About Us

Hello, everyone! My name is Harry, and I am a freelancer. But apart from all the work and stuff, I am crazy after sports.

And you’re probably here because you are just like me! Sport was more like a passion for me.

When I first got introduced to sports, it felt like I had found myself at last. It was just a really different feeling, and I knew that this was the thing for me.

 I know the advanced knowledge about every single benefit of a sport, as well as things we are not supposed to do in the sports. The rules and the procedure, I quite definitely know everything you need to know to be a pro at sports.

And not only knowing but putting all of that knowledge into practical life also matters a lot. I have always been taking part in the sports competitions in the community.

I have made sure to attain as much experience as possible, with international as well as national players. Every time I won, I felt victorious, but every time I lost, I was happy to have learned one thing or another from my defeat, which was going to help me prosper in the future. I also made sure to talk to several sports experts as I wanted to get to know as many tips and tricks to winning a sport, and getting the most advantage out of it for ourselves as well.

The best thing was that all the research that I did was only because I loved to know more, loved to add on to my knowledge and to feel like I had accomplished something in my life.

Sport was the purpose for my life, I had to fully experience it if I wanted to live fully. And a part of this experience was creating this blog, right here. I was confident that I knew a lot about several sports, and I wanted to spread out what I did know about sport.

This, in my vision, was going to be a world where my experience would get more exposure, and I would be able to connect with several more people like me out there who felt the same way towards sport like I did. I wanted to know things I didn’t know already, and wanted to get in touch with people and professionals from all around the world.

So this is a blog where I plan to throw all my professional tips and tricks towards several sports, clearing up common misconceptions amongst people towards several rules of a game.

Basically, this is a blog that is going to revolve around everything that is sport related, and I’d love to discuss it with all the people out there, have others’ opinions and use them to step up my game, and so much more. I have spent a lot of years trying to get to know sport on a level no one else did, and I did not want all this time to go to waste, so I did what I knew was going to be the best for me and everybody else.

I really hope that I will get to meet you all through this blog and that you will find all my work helpful as well. See ya!