Best Football Cleats For Speed

Do you want to have the best football cleats for speed ? Football cleats are not just meant for the pros. Even if you are not a routine player, you definitely need some good gear that’ll not hinder, if not boost your performance on the ground.

The cleats are just made for the purpose. Light and flexible, these are ideal for running fast and for quick action across the field. These cleats also provide the support your feet, ankles and heels need on the ground and minimize the chances of injuries and sprains.

One of the main concerns, however, remains, how to select the right football cleat? If a particular cleat looks good, has good reviews and is within your budget, how would you know if it’s the best for you?


The best way to know is by gathering some essential knowledge about the makeup, types and other considerations you must make before buying the cleats. So we’ve also included a guide here in the article with all the basics you need to know about your cleat.

First, let's look at some of the best football cleats for speed you will find in the markets today.




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Adidas Performance Men's Filthyquick 2.0 MD Football Cleat

Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TD Men's Football Cleats

Under Armour Men's UA Highlight MC Football Cleats

Nike Men's Vapor Talon Elite Low

Adidas Performance Men's Filthyspeed Mid Football Cleat

Nike Men's Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleat

Adidas Performance Men's Crazyquick 2.0 Mid Football Cleat

Under Armour Men's UA Hammer Mid RM Football Cleat

Adidas Performance Men's Adizero 5-Star 6.0

Under Armour Men's UA Nitro Low MC

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10 Best Football Cleats For Speed

1. Adidas Performance Men's Filthyquick 2.0 MD Football Cleat

We’ll start with the top choice for most of the professionals and avid footballers, the Adidas Performance men’s filthyquick 2.0 MD cleats.

 Made from the synthetic upper and sole, these allow you to carry out the quick action and fast maneuvers that your opponents would never be able to keep up with.

With the extra comfortable insoles, made from the ethylene vinyl acetate they stay snugly attached to the foot and give complete flexibility to the player.

There’s also a detachable sprintcleat stud that makes it lighter for the feet and makes it easy for you to change the studs in accordance with the requirement on the field and as per the external environmental conditions.

Very comfortable, tough and lasting, these cleats give you a great speed and total ankle support. If you want a good fit, looks and hard action, these are your best bet!

Why Do We Like It?

These cleats give you the support, fit and look stylish as ever on the ground.

Adidas, widely popular for their comfort, traction, and quality launched the Filthyquick 2.0 with supporting overlays to keep your feet protected, whereby giving you the flexibility for fast action across the field.


  • Excellent comfort.
  • Durable.
  • Lighter on the feet.
  • The synthetic skin on the inside for maximum protection to the midfoot.
  • Best for quick action and maneuverability.


  • May not suit the wider feet.
  • Not made from the pure leather material.

2. Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TD Men's Football Cleats

The Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TDs have a synthetic leather upper and mesh to keep your feet dry and odor-free all day. With these, you can have a much better control of your action, speed, and balance.

These are known to be ‘featherweight’ and are actually so light and comfortable, you can literally glide across the field without feeling any obstruction

Being flexible, however, does not make them any less gripping. The cleats provide a solid traction and support to the ankle and foot, so there’s no chance of slipping or hurting your ankles.

Outshine all your opponents –and even team players – with the attractive and sleek Nike Vapor Carbon elites on the field.

Also, the upper portion of the cleat gives little space for movement or wiggling about thanks to the ‘space fit technology’ that keeps the feet fixed comfortably in place. And so, the traction lets you give out your best on the field at the top speed.

Why Do We Like It?

Why Do We Like It?

These Vapor Carbon Elite's give you the traction, speed, and durability just as you would expect from Nike. Known to be the ‘fastest cleats in football’ these are made for the pros and for the fast cuts and action on the ground.


  • Various color options.
  • Very fast!
  • Perfect for uneven surfaces including grass.
  • Light weight construction.
  •  Very stable.

Cons :

  • Made for the slightly larger feet.
  • High-end and expensive.
  • Non-detachable studs.
  • Not very durable.

Video: Nike Vapor Carbon vs Code Pro Cleats

3. Under Armour Men's UA Highlight MC Football Cleats

Next, we have the Under Armour Men's Highlight MC cleats.

With a synthetic upper and a rubber sole underneath, these are very comfortable, strong and designed to give you the most protection. In fact, UA has given the most importance to comfort in these cleats.

With the UA ClutchFit, the cleat molds around the foot ever so lightly, it almost feels like a thin glove or second skin.

Perhaps the best thing about these is the superior support and comfortable fit. The 3D molded tongue too provides extensive support and makes it comfortable for the feet. If you have a long game ahead, do not think twice before putting these on!

The cleats give you an all around comfort, it’s not just the tongue and mid-part that is padded for support, but the lower part has a 4D foam footbed. This comes with the unique ability to take on the shape of your foot, hence molding the interior exactly in accordance with the contours of your feet. A quality we read about in the famous Cinderella’s glass slipper till date!

Why Do We Like It?

The best part about these is the perfect fit! No matter how your feet are, it will mold itself according to them and provide the most comfort and keep those wiggly fingers in place. This feature also makes these cleats more flexible and great for the fast action on the field.


  • Perfectly shapes itself to the contours of the foot.
  • Includes the 3D molded tongue.
  • PlasmaX plate for maximum support.
  • Eleven color options to choose from.
  • Bladed cleats.


  • May require breaking-in.
  • The Upper may not be very durable.
  • Many users find the heel to be less supportive.

4.Nike Men's Vapor Talon Elite Low

These Vapor Talons are made from the Nike Hyperfuse, that gives you a better support and keeps it well-ventilated inside for the feet.

The Hyperfuse construction actually combines three layers of material on the upper part, to make it a strong, stable and durable cleat you’d want to take with you when the game gets tough.

The amazing quality to provide the traction just when you need it makes these a top choice for many players today.

If you want heel support, then Nike here has taken good care of that too! With the strong padding at the heel, the feet fit perfectly in place, making these a safe choice for fast action. Also, the cleats are very comfortable and light in weight.

And even though the extreme light-weight design may create doubts about its durability, rest assured! Thanks to the Pebax plate and the carbon-fiber midfoot shank, the cleat will last you for years no matter how tough or aggressive the game gets.

Why Do We Like It?

A cleat that gives you great performance, stability, comfort and the durability you need from football cleats. With the light weight design, you can run across the field and make those extreme cuts, and the cleats will provide complete support.

You also have control over the traction you need in the field; with just a simple adjustment of the pegs you can get the required support and traction as and when needed.


  • Very durable Upper with the Hyperfuse.
  • Ventilated interior.
  • Extremely light weight design.
  • Adjustable pegs for traction.


  • On the higher end of the price spectrum.
  • There’s not much support for the ankle.
  • Some of the heavy built users did not like the way the cleats fit.

5. Adidas Performance Men's Filthyspeed Mid Football Cleat

Another revolutionary construction by Adidas; the Adidas Performance Men’s Filthyspeeds are made for the fast and furious.

 Although these were first introduced in 2015, the cleats with the synthetic construction are light, fast and supportive just made for action.

With the EVA foam for making it comfortable on the inside, these have a camouflage print on the exterior surface, making them a remarkable choice, especially for the keen footballers. These are most-suited for extreme maneuverability, quick cuts, and speed on the field.

Even if the ground is not so even and the weather not too pleasant for the game, these Adidas won’t let you down! The rubber soles make these perfect for taking on the run across the smooth, uneven or wet ground.

Plus, the pair is simply dazzling! So if you want something that looks good and gives a great performance, you needn’t look further!

Why Do We Like It?

The cleats are built for the fast action, and for making you look superb while aiming for that goal on the field! You get the comfort, flexibility, support, and traction you need for the game. It is one light cleat and that makes it the ideal choice for precise action.


  • Lightweight construction.
  • Very stylish and attractive design.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Good traction.


  • May require breaking-in.
  • May not be the perfect fit for all types of feet.

6. Nike Men's Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleat

Very, very lightweight construction, the Nike Men’s Vapor Shark 2 makes running, cutting fast and literally wheezing across the field ever so easy!

 Built with the Nike Fast Flex technology these are designed to give a tough time to your opponents on the field.

The cleat also has the Phylon midsole inside that provides support and completely cushions the feet to keep them protected from shock, twists, and sprains.

The Vapor Sharks are durable and very flexible, so you can make those tricky moves with precision and ever so fast!

Plus the rubber sole makes these perfect no matter how uneven the field may be. You can select from ten different color options as per your taste and give out your best on the field, without any discomfort getting in your way!

Why Do We Like It?

The cleats offer much more than looks, style, and comfort. With Nike's fast-flex technology, these are ideal for high-performance on the field.

 Even if the conditions are rough and the ground is not even, the rubber soles make these great for running and taking your expert shots across the field. The best thing, these are very affordable so even if you have a low budget, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss these.


  • Very long lasting.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Comfortable with the full-length Phylon midsole padding.
  • Great for the high-speed action.


  • Not ideal for the larger feet.

7. Adidas Performance Men's Crazyquick 2.0 Mid Football Cleat

Super snug and comfortable, the Adidas Performance Men's Crazyquick 2.0 Mid cleats equipped with the foot-hugging techfit construction give you the protection you need on the field.

Adidas gives you the same quality, high-speed performance, and precision with these cleats, that come promised with the name.

Plus, with the sprintstuds and quickstuds, you can actually control your speed, performance, and those quick cuts, always staying a notch ahead of your opponent. In fact, you can now make the game more fun and keep your rival always on his toes with the bladestuds that give you the amazing stopping power!

The extra cushioned insole keeps it comfortable and soft on the inside. Plus, the Techfit upper keeps the cleat flexible and does not hinder performance. Rather, it gives you the extra protection and perfect fit to the foot.

Why Do We Like It?

Not just comfortably snug, these also give you the most control of your moves. You can make the accurate movements on the field with all the technical support. Plus, the lockweb system keeps the laces locked, with no chance of them getting undone at any point during the game.


  • Comes with the Foot-hugging techfit technology.
  • Bladestuds heels.
  • Very fast action.
  • Special lockweb system for keeping those laces in place.


  • The size runs small, not great for the wider feet.

Video :Adidas Crazyquick Cleats Review 

8. Under Armour Men's UA Hammer Mid RM Football Cleat

The Under Armour Men’s Hammer Mid RM Football cleats are one of the most comfortable, stylish and supportive cleats you will find in the markets today. Designed with a superb synthetic upper part, these look amazing out on the field.

The cleats also have a mesh lining, that keeps the feet comfortable, dry and sweat-free all day.

Plus, there’s the lace closure that makes them stay securely on the feet minimizing any chances of sprains.

Inside you have the EVA midsole that makes these ever comfortable and supportive for the foot. The cleat is especially suited for those who have ankle issues or are just looking for something more supportive for the ankles.

Plus, thanks to the rubber sole, you can take them on all kinds of grounds. Whether it's plain to even, or wet and bumpy, you will feel the same level of comfort all through the course.

Why Do We Like It?

Supportive and comfortable, these cleats are designed to give you the most comfort as you take off on the field. The breathable mesh keeps it airy and dry on the inside and the lace closure keeps them snug and comfortably molded to the foot.


  • Very supportive for the ankle.
  • Comfortable with the breathable mesh.
  • Lace-up closure for a snug fit.
  • Inside, you have the EVA midsoles for comfort.


  • Not comfortable for the wider feet.
  • May take a lot of time to break in.

9.Adidas Performance Men's Adizero 5-Star 6.0

Next in line come the Adidas performance men’s Adizero 5-star 6.0. These include a nice and comfortable insole on the inside that keeps the foot comfortable and protected.

You can also remove the insole when not needed.

The shaft goes from the arch to the low top that makes these amazing for traction, support, and protection. The upper is made from the Sprintskin that is the main reason behind their strength, durability and fit for the tough times.

The best part is that the cleat fits almost all kinds of feet. You needn’t worry about the wider or narrow front part of your foot.

Plus, the heel is really secure! So if you are looking for some extra support on the heel, that also takes the weight off your heels, these are indeed your best choice.

Why Do We Like It?

Very strong, supportive and comfortable, these are the cleats you need for extra traction on the field. The cleat strongly supports the heel and fits perfectly, molding on to the contours of your heel. Plus, the EVA insole keeps the feet snug and comfortable, fitted in place.


  • EVA insole inside for comfort.
  • Strong traction.
  • Heel cup fits perfectly.
  • Great for the wider feet too.


  • May require breaking in.

Video :Adizero 5 star 6.0 Cleat

10.Under Armour Men's UA Nitro Low MC

Last but never the least, the Under Armour Men's  Nitro Low MC features the ClutchFit, lace-up closure, plush tongue, and collar, mesh lining and the 4D foam footbed.

The cleat is comfortable, supportive and strong. Plus, all this comes with high performance and durability. The lace-up closure keeps the cleat molded on to the foot and gives you the flexibility and freedom to glide and run across the field.

Plus the plush tongue and collar make the feet fit in giving them no wriggling space.

Also, the cleat takes away the pressure and weight from the feet, keeping it light and giving you the maximum speed.

There’s the 4D foam that adds to the comfort and at the same time, gives you a strong grip and ankle support. Hence, it is one of the most preferred and highly recommended shoes by expert football players from all over the world.

Why Do We Like It?

One of the most loved cleat by footballers, this one give a comfortable, snug feeling to the whole foot. It also includes the molded TPU plate that gives you the solid traction you need. Very light in weight and protective for the ankle as well.


  • Light weight.
  • Very comfortable and snug.
  • 4D foam for added comfort.
  • Durable.


 The heel is not very comfortable
Video: How to Clean Football Cleats?

How To Choose The Best Football Cleats For Speed

best football cleats for speed

There are certain jargons or terms you need to understand that will help you in understanding the specifications and the salesman’s blabber, about the cleat.

If you are looking at the online stores, the first search may yield hundreds of results for the best and top rated football cleats; quite overwhelming for a new player, right?

How to pick the right one?

The worst mistake would be to categorically divide them into classes based on their price range. No, that’s plain wrong! Here’s what you should actually be looking for:

1. Comfort

Even if there’s a minor discomfort in any part of your foot, it will affect your performance. So comfort is always of primary importance. Comfortable footwear keeps your ankles and feet fully supported and in place.

Video: How to choose the right size?

2. The Material

The speed, comfort, and durability of the cleat depend on the material the cleat is made from. The most preferred cleats are those made from the lightweight material. These will keep you running fast and will not add to the weight of the shoe.


You also need to look for the most traction you can get on the ground. The grip is much needed to maintain your balance and keep the foot right where you want it to go. So even if you are moving around fast on the field your cleats will keep you from slipping or falling.

Good traction at the ankle also safeguards against ankle twists and sprains.

best football cleats for speed

4. Ankle Support

With the need for extra maneuverability, you need consistent and solid ankle support. Since the chances of twisting the ankle and falling are more likely with the regular foot wear, these specially designed football cleats give you the support you need on ground.

5. Authenticity

Always make sure you pick the most authentic and actual brand. Never go for the copies or counterfeits no matter how tempting they may be. If you have a low budget, you can always find a good brand even within your budget, though with fewer features but with the same level of comfort.

6. The Style

The most common styles you will find for these football cleats are the low cuts and mid-cuts.

  • Low-Cut: These are very light and give the most flexibility to the foot. These are preferred by the professional players mostly.
  • Mid-cut: These provide support to the ankle and are available in different heights.
  • Now that you know about the basic details you need to look for in the cleats, let’s also have a look at the two main types of cleats you will find in the stores.

    Molded Vs. Detachable Cleats

    1. Detachable Cleats

    These cleats come with studs that are detachable. If you are looking for something that goes well against all rough external conditions, then these are just the ones to go for. You can always interchange the shorter studs with the longer ones, as per your requirement.

    For instance, if you are playing on the wet ground, there are higher chances of slipping, so you need the longer studs. Whereas for the normal, even and dry ground, the shorter studs will do just well.

    2. Molded Cleats 

    These cleats cannot be removed or changed. So, most of the higher-end molded cleats are made to be suitable for all types of grounds. Plus, these are also known to have more traction than the detachable ones.

    best football cleats for speed

    3. Other Things That Go With The Cleats

    • Replacement studs in case of detachable cleats.
    • Shoe laces.
    • Shoe protection conditioners.

    However, that’s not all about these football cleats. There are certain types of these cleats as well. Let’s take a look at the main kinds:

    Types of Cleats

    1. Simple Football Cleats

    best football cleats for speed

    If you are not a very keen footballer so to say, you don't necessarily have to go looking for the high-end feature packed cleats available in the markets.

    There are many simpler options out there just for you, which do provide the comfort, flexibility, and grip to the feet.

    2. The Mid-range Cleats

    These combine the essential features of the top-professional cleats but are more affordable, and simpler than the high-ends.

    Hence, it is these that are most preferred by players – both professionals and pastime players. These cleats will give you the protection, comfort, support, and traction you need out on the ground.

    3.Top-grade feature Packed Cleats

    The high-end models fall into this category. These football cleats provide the maximum comfort and support. What they actually do is, they take on the shape of the foot and so, the player can move about with ease.

    These cleats also support your ankle and are very durable, even during the rough environmental conditions.

    What Are The Basic Parts Of The Football Cleat?

    best football cleats for speed

    Typically a football cleat consists of the following three parts:

    • Upper part: Made from the leather or synthetic material this is the most visible part of the cleat. The best of the cleats are made from the durable leather – or synthetic leather – and are durable and strong to withstand the extremities.
    • They may have the laces or a strap-up design and may or may not have the breathable mesh for comfort.
    • The Outsole: The outsole is right at the bottom of the cleat. It is basically responsible for giving you the traction, ankle support, and control during the game.
    • The Midsole: This gives us the inner support. The midsole often has the cushioned layers for supporting the feet and may also have liners for further adding to the comfort.
    Video: All About Cleats in Football


    While each cleat may come with a separate price tag, features, and other specifications, it may be quite a task choosing the right one. Once you know about the key details and the specs, you can make a better decision regarding which features matter the most to you. For more about these cleats, here’s a helpful article.

    However, make sure you are always getting the comfort, flexibility, traction, and safety with no matter what brand or type of cleat you go for.


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