeling just as if you are using your bare foot.

During snowboarding or at rest, the outsole can conform to the shape, style, and size of your foot with ease. No matter the terrain you are riding on, you need to worry less because these boots can help you survive it.

3. DC Phase Snowboard Boots

The DC Phase Snowboard Boots offers a simple design, but it is far from basic. The boots feature a traditional lacing closure which makes it easy for you to lace-up without wasting time. It also has a foundation unilite outsole which gives the boots a lightweight characteristic.

The upper part of the boots is made of synthetic materials and the lining made of textile. The angle of the boots is flexible for a more relaxed board style.

The DC Phase Snowboard Boots is comfortable, has a durable feel, and light. The durability the boots offers gives them the ability to survive all conditions. Another amazing feature of the boots is the excellent price point they offer.

4. Ride Sage Snowboard Boots

This great boot is for the ladies. The Ride sage snowboard boots have a stylish and sturdy appearance. Once you wear this boot, it will adjust to the shape of your calf automatically.

 This is made possible because of the ladies specific design CAT it features. This means you will not have to stress yourself adjusting the boots to your size.

The boots also feature BOA Coiler lacing system which is a single zone. This great feature ensures you snap the boots on without wasting time. When using these boots, the closer trade lace guide is a part of the lacing system that gives you a stable and solid posture.

 This is achieved when the boot perfectly fit so that your heel receives the right pressure.

Additionally, the boots have a heat-moldable Intuition thick-soft fabric Foam Liner. It also features shield Anti-Microbial Coating and thermo-foldable internal bars.​

These great features allow you to wear these boots no matter the terrain you are riding on. It also ensures great comfortability. It is one of the best snowboarding boots for the women.

5. ​Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots

A great product from a great brand. These boots offer premium look and comfort without a premium price. It features a high density evolution foam outsole which is durable, lightweight, and provides good traction.

 It helps tackle any terrain. Whether mountain or the park, these boots are ready to bit any surface. The Thirtytwo lashed snowboard boots offer an integrated pocket for heel hold kit and toe cap made with neoprene to reduce pressure on the toe.  

It has 100 percent heat moldable intuition liners for warmth, support and custom fit. Included is the integrated internal lacing and grip, custom molded Eva footbed, and Rip heel hold.

These great features give you the confidence to attack any turns while riding on a snowboard. Additionally, it also features a traditional lacing that is reliable. With this feature, you would not find it hard tightening the boots.

How To Pick The Best Snowboard Boots For You 

There are different snowboarder which means there are different choices to make. Before you go ahead and purchase a boot, you need to answer some questions.

Such as how frequent will I be snowboarding? What kind of snowboarding am I going to do? Do I want beauty or quality? These questions need to to be answered when purchasing a snowboard boot.

There some important factors you need to put into consideration when choosing the perfect snowboard boots for you. These are the budget and the boot features such as the fitment, flex, footbeds, liners, and lacing.


This is important in any purchase decision. Ask yourself, how much you can allow for the buying the snowboard boots? This will help you choose from the price range of what you can afford.

Expensive does not necessarily mean a boot is better or the best, so you need to be careful with your pick. However, it is always advisable to go for the best in the market, and this might cost more.

Riding Style

Best Snowboard Boots

When it comes to snowboarding, there are different riding styles. These are beginner riders, freestyle or park riders, and freeriders or all-mountain riders.

If you are a beginner who just starts snowboarding, the best snowboard boots for you are the one having soft flex. 

It will hello you master the board movements with ease and without making lots of mistakes.

If you are a freestyle or park rider, it is important that you have maximum control over the board. No doubt you would want to explore impossible spots and toughest rides.

 Go for snowboard boots that are light in weight and have a stiff forward flex. With this, you would remain agile and have total control on the board.

For all mountain riders it is advisable, you go for boots with more responsive design and stiffer flex.


The snowboard boots are made from either leather or synthetic materials. Snowboard boots forged with Synthetic materials are common. But do you know boots made of leather has higher durability?

 Of course, they do. In fact, they last longer if you care for them properly. They might be pricey compared to the one made with synthetic materials.

 Rubber is the material used for the sole. If you are a rider that sticks into the park, lighter rubber soles are perfect for you, but if you are a snowboard rider excited to hike up the mountain, the heavier rubber soles are good for you


The size of the boots will determine the fitment of the boots on you. Any snowboarding boots you would be going for should fit closely with no pinch or bind. If any bind or pinch is noticed it is not good for you.

It might cause blisters, hot spots, and pain to the foot after riding for few days. After a few days boots will conform to your foot, but sometimes it does not always work out.

When you buy a snowboard boot having a size larger than your foot size, your foot will slush and move freely in it. This can result in lack of control while riding, blisters, and banging of shin or toe. I believe this is something you would never like to experience, so never go for a bigger boot.

The Rigidity 

This is also known as the flex of the boot. A snowboard boot flex or rigidity is rated with the standard 1 to 10 system. If you are a beginner snowboard rider or has a lighter weight, soft flex is a perfect way to begin your journey of snowboarding experience. The flex you require will increase as your weight and skill increases.

However, sometimes your personal preference would be applicable in making this decision. Soft Flex (1-4) is good for freestyle riding style, and medium flex (5-7) is good for all mountain riding style. Also, medium to stiff flex (6-10) is perfect for freeride/Backcountry riding style, and stiff flex (7-10) is recommended for freecarve/race riding style.

The Lacing Of The Snowboard Boots 

There is three system of snowboard boot lacing. These are the BOA laces, speed laces, and traditional laces. If you go for a boot with the traditional laces, you will have the greater control and tightness you need.

 On the other hand, speed laces would offer you an easier way of lacing your boots because of the ratchet style system it offers. However, it is difficult and expensive finding a replacement the speed laces if they break. In fact, it is hard to get the perfect fit.

The BOA lacing system is new with various levels of control with 1,2 or 3 dial boot. For you to adjust to a perfect fit in each area of the boot, all you need to do is to turn the dial. It offers a quick lacing.

The Footbeds 

When considering this factor, it is either you choose a snowboard boot with stock footbed or custom footbed. Which one should you now go for? If you walk into any store and ask them to show you the difference between the custom footbed and stock footbed, you would be surprised.

A custom footbed offers greater comfort. It will provide conformity no matter the misalignment in your natural body.

Boot Liners 

Liners are padding, and warmth system found inside the boots. They can also determine the performance and fitment of a snowboard boot. For recreational snowboard riders, a standard liner might be perfect for you, especially, if you are on a budget.

Boots with removable liners are often the best, especially if you like to go boarding all the time. You can always remove to dry them up when necessary. There are three types of liners which are non-moldable, custom moldable and thermoformable.

 The non-moldable liners provide stability and generic padding for your foot. After repeated use, the liner will conform to your feet. The custom-moldable liners need an artificial source of heat to conform to your foot. This can be done in a boot-fit expertise shop. The thermoformable liners use the heat from your foot to attain the custom fit expected


You might think this is not important but do you know the socks you put in while wearing your snowboard boots can make an impact on your performance and comfort? Socks forged with Synthetic materials or/and Merino wool are the snowboard specific socks. They wick moisture away and keep you warm.

You should avoid wearing socks made of cotton because they do not wick moisture away. Also, do not wear socks that are thicker. It might not allow you have a perfect feel of the snow.


Even though you can consider this factor, functionality and comfort should come first. However, if you are going to spend much on the best snowboard boots for you, it is important you go the one that looks cool.

What Common Mistake Do People Make When Purchasing The Best Snowboard Boots?

  • Some people make a mistake of buying bigger boots.
  • Seeking advice from friends about size. Don't forget the boots is for you and you will be the one to wear it. So allowing people to make decisions about size for you would be a mistake.
  • Most people allow budget and look to take the place of fit and comfort. Remember, if you make the mistake of looking for the cheapest buy and neglecting the comfort and fit of the boots it might affect you negatively. It can cause pains to your foots and also you might have to spend another money buying another one.

    There you have the list and buyer’s guide for the best snowboard boots. Out of thousands of boots, we have chosen 5 best boots just to make your decision easier.

     At least we believe you should not have a problem picking the right boots for you. If you are interested in any of the boots above you can click the link to check out the price.

    However, we know choices differ from one person to another. So if you think your choice is not here, don't forget to go back to the how to choose the best snowboard boots for your section. Reading it will ensure you don't make a mistake is picking the perfect snowboard boots for you.

    Finally, we would love to hear from you. If you have any comment about this article or find it helpful and have something to say, you can use the comment box.

    Be safe and enjoy your ride out there!

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