Skateboard and Longboard Backpacks: Why They’re Essential for Hobbyists

It can be taxing to carry around your longboard or your skateboard from a certain point to another. This may seem silly, since you can just mount and ride them as vehicles anyway. But there are just some places that they can’t go.

I’ve seen tons of kids just carrying their boards around. This is actually okay. But wouldn’t they want to have a backpack that could also carry their other equipment? Skateboard and longboard backpacks were created with that purpose in mind.

Why should skaters and longboarders invest in backpacks for their toys? Well, why don’t you take a gander at this little informational guide on these backpacks below? Here are some points and reasons skateboard and longboard backpacks are an important part of a skater’s arsenal.

Will A Backpack Hold A longboard?

1. Traveling with a skateboard takes up too much

As mentioned, a lot of kids really just carry their boards around. On the other hand, what if they’re also carrying other essential equipment for their hobby? What if they’re bringing along a few other stuff with them?

That’s when the backpack comes in handy. You’ll free your hands if you just attach your board to the backpack. You may also store a lot of other things in it, so it’s a win-win situation for skaters and longboarders out there.

2. Backpacks can protect your board

Yes, your board is subject to abuse on the roads and streets. And yes, you might as well claim that these scratches and other things are “battle scars.” Yes, you may brag about them. But you won’t be bragging for long if the elements start affecting the performance of your board.

Many skateboard and longboard backpacks are designed to protect your board as you’re carrying it. If you love your toy so much, then you should go the extra mile and get a backpack to prevent it from getting damaged.

3. Longboard backpacks make the load feel lighter

Since you’re using your back to carry the board attached to the backpack, then you won’t feel the strain on your limbs. This is far better than having you lug your board around when you’re not using it. Carrying something using your upper body is the far better choice.

It’s important, however, to make sure that the board is put in place properly, to prevent chafing and swinging. Also, one needs to see to it that the board is well-attached to the backpack to prevent it from falling, among one of the many possibilities.

4. It’ll be easier to squeeze through a crowd of people

I always found it funny to see skaters and longboarders lugging their boards around while negotiating through a sea of people. Sooner or later, they’d be hitting someone with those things! Backpacks allow them to just walk through the crowd without risking an accidental smack.

Would you want to go through the whole ordeal of having to carry your longboard around with your arms? Well, I totally thought not.

5. They’re more functional than normal backpacks

If you’re not sold on backpacks for skateboards and longboards, then perhaps you should consider that they can also be used outside their intended purpose. How about as a school bag? Or for the gym? You can carry a whole lot more things with longboard backpacks.

You’ll find it a pleasant surprise using skateboard and longboard backpacks for many other things. They’re also great as travel backpacks. I’d say you should invest in a pack if you’re also fond of traveling!

What makes a great skateboard backpack?

6. They don’t look kooky at all

Unlike a lot of utility backpacks, most longboard and skateboard backpacks have a stylish look. They could pass as casual backpacks that you can just bring to school or to work. Surely, you’ll still get compliments from people when they see your backpack. Many manufacturers actually put some effort into coming up with elaborate designs.

You have a wide array of backpack designs to choose from. It’s as simple as picking the one you like. But don’t forget that aesthetics isn’t everything! You’re going to need to consider the functionality of the backpack itself. After all, carrying your skateboard or longboard is what it’s for.


In summary, to recap what you’ve learned, skateboard and longboard backpacks aren’t only functional for their purpose, but you can also use them for other things. Also, they’re obviously more convenient than carrying the boards around by hand. Why should you put up with that ordeal when you can just let a backpack solve all your problems?

And again, there are plenty of backpacks out there to choose from. Whether you just want functionality or you also believe that style matters in more ways than one, there’s always a great backpack in store for you.

Are you now considering buying a skateboard and longboard backpack? Then, you know you’re in for a treat.

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