Single Wall Softball Bats – Everything You Need To Know

Softball is a game much similar to a baseball game, the only difference being that a large ball is used in it, and it is played on a smaller field. In softball games, however, a special type of bats is used, specifically made for playing softball.

It is important to know that choosing the right softball bat is as important as anything else in the game could be. The first stage on deciding which softball bat you’d want to have is to identify the types of softball bats available in the market.


On one hand, there is a single wall softball bat, and on the other, there is a double wall softball bat. Both are good one way or the other, as you’ll see later on.

The Difference Between a Single Wall Softball Bat and a Double Wall Softball Bat

Single Wall Bats

Single Wall Softball Bats

Single wall softball bats are used by several player. They are mostly only used in the leagues which have tighter restrictions. These bats are basically the kinds of bats with only a single walled barrel, and due to several reasons these kinds of bats are considered to be much safer when compared to the double wall softball bats.

One of the very main disadvantages of a single wall softball bat, because of which it is less popular than the double wall ones, is that the speed of the ball hit by a single wall bat is comparatively less than a ball hit by double wall bats, on average.

This might make these bats seem like the last decision you could make, there are several disadvantages these bats have. It is true that these bats basically offer you a larger surface area to hit the ball from, and these also don’t cost as much as Double Wall Softball Bats.

This is because lesser material is used, so you can always go for a single wall bat if you don’t want to waste too much money, but at the same time don’t want to spend too much money either. It’s true that single wall bats by some companies are said to perform much better than many double wall bats.

Double Wall Bats

Single Wall Softball Bats


Being the opposite of single wall softball bats, a double wall softball bat is a bat which has an extra wall on the inner layer of the barrel. Many say that this kind of a softball bat is much more durable, and would definitely resist breakages and damaging more than single wall bats would be able to do, because of the extra layer on the bat.

But these bats stand at a disadvantage that the speed of the ball hit by a double wall bat can be extremely high. Because of this reason the bat is not deemed legal by many leagues. In this case, these bats can causes severe injuries to the players, because of which single wall bats are considered to be a lot safer to use.

But regardless of this, these bats are still used by a lot of professionals, and are legal in many leagues. Another thing that might not be fine with everyone is the fact that these bats are much more expensive as compared to the single wall bats. The material used while manufacturing these brands is a much better quality, and considering the fact that these bats are especially made to resist damage to the maximum extent. The price of these bats is totally worth it.

What Makes A Good Single Wall Softball Bat?

Check For The Size

Make sure that the size that you’re buying is not too big for you. This way, you won’t be able to handle it on the field, and having a bat too big will hinder your ability to flex and move about, thus always go for the perfect size; neither too big, nor too small.

Softball Tips : How to Determine What Size of Softball Bat to Use

Check Tor The Sound

Single Wall Softball Bats

Spectra of bat sounds when striking a baseball: wood bat (black), and aluminum bat (red). The energy peak of the aluminum bat gives rise to its distinctive “ping” sound


Yes, that’s right. In order to see if the quality of the bat is the best you can get, you really have to check the way the bat makes a sound when the ball hits against it.

The more intense the sound, you know that the bat is made with the premium quality material, which is dense. A dense material is always the best one, and requires proper investment, but it will surely give you the best results.

Examine The Material:

Single Wall Softball Bats


The single wall bats are particularly famous because they are made of an alloy. Because of their manufacturing material being an alloy, the durability of the bat is increased, as well as its performance during the game.

Mostly, the top quality single wall softball bats in the market are found to be the ones which are manufactured by using steel alloys, so you should definitely go for one with a steel alloy, as it is known to produce a powerful hit as compared to the others.

Take Care Of The Budget

You never know that you might be buying an expensive bat, but end up regretting it because you could’ve found another bat of the same quality in a lesser price.

Always remember how much you have to spend before going in the market, and look for the kinds of bats that suit you best. It is also suggested to read reviews, and check online beforehand to be aware of prices, and then go to the market to buy them yourself.

Buying yourself would also make you spend lesser, and it will help you make sure that you’re buying exactly what you had been looking for. Try to always shop according to what works best for you.

What to look for when buying a softball bat


While both the single wall softball bat and the double ball softball bat have their own pros and cons, really, the decision to buy one of the two still depends on you. Your own preferences and requirements, but the quality should never be compromised.

If you’re anything serious about softball, then go for the best quality softball bats, either single wall or double wall. But if looking for safety, as well as considerably powerful performance, a single wall softball bat might be the right one for you!

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