The Easiest Tips for Low and Mid Handicappers You Need to Know

The only way you can reap the benefits of playing golf and see the results you want to see is with practice. And the only way you can truly practice for efficient results is with these tips for low and mid handicappers.

So the next time you show up, all the hard work will lead to better golf scores. And this is why you need to lower your golf score and see your handicap drop.

There are many ways to improve your golf game. But it’s imperative to find new and better ways to develop new golf skills and techniques. This, combined with the proper equipment like the best wedges for mid-handicappers, makes all the difference in the world for golfers.

Tips for Low and Mid Handicappers

Focus on your short game


Most of the golfers do not take their short game into careful consideration. For any golfer, a consistent short game demands discipline. You are more driven to the ‘touch and feel’ aspect of golf than the old technique.

To lower your score and improve your chances, focusing on taking the majority of your strokes within 100 yards can be profitable. You can correct your minor techniques and skills along the way such as your flatstick.

Strong backswing


Is your backswing in perfect coordination? The best way to increase power during the backswing is to make sure your hand is further away from the ear. So if you’re a rightie- your right hand must be far away from the right ear.

As you bring the golf club down, make sure you maintain this distance all the way through your backswing. The wider the arc, the better the drive. And the shot is less likely to lead to a pop-up drive or slice.

Control distance with bunker shots


While contact is an important skill that most golfers need to master. Especially low and mid handicappers. Controlling distance is just as necessary.

Bunker control distance, to be more specific, can save your golf score. How to get your ball out of the bunker efficiently and promptly.

The most effective way to do this is with the best wedges for mid-handicappers. Your club selection will determine how you get out of bunker shots. And gain more distance so you are closer to the cup.

You need a lob wedge for the shortest bunker shots. A sand wedge for bunker shots that are of medium-length. And a gap wedge for the longest bunker shots.

If you’re a low handicapper, you will have more control over various aspects during the bunker shot. Such as the club’s face angle, swing path, speed, and trajectory.

Curving your ball


This is a skill that most golfers want to master. It can seem challenging at first. But when you get down to its basic steps, it’s quite an efficient and rewarding skill.

Learning to curve the ball on demand will help you get out of tough spots. Whether that’s around trees or other hazards. Having said that, there is more than one way of curving a ball. You can hook or slice a ball on demand.

The fastest and most sought-after way of curving a ball on demand is by the way of grip. Adjusting the grip on your right hand will make the ball curve left. And the reverse is true if you play with your left hand.

The trick is to turn your hands to the right (if you’re a rightie) so that the right hand is more closely wrapped around the right side of the shaft.

You can always adjust the grip based on how you take your shots. While there is no single foolproof tactic to curve a ball. It’s always good to experiment with different adjustments and find what’s best for you.

Final Thoughts


One of the best tips for low and mid handicappers is working on the mental game. This means taking into account newer and more efficient golf techniques to improve your game.

You need to practice but with proper knowledge and guidance. These smart tips will get you out of tough spots and hazards. Because when you know what you’re looking for, playing golf gets easier and more fun.

It’s all about experimenting with new golf techniques while getting the basics right. And in golf, improving your handicap is all about mastering the basics and focusing on how to control the game.

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