How To Teach Children Archery ?

    In today's era archery is a sport that demands both upper body strength and incredible visual precision. This ancient game has become very popular as it can be practiced by people of any age.

teach children archery

If you have wondered how it is possible that a sport originated more than 60,000 years ago is so popular among children. Nowadays, analyze what this discipline brings to the table.

            The archery gives young people the opportunity to improve their coordination, accuracy and discipline skills, in fact, as the coach sets goals in practices helps the little ones to strengthen their self-esteem.

Before you start teaching children archery you should know that this is an individual activity.  

So teenagers develop their logical and reflexive side in a more meaningful way. As archery makes them think about the path of the arrow and the position of his grip at the same time.


Combining Fun And Training!

Hunting game is very relevant to our modern world. Many may prefer bullets, but some use what they feel is best: crossbow bolts or archery arrows.

  In order to teach one should start lessons with how to focus in one thing at a time without getting distracted by the outside noises of the environment. Because archery is commonly practiced outdoor game.

Through these teaching technique children’s instinctive thinking is improved as well. Thanks to the type of shooting we can develop, with hand-eye coordination letting our subconscious to guide the arrow. Surely, this practices could be applied further to others aspects of life.

Secondly, the other basic archery techniques to teach children are the Preparation of the shot. A good posture, tightening of the bow or how to release the rope are some of the basic concepts that children would learn. They learn under an environment where the playful character of the educational games excels.

This is a sport that can be taught in a couple of days, so is very important that how you teach a children archery. It requires practice to increase accuracy in shooting.

As trainers, What Do We Do First?

Firstly when children see as other archers shoot safely, they will definitely put the fear away and will be willing to try too.

Secondly, it is essential to help the small archer become familiar with the archery equipment. Show the child the bow, the arrow, and the target, but don’t play it straight and be dynamic sometimes. The mental and physical progress of a child depends on your good or bad advice as a coach.

Certainly, adults see it in this mechanical way, but children live it differently. They feel the thrill of learning something new and unloading their energies in a sport that gives them momentum. And it is not common to all other sports, but it makes them special.

If You Don’t Know How To Teach Archery Then Don’t Worry!

If you want to know how to teach children archery, you should realize that the arrow doesn’t have to go in one direction precisely that is what injects the sport so much fun. The best way to start your teaching is to generate children interest over this sport.

Check these little games out to try and learn how to teach:

  • There is one way called “Killer” usually for beginners. It’s like playing darts. But focusing on playing with different colors, the archer must throw three arrows to one color of the bow in a single turn. If the player achieves that, is said that a color has been closed, the player who closes most of the colors wins.
  • You can also try the game “Three in a row”, is similar to playing "Bingo". Here you make a grid and the idea is to have three spaces in a horizontal or vertical way covered by an arrow to get in the first place.
  • You can finally play "Balloons" or "cans", placing a line of these objects at a great distance, who punches more cans and more balloons, wins. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

If you are learning how to teach children archery the first question that struck your mind. Is this game too dangerous for a child?

teach children archery

Archery allows kids and teenagers to work together as a team and still achieve individual goals. Actually, according to Arrow Sport Insight, safety rates for Archery are the same as for tennis or bowling, with 1 person in 1,000 injured.

Archery is now offered as an elective physical activity in many schools, in fact, children can compete nationally and internationally. It is the whole package of fun, combined with practical precision and constancy, very important values to settle in our childhood.

However, it is always necessary to warn about safety rules, positions in which the arrow should not be placed and take all precautions to prevent a minor from getting injured. As we have said, this sport is special but in all children's sessions the presence of an adult is needed.

What Advice Should Be Given To Have a Good Game? 

teach children archery

  • First, the child must square a good vision of the target, depending on whether he is left-handed or right-handed, it is important to use equipment that suits our dominant hand.
  • Teaching children archery requires being aware of safety measures. Firstly it is necessary to use an "arm guard" in the arm that supports the bow to avoid the friction. Sometimes even a chest protector “chest guard” is used to prevent the rope from hurting us. And for fingers that release the rope over and over again; a little leather protection called “finger tabs” is required as well.
  • Step by step the child must mark a shooting line. With a perpendicular position of the body pointing to the target, holding the bow with the left hand straight towards the target. And the arrow is handled with the dominant hand. In the dominant hand is the left one the bow is holding by the right hand.
  • The legs are always separated at the distance of our shoulders, without tension but with a firm posture making an arch with the back helping to impulse the arrow.
  • To prepare the arrow, the kid should aim with the bow towards the ground. After that slowly trace up the path of the arrow. Using three fingers lightly hold the arrow on the rope in the Mediterranean style, pulling it back through the arrowhead.
  • Before throwing, pulls the hand that directs the arrow towards the "anchor point" which is on the cheek, chin, and ear or near the mouth. But remember! The inner elbow should be parallel to the ground and the bow should always remain vertical.

Nevertheless, these steps are nothing more than basic tips to illustrate how to teach children archery, the real practice is done in the shooting range.

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