Best Coon Hunting Lights : Buyer’s Guide & Review

It is necessary to buy some best coon hunting lights to make the hunt a success and keep the focus of light accurately where ever you want

Raccoons, also called as coons, can sometimes become a big woe for you. This animal trespasses in one’s property and causes severe damage to crops and other animals.

Since these animals are active at night, so to hunt them you need to walk and snip on them in the dark areas. This also puts you at the risk of being attacked by other animals, including them.

Coon hunting is also popular as a hunting sport, so the selection of the correct type of lights enhances your adventure in the sport.


There are many coon hunting lights available in the market which confuses you to select the best one for you. To make it easy, let us know something more about the coon hunting lights.



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Orion M30C Coon Hunting Light

-illuminates: 700 LED lumens 

-Length: 6 inch

Orion Predator H30 Red or Green

-273 yards beam of light

-illuminates : 300 lumens

Ulako Green Light LED

-350 lumens

-2 type of switches

- Material: Aluminum alloy

Kohree 80000Lux Cree XML U2 LED

- illumination range of 70000-80000 lux.

-Battery can be recharged more than 500 times

Gugou Waterproof 350 Lumens

250 Yards bright

-Material: 6061T Aluminium

Comunite Portable Cree 1000LM LED Flashlight

- Item dimensions: -4.72 x 7.28 x 1.97 inches

-illuminates 600 lumnes

Tactical Hunting Flashlight

-Material: T6061 Aluminium Alloy

- illuminates : 350 lumens

-Maximun range of this light is 500 meters

Orion Predator H30 273 Yards LED Flashlight

- illuminates upto 273 yards

-Battery life can last between 4 to 120 hours.

BestFire Coon Hunting Light

-The brightness of 350 lumens.

-Battery life is good

WindFire Green LED Light

-The light beam having the range of 250 to 300 yards

-Easily mountable on the weapon.

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Important Factors To Be Considered  

Weight Of The Light

For a better hunting experience, it is crucial to have a best coon hunting lights. The light weight of hunting lights makes it easy to carry them around. This renders you to use less energy and use it in a jiffy, which will give you more time to hunt properly.

On the other hand, if you carry a heavy light, you are going to end-up making yourself tired sooner and eventually halting the hunt.

Battery Life

Having the right battery in your light indeed is a prominent factor in the successful hunting game, especially when you are on long stretches during the night. You certainly don’t want your lights running out of the battery when you are about to snip on your target.

Also, it can be threatening to your security in the dark areas. So, go for the battery which is light in weight.

In addition, it should have a large capacity to ensure a longer illumination during the hunt. Sometimes, it happens that the lights are not used for a long time and this makes the battery to get discharged beyond the safety levels. Keeping this thing in mind, a battery is also required to have a longer shelf life.

Illumination Distance

Having a longer battery life along with larger illumination distance is what hunting light should be capable of doing. While walking and searching for the coons in the night, illumination distance allows you to take the right shot from a safe distance. You also get a wider and better view at a desired angle which can be helpful to spot any other prey.

Also, the accurate mounting of the light on your weapon and positioning it parallel to your weapon is inevitable for a successful hunting.


Well, when you go for the hunt you prefer it during the night rather than the day. During the night, the only source of light you have is your hunting light. So, it is necessary to have the adequate amount of light in the dark areas.

But be mindful of the fact that hunting lights consist of different colored optical filters like green, red and white. Every optical filter has its different purpose. A green optical filter can scare off the animal and make it more difficult for attack as compared to other filters.

Make sure to buy a bright and high intensity best coon hunting light to get a good night vision.

Mounting Options

It is a crucial factor to keep in mind when you buy a coon hunting light. According to your personal comfort, you can choose to have a light that can be mounted over your hat or on your weapon. On your weapon also, you can mount the light just below or above it.

Mostly, people prefer to mount it above, because while shooting the gun, they support it with their shoulder. This makes the hunter focus on his prey without any distraction.

Video: Predator Hunting @ Night: What Color Light is Best (Red - Green - White)?

Different Types Of Hunting Lights

Handheld Lights

These lights need to be light weight, as it will be difficult to carry the extra weight around when you are constantly upholding your weapon. Generally, the handheld lights have both red and white colors.

Handheld lights are mostly water proof so that they can be used during rough weather. One of the demerits of this light is that once the coon is spotted, it takes a work to place the lights meticulously and align your weapon to take the shot.

As a result, the coon gets to the woods in ambush and runs away. Handheld lights are better to carry when you have a weapon like a  pistol which can be operated with only one hand.

Gun Mounted Light

Using this light gives the flexibility of mounting them on different weapons like pistols and rifles. It allows the hunter to aim more accurately because he doesn’t get tired and distracted by carrying any extra weight.

By using this light coons can directly be aimed and shot instantly before they run away. This Light can be attached at the top of the gun or under it.

Hat Lights

Using the hat lights makes it more convenient to use your weapon freely. Hat lights can have more number of LEDs in them, which give a wider illumination distance.

Hat lights can be used along with the handheld light or gun mounted light.

This makes it more advantageous, as it can be used along with other lights. 

 Hat lights have a separate light which can be clipped under the brim or at the bow of the hat. It is also available in straps, which is more comfortable to wear during longer tours.

Hence, hat lights are the best coon hunting lights when they have a longer battery life and more illuminating distance.

Hybrid Flashlights

It can be used in a multiple ways. This light can be handheld and can be mounted on your rifles by using a special adapter bracket. This light is generally heavier than the other lights and can make the hunter go uneasy in taking the right aim for longer durations.

Top 10 Coon Hunting Lights

1. Orion M30C 377 Yards 700 Lumen Red or Green


  •  Variable brightness modes,
  •  AC/DC charger,
  •  Mounting kit


  • Heavy
  •  Battery issues
  •  Switches off suddenly

This is a product of the Orion hunting light family. The M30C comes in two color variants – red and green. These are LED based lights are an indispensable bright tool for hunting at night and go really far. This product is equipped with three premium quality Cree XP-E2 color LEDs which is a long range hunting spotlight.

These three LEDs together emit 700 lumens and the projection range is 377 yards. These two qualities enable the user to spot games much easily and target more accurately.

This product has three variable brightness settings which can be changed by simply turning the light head. The last set brightness level stays even after the light is turned off – memory feature. High performance batteries are used to power the lights which are rechargeable.

 The light is equipped with a smart charger and complete charging kit. The charging capacity of the rechargeable batteries is 500 times. The material used to manufacture the batteries is environment and wallet friendly.

The smart charger has an auto cut-off feature which stops the charging once the batteries are completely charged. The charging kit contains an AC adaptor along with a car charger also, giving the option to the user to charge the light wherever the game is!

The light can be mounted on scope, rail, and barrel also. The light can precisely be controlled with its various mounting kits.

2. Orion Predator H30 Red or Green 


  • Variable brightness modes
  • Strong built
  • Water proof


  • Comparatively low emission frequency
  • Light not focussed enough

This is again a product of Orion. This H30 Predator long range hunting light emits a focussed 273 yards beam of light. Use of this product shall make your night hunting fun and effective. This product also comes in two colors – red and green. Hunting games like predators, hogs, fox, varmints, and coyotes are not sensitive to these two colors.

 This does not alert them when the light is flashed to them, hence making the game a success. Additionally, these two colors reflect back very effectively from the animal’s eyes, helping in locating it.

While building the product, strict military standards are followed. This product features a Cree XP-E2 LED light which emits pure green or red color at the frequency of 300 lumens and there is no filter loss. The package comprises of rifle mounts and charger kit. Barrel, rail ,and scope are three types of rifle mounts. The charger kit contains a rechargeable battery and charger.

This product has four variable brightness settings. The battery lasts ranging from 4 hours at maximum brightness to 120 hours at lowest brightness. This product is made of aluminum and is 6 feet water proof for half an hour.

3.   Ulako Green Light LED 


  • Value for money
  • Water proof
  • Long battery life


  • Weak built
  • Weak switch
  • Weak battery cas

This is a product from Ulako. It is comparatively a smaller, lighter and cheaper product than the other two and many other in the market. It is only green in color and the output is 350 lumens. The visible range is beyond 100 yards. This product has two type of switches – one at the tail, another a pressure pad type for instant flash.

It is made up of the alloy consisting majorly aluminum. The light can be mounted on standard waiver rail. It is completely adjustable by screws and nuts. It has a shock absorbing ability with a ring diameter of 25 mm. The beam covers almost the entire area while shooting at a considerably long distance, considering the size of the product.

The battery is designed optimally for peak performance during the game. The battery is rechargeable with a capacity of 2600 mAh. The light can be used for about 4.5 hours when the battery is fully charged.

Each product is thoroughly tried and tested by the company for best performance and long life. The light is waterproof, allowing to hunt in an all- weather condition. The company claims a record in customer satisfaction with this product.

4. Kohree 80000Lux Cree XML U2 LED


  • True value for money
  • Long ranged light beam
  •  Durable


  • Weak built
  • Uncomfortable to use
  • Buttons get jammed

This product by Kohree is strong and light weight. The LED used is CREE XML U2 with an illumination range of 70000-80000 lux. The power wattage is 10 W and has got a battery capacity of 11000 mAh. The color of light is red, as it does not scare away the prey. The battery can be recharged more than 500 times.

The average charging time of the battery is about 18 hours. This product has 4 modes of brightness which allows the light to last for 5 hours at maximum brightness and 20 hours at lowest brightness.

The product is water and explosion proof, which makes sure an all-weather, all-purpose guaranteed successful game. There is a provision of AC/DC power charging mode.

This light can easily project up to 300-400 yards at the target. It has a lumen value of about 700-900. The light beam is crisp and tight, which helps it to project up to long distances. The product has a high customer satisfaction rate and the quality is maintained. It gives a great competition to other lights with same capacity but for a comparatively much higher price range.

5.  Gugou Waterproof 350 Lumens


  • Value for money
  • Powerful light
  • Mounting kit


  • Weak built quality
  •  Unreliable charger
  •  Low-quality wires

This product is from Gugou. It is compact and bright. The bulb technology is LED, and the design is especially for hunters. The product features Cree LED which is green in color. The frequency is 350 lumens and goes a long distance.

The distance it goes on an average is about 250-300 yards. This product does not use any lens or filter. The light produced is pure green and hence allows to see the target clearly. Like other products, this also comes with an on-off switch and a pressure switch for instant flash.

The product can be mounted on a rifle, pistol or shotgun for easy use. This will help the shooter to focus the light easily on target. The material used to manufacture the light is aluminim. The light is a true value for money, as compared to other similar products.

The product comes with an AC/DC charger which is convenient and helpful for use at both in house and outdoors.  The mounting kit is very useful, sturdy and reliable. The light is good enough for use by two shooters. The high-performance charger charges the battery really fast and helps it to last long.

6.Comunite Portable Cree 1000LM LED Flashlight


  • It is affordable.
  • Durable with solid design.
  • Remote pressure switch


  • Not good for professional hunting
  • Remote pressure switch is not durable

This product is highly durable and comes with many features. It has Cree LED which illuminates the 600 lumens of light. This light ensures the service life of about 100000 hours. Also, it is shockproof and waterproof. And it comes with the remote pressure switch.

This light is perfect for the people who are naive in their hunting game. It can be even mounted on the weapons and bikes, as it comes along with mounting equipment. This product has the solid design with slip- resistant material.

It is easily rechargeable, which makes it ready to use anytime. This product has a genuine price with many alluring features. Hence, it can be used to enhance your hunting skills and become a pro.

7.  Tactical Hunting Flashlight 


  • Durable
  • Can be used as a weapon
  • Tactical pressure switch


  • Tactical pressure switch is not durable

This flashlight is made up of aluminim alloy, which makes it more durable and hard in design. It has Cree Q5 LED which illuminates s 350 lumens of brightness. This product is water proof and durable for a long time.

This light comes along with the mounting equipment to mount it successfully. It has oval beam when focused on any point. Moreover, its tactical pressure switch comes along with the coiled cord, which makes the switch go OFF and ON.

You just need to press the switch till the time you need the light. Sudden flashing of light can be an easy task by this on and off switch. The maximum range of this light is 500 meters when it is fully charged. 

8. Orion Predator H30 273 Yards LED Flashlight


  • Water proof and shock proof
  • Covers longer range
  • Light weight and can be easily used.


  • Pressure switch is hard.

This device is particularly made for the long ranges. It is so designed that it can illuminates up to 273 yards. This makes the hunting go easy, by spotting the coons from a secured distance. Along with this device you get a filter, which can help you to conceal your position and spot on the coon.

It has a latest Cree XP-E2 green LED which can easily spot the prey, even in the dark areas. It is easy to mount it over the rail, barrel, and scope. In addition, this device is water proof and shock proof too. Also, it has got a remote pressure switch. The durability of this light depends on the way how you use it.

This product also gives the four different settings to adjust the light brightness. It makes this light versatile to use in different applications too. Depending on the use, its battery life can last between 4 to 120 hours.

9.   BestFire Coon Hunting Light


  • Durable and bright light.
  • Battery life is good


  • Brightness reduces on the low battery
  • Pressure switch is bad

This device comes with the adequate range for the hunting. The light is quite durable and comes with the brightness of 350 lumens.  This light can illuminate green and red light, which can spot on the prey easily. As preys are not so sensitive towards the red and green light, so they are easily shot.

BestFire hunting light can be easily mounted on a rifle and pistols, because of it comes with the proper mounting equipment.

This device has a rechargeable battery and remote pressure switch to switch on and off the light smoothly. This light falls under the best price range with some good features.

10.WindFire Green LED Light


  • Light is bright
  • Its pressure switch works smoothly.
  • Easily mountable on the weapon.


  • It is heavier in weight.
  • Not durable.

This product comes with the light beam having the range of 250 to 300 yards. It contains the Cree green LED which illuminates with the brightness of 350 lumens. With such range of light, it becomes very easy for the hunter to spot the prey.

Moreover, the light is bright and crisp to get a clear aim. This light comes at an affordable price. It is also found from the users’ experience that animals don’t get threatened by this light, unlike the other green lights.

Hence, this light can be a perfect tool to take a shot on the prey, in ambush. In addition, the easy mounting allows it to be used along with different weapons. The only thing that makes it compromised is its durability. Many users have found it less durable than the other lights. Overall, this light can be one of your best coon hunting light.

RED Vs Green LED Hunting Lights

This is the most asked question when you tend to buy the coon hunting light. People get confused about the selection of the color of the light. The answer to this question doesn’t support any specific color. Both the colors have some pros and cons. Hence, both colors are used mostly on the basis of individual choice.

The lights illuminate in the form of a beam that runs parallel to the gun barrel. The beam appears as a small dot on the target, which helps the hunter to aim and take the shot.

Red light doesn’t affect your personal eyesight in the night as compared to other lights. This will help you to hunt for the longer time in the night. Moreover, red light is the most calming color which doesn’t make the prey feel threatened and hence the prey does not run away while the hunter is taking the shot.

Also, red light reflects more visibly from the animal’s eyes to spot the prey easily. But in some cases, the red light is not visible on the dark animals, so this renders the hunter to go close to the animal and put his life on the risk.

Now talking about the green light. The human eye catches the contrast of green color more easily. This helps to spot the dark animals easily as compared to red light. But green light generally makes the animals feel uneasy and this result in the running away of the prey or attacking the hunter before the shot has been pulled.

In addition, green light is not good for the human eyes in the night vision.

As we have discussed that both the colors have their preference, but one can make the use of both the colors by turning them on just before lowering your rifle i.e. just before taking the shot. This doesn’t let the coon go spooky and a successful shot is pulled.

What Makes The Best Coon Hunting Lights?

No matter what light you buy, it cannot be said to be the best coon hunting light until it has the following features.

The buttons of the light should have a robust design. Also, they should be smooth to adjust easily so that they can work properly on swapping frequently for the different light modes.

Best Coon Hunting Lights

Having a water proof light renders you to continue your hunt, even in the bad weather. Moreover, this also saves your money to buy the replacement when it gets damaged by the water.

Apart from the water proof and smooth buttons features, the lights should have all the features that are discussed above like it should have a light weight, large illumination distance, and great battery life.

Well, you plan to buy a new thing; you keep on wondering about its price. Make sure you spend enough money to buy a best coon hunting light, but you should not be breaking your banks either to buy it.

There are many brands available, which offers the good durability of the product. Some brands are more expensive, but some are very cheap too. So to get the right light, make sure you buy the light from the brand which lies between expensive and cheap.

 How To Pick The Best Battery Type?

Selecting the right battery type depends on personal choice, but here are some of the points to ponder upon if you are seeking for some help:

Rechargeable batteries are convenient to use, because they don’t need to be removed and you save your time for the hunting. But this can be a bad option, when you are amidst of any solitary place in peril and need to recharge it. For it, you need to carry an extra backup or truck chargers.

Standard batteries are simple because they don’t need any recharging. You can pull them out and replace them with the new ones. Also, this means more number of parts which are prone to damage and water leakage. Moreover, the lives of standard batteries are relatively less as compared to rechargeable batteries.

Some More Points To Consider For Buying The Coon Hunting Lights

There are some companies like “buzzards roost” who sell the best coon hunting lights and batteries. They also provide all sorts of other hunting equipment. To find the right hunting lights, keep all the points in the mind discussed above and visit their site.

Apart from having the coon hunting cap lights, one can even go for the coon hunting belt lights. These light are available in the voltage range of 25 to 28 volts. Also, they are comfortable to wear during long durations. The batteries in these lights can work up to 20 hours in the lowest mode and for 2 hours in the brightest mode.

Using an LED coon hunting light ensures longer availability of light during the hunt. The LED uses minimum power from the battery, making it last longer. Moreover, the illuminations of LEDs are quite good to focus on your prey.

Green LED hunting lights can increase the possibility of hunting the prey successfully. Moreover, these lights are preferred over the red LED light, because it can spot the prey in the dark areas.

Coon lights also known as the raccoon hunting lights are now available on the online platforms at more affordable prices. As there are many lights available on these platforms, use the above mentioned points to get the right light.


So, now you have got the complete knowledge to select the best coon hunting light for your hunting game. Going out in the dark along with the best lights will certainly help you to make a successful hunt and enjoy the game.

If you are still in dilemma regarding the selection of the right coon hunting light, then you can go through the following hunting lights which are mentioned above.

Every product reviewed above is of high-quality and they are easy to rely upon. Moreover, they are available at the most affordable prices with some unique features.  

Have a great Shot!

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