10 Best Batting Gloves of 2017 – The Buying Guide

Do you play or are you interested in playing softball or baseball? No doubt, you would need an equipment that perfectly creates an awesome, glue-like bond between the bat handle and your hand. What do you think that can possibly be? It is unarguably the best batting gloves.

Whether you are in for some serious ball slamming business or you are a beginner, we are going to show you the 10 best batting gloves and also provide you with some other information including the buying guide. Read on and see the hitting gloves that are well fitted, with a welcome feel and fresh.


What Are Batting Gloves ? 

Best Batting Gloves

Batting gloves are the important part of the bat and ball games sport wears. The gloves are worn by a batter to cover one or the two hands. They commonly have a back made of nylon or other synthetic materials and a palm made of leather.

No matter the level of the game, using loves are not compulsory but from careful thoughts, they are an extremely important and necessary part of cricket clothing and equipment.

Different sources claim that different people started the use of batting gloves. Some said it was Ted Williams in 1953 while some said it was Bobby Thompson in 1949. Either it was believed that Ken "Hawk" Harrelson was the first person to put on a glove in a game.

However, it was in the early 1980's that batting gloves became a common and basic element of major league baseball.

What Are The Best Brands of Batting Gloves ? 

There are a lot of brands available in the market but some brands are more popular and put the icing on the cake. These brands are:

Franklin sports which are the Major league baseball official baseball batting gloves.

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Louiseville Slugger
  • EvoShield and much more.

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 Franklin Sports Neo Classic Series Batting Glove

Marucci Elite Batting Gloves

Nike Adult MVP Elite Batting Gloves

Under Armour Men's Clean-Up V Batting Gloves

DeMarini Women's Superlight Batting Glove

Mizuno Adult Techfire Batting Glove

Louisville Slugger batting gloves series 7

Franklin Youth Insanity Batting Gloves

Easton Youth Icon Batting Gloves0

Under Armour Boy’s Batting Glove

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What Are The Best Batting Gloves ? 

In this section, we are going to review the 4 best batting gloves for baseball players, 3 best batting gloves for softball players and 3 best bathing gloves for youths.

A- Best Batting Gloves For Baseball Players

 1. Franklin Sports Neo Classic Series Batting Glove

This is one of the best baseball batting gloves that offer great adaptability and flexibility due to the floating thumb technology it features.

 Material buildup between the bat handle and your hand are reduced because of the Quad-flex creasing included in its features. Additionally, it has one piece leather palm...

 I love this feature because it provides a feel that is seamless and smooth on the bat. It also ensures that tactility is maintained.

         No one would like a glove that does not survive all condition. In the case of this batting glove, the Pittards Digital Sheepskin leather it features provides tactility and softness in all condition. Additionally, it is licensed by Major League Baseball.


  • It offers different color options
  • Incredibly comfortable and Very good fit
  • Great warm gloves
  • Reliable and smooth grips
  • Friction is significantly reduced

Cons   :                              

  • Users complained that the durability might be limited

 2. Marucci Elite Batting Gloves

Marucci is one of the batting gloves brands are known for a sleek appearance, great performance, and Elegance signature. This product features a palm forged with premium grade Sheepskin leather material.

 I love this feature because it ensures that the gloves feel excellently comfortable on your hands. Also, if offers a great deal of padding during hitting.

The palm is designed to be seamless. This amazing feature offers a better fit and an extraordinary smooth feel.

The back of the gloves features double Lycra and mesh materials. A great feature that offers excellent breathability and ensures that your hands do not sweat.

    With this, you can swing the bat without any worries. Included is also an extended neoprene closure that provides you with the opportunity to adjust the glove to fit well and with ease.

Additionally, it features pre-curved finger construction.


  • Offers professional grade durability, support, and comfort
  • Provides excellent fit
  • Offers a perfect grip
  • Available in various options


  • Some users have durability issues

 3. Nike Adult MVP Elite Batting Gloves

A great product with great fit, durability, and comfort. This glove is constructed with Sheepskin leather, nylon, and polyester.

 With the Sheepskin available at a higher proportion, it offers a soft feel which is great for the hard-hitting section on a plate. The nylon and polyester used in the construction help in increasing the durability of the glove.

The back of the hand features mesh panels which offer excellent ventilation. This will help improve the breathability and also make sure no sweat is built up while putting it on. This would be perfect for days that are extremely hot.

Included is also a hook and loop closure. An astonishing feature that ensures you adjust the glove to fit you well. The design of the key flex-point is reinforced maintaining a great balance of sturdiness and comfort.


  • It is quality guaranteed
  • Perform at the highest levels
  • Provides the highest level of grip and feel


  • From our survey, users complained that is might rip off with time

 4. Under Armour Men's Clean-Up V Batting Gloves       

This gloves are known for ultimate performance and are beautifully styled. This product features a goat skin leather palm which ensures soft comfort and still maintains its grip and durability.

 Included is a contoured wrist closure which provides a fit that is comfortable.

It has a HeatGear tech that complements the palm side finger perforations.

 These amazing features offer extra ventilation, wick sweat and dry quickly. So you can use them confidently during hotter days.


  • The price is affordable compared to other gloves in its category
  • Pull away sweat quickly
  • Offers added stretch
  • Ensure the best fit
  • Additional grip, support, and structure


  • During first few uses, black stain might come off on your hand

Best Batting Gloves For Softball Players

 5. DeMarini Women's Superlight Batting Glove    

Talk of durability, comfort, and performance, these gloves can't be left out. Even though, these glove is basically designed to fit into the hand of women its quality is something that makes it one of the best.

 It features one piece leather palm that ensures a great grip. The design also provides the palm with a perfectly smooth and seamless feel.

Included is also heel and finger pads which add to the comfortable feel.

 With this great feature, you would feel less shock and vibration even when you are hitting the hardest pitches.

Additionally, one-piece perforated design is also featured at the back. An exceptional feature that ensures the moisture content in the glove is reduced to the barest minimum.

It also provides excellent breathability. With this, you can maintain a firm and steady grip since sweats would not be able to build up on your hands.

For closure, it has a molded wrist strap. This is composed of a Neoprene band that reduces the friction on the wrist and also reinforces your wrist.

Pros :

  • Offers more confident swinging of the bat in the plate
  • Glove can be adjusted to fit your hand perfectly
  • Provides comfortable grip and consistent firmness
  • Offers size and color options for your satisfaction
  • The weight is light

Cons :

  • From our survey, users complained about the size

 6. Mizuno Adult Techfire Batting Glove                      

Are you worried about a wild pitch? This product is ready to protect you from a wild pitch. So worry less.

It features an enhanced power grip palm that reduces slippage and increases the grip. This is a great feature that can help you through the days that are sweaty, hot and even drizzling.

 When you have this glove in your hands, knowing the excellent grip characteristics would provide you with confidence during the game.

 Included is also a waistband made of neoprene which has a molded wrist tab for more comfortability and protection.

The back and front features padding which protect your hands from getting easily injured. The logo application comes in 3D.


  • It offers high-end protection due to the fully padded back
  • Strong and excellent grip are guaranteed on the bat
  • Looks great and fit perfectly


  • Users said it could rip off after few period of use

7. Louisville Slugger Batting Gloves Series 7                   

Louisville Slugger brand is one of the brands that offer the best bats and good batting gloves. The glove is made of Sheepskin leather that is digitized.

 A great material that makes the glove incredibly soft and offers an exceptional feel on your hand while handling the bats.

In term of grip and swing control, the sheepskin material also makes it incredibly tacky.

Louisville Slugger's four-way stretch diamond mesh material that offers comfort is included the two back. This amazing feature makes it very breathable and knocks out sweat making sure the hand dries while inside the glove.

It also features a Neoprene strap at the wrist which provides a comfortable fit so you don't have to readjust often, during the game. Additionally, it features a wide range of color could match any color of your choice.


  • Offers flexes and stretches to match the motion of your hands
  • Considering the materials quality and some other features, it comes at an affordable price
  • High performance enhancing features

Cons :

  • Durability might be an issue

The Best Batting Gloves For Youths

When looking to purchase the best batting gloves for your kids, the two factors that are of most importance is the fit and durability. No matter the age of your daughter or son, they will one day outgrow the gloves you bought for them.

So it is advisable to purchase a slightly bigger glove with a sturdy wrist band. Knowing this, the best youths batting gloves are:

8. Franklin Youth Insanity Batting Gloves

This product features a floating thumb technology which offers flexibility feelings. With this great feature, you would be able to enhance your play at home plate.

 Included is also an advanced technical mesh that provides definite breathability and incredible ventilation. This amazing feature would get rid of any sweat on your hands.

Also, it features exceptional design at the back and front side that would make you look unique off and on the pitch.


  • Grip offered is of a higher quality to its competitors
  • Provides unique experience and style that ensure you succeed on the baseball diamond
  • Offers great control over the bat
  • The tacky palm print help you hold tight to your bat
  • Incredibly breathable


  • It might be a pricey

9. Easton Youth Icon Batting Gloves                          

As a youth, this is a great glove that could help you fulfill your goal of succeeding as a hitter. You need this Easton Icon Gloves to protect your hands at different aspects of your game.

 It features a great padding is placed strategically in certain areas. This amazing feature would help reduce the vibration and shock that could occur when you hit a ball with the bat.

To offer an enhanced grip, the front is constructed with leather having a diamond pattern. You would love this feature as it provides your hand with an enhanced grip.

You would be able to hold on tight to your bats without the fear of slipping off your hand and hurting your opponents or teammates.

For any youth baseball player, this product is a good starter set.


  • Offers diamond pattern inside which helps hold tight to the bat always
  • High-quality materials help reduce and might prevent the chance of having blisters
  • Reasonable purchase price


  • Users complained about its cheap quality

10. Under Armour Boy’s Batting Glove                                           

This product offers the same advantage just like their adult version.

It features a HeatGear technology that ensures that fluids on your hands are dried faster so you can maintain your grip.

 The front features a goat skin making it highly durable and very comfortable. Included are also perforated holes know as air holes.

This amazing feature offers extra ventilation to your hand and ensures that your hand stays dry as possible as it can


  • Provides the hand with strong grip
  • Help to maintain a dry hand even in hot condition
  • Offer great flexibility and extra support


  • From our survey users complained about the durability

Which Gloves Is The Best  ? 

Of all the best batting gloves discussed above, there is one that put an icing on the cake in each category.

For the best batting gloves for baseball, Nike Adult MVP Elite Batting Gloves are the best of the best. This is because if the combination of materials used in constructing it- sheepskin, nylon, and polyester. These features make it more durable and have an incredible grip.

For the best batting gloves for softball, Louisville Slugger batting gloves series 7 stands out to be the one that put the icing on the cake. The digitized sheepskin leather and 4 ways stretch diamond mesh material give it an edge.

For the best batting gloves for youth, Easton Youth Icon Batting Gloves edge out to be the best of the best. Wondering why? The strategically placed padding and the diamond pattern that enhances the grip is the exceptional feature that keeps it in the top flight.

Additionally, the affordable price it offers can not be neglected.

What  Are The Benefits Of Wearing The Best Batting Gloves ?

A perfect and great batting gloves stand to be more beneficial to softball and baseball players. The main purpose is to improve your grip, prevent blisters, offer comfort, warmth and absorb shocks when hitting the ball. Some of the never basic and never doubting benefits of the best batting gloves are:

  • When you hit softballs or baseballs you most of the time feel vibrations or shock in your arms. This can be reduced with the help of batting gloves
  • When you are sliding on base paths, batting gloves would offer protection from cuts and scratches
  • As a new hitter or player, you are prone to hand injuries such as painful blisters during heavy batting practice. The hand injuries can be prevented by using the best batting gloves
  • If you are a professional and sometimes uses pine tar to coat your bats' handle, the batting gloves would guide your hand against contacting the sticky concoction

What Are The Commons Problems With Bad Gloves ? 

Have you ever think of what could happen if you did not go for the best batting gloves? Some of the problems you can encounter are:

  • It can easily tear or rip because they might have weak stitching
  • The gloves might be slightly thicker, making your hand to sweat excessively and reducing the amount of grip
  • The batting gloves might not dry quickly making the gloves to be brittle and very hard

Can you see the best option is to go for perfect batting gloves for you?

How To Pick The Best Batting Gloves ? 

Picking the perfect gloves as a baseball or softball player might be sometimes difficult. There are different styles and brands so it is important you know what you are looking for and what will best work for you. The factors you need to consider are:

1. The Price

Since there are different brands and style, no doubt they will come at different prices. Before you go for any gloves of your choice, consider the price. Make sure it doesn't exceed your budget. Of course, you would find affordable ones that fit your budget perfectly​

 However, always have it in mind that you are looking for the best and the best might come at a higher price. Also, not all expensive product is the best. So choose wisely.

2. The Thickness Of The Gloves. 

Some gloves are thinner while some are thicker. Each has its own disadvantage and advantage. For thinner gloves which are typically common among the top rated gloves, they guide against sweating of the hand but might reduce the grip of the whole glove.

Thicker gloves may cause the hand to sweat and also affect the grip. Now, which one do you think is the best to go for? The ball is in your court.

3. The Materials. 

Nothing can be compared with a glove forged with high-quality materials. It is advisable to purchase batting gloves with palm made of leather. Your hand will be protected from tear and wears especially if you are going to use it on a regular basis.

This will help prevent blisters. Also, gloves with a layer of padding in the thumb or knuckle might be a perfect pick. Without this padding, there might be a big chance of having hand injuries if a baseball hit your hands.

4. Size. 

Since there is various batting gloves type for players at a different level, there would certainly be different sizes available. When getting gloves for you, ensure you go for the one that would fit well. Not too big and not too small.

 Ensure it is your actual size before purchasing it. You might find it uncomfortable going for a size that is not your own. Also, it might affect your grip.

Best Batting Gloves

Please note that this size chart is just for reference. It does not guarantee a perfect fit and can differ from individual manufacturers’ sizing charts.

5. Grip

Best Batting Gloves

Also see the Lizard Skin grip. Source: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images North America

 It is one of the important factors to consider. As a batter gloves with great grip is the best.

 It would help you hold the bat firmly while swinging it. Ensure you are going for gloves that have materials that offer Excellent grip at the palms.

 Additionally, your hand would also be protected from the callous bat material.

6. Waterproof.

If you would be using it all year round, that means you would use in any weather condition

You could find it convenient playing games even in rough weather conditions if you go for water repellant or resistant gloves.

7. The Design And Style. 

This might be the last factor to consider but it is a factor that can not be neglected. Some come in a variety of colors while some come in fewer color options. You have what color you are attracted to, so go for it. In case you are playing with a team, go for the one that matches your team's color selection. Remember, this should be the last factor to consider.

Durability- one of the main characteristics that determine the durability is the stitches. If you need batting gloves that can last the whole season, then the stitching used by the manufacturers should be part of the determined.

Why Are Some Gloves Pricey Than The Other ? 

Best Batting Gloves

We can't deny the fact that there are some batting gloves that are pricey than the other. One of the contributing factors is the material.

The basic and highest-quality material for batting gloves is a goat skin. Gloves with sheep's leather are most of the time pricey compared to gloves made of goat's leather and any other materials.

The more sheep's leather the batting gloves are built with the more costly they tend to be. If they weak spot of the gloves are reinforced with great materials then it could also drive the price upward.

Leather Or Synthetic : What Makes The Best Batting Gloves ? 

Synthetic and leather are the commonly used materials for batting gloves. Some manufacturers use both sometimes. The leather is more preferred by hitters because of its grip, durability, and feel compared to synthetic. The drawback to gloves made of leather is that they might break in and form to your hands in a significant period of time.

For gloves made with synthetic, you don't require a break in period so they are nice. The flexibility needed by your knuckles, fingers, and thumbs are provided. They also offer enough durability and have moisture wicking fibers that will ensure your hand is dried.

Some users stick to using leather for palm and synthetic material for fingers so you can enjoy overall benefits.


In a nutshell above are the best batting gloves. These do not mean there are no other perfect batting gloves in the market but we believe you can't go wrong picking from the ones mentioned above.

 No doubt, you would need to consider your personal style, needs, and preferences even when picking the top option we mentioned above.

What kind of gloves do you want? Do you want a lightweight or breathable pair of gloves? Do you want a glove that is well padded? Do you want a glove that keeps the hand warm when the weather is cold?

All these and many more questions are what you should ask yourself when finally picking the perfect gloves for you.

No doubt most batting gloves are versatile while some have a specific purpose. General purpose batting gloves seem to be the best option for a lot of players. They believe a good set of gloves should have good breathability, comfortable grip, excellent padding for enough ventilation, and perfect closure.

Now that you know about the best batting gloves, you can purchase one for yourself without any stress. In case, you have used any of the gloves mentioned above and wish to share your experience with others you can use our comment box.

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