Shoes For Parkour: How To Choose The Best One ?

I’ve always been fascinated with parkour. It’s something that requires skill and precision at every step. But is there any sort of essential equipment or gear needed for parkour? Specifically, are there any shoes for parkour that you should take into consideration?

The fact is that you do need good shoes for parkour. Shoes can help considerably in running, leaping, and landing. The grip, balance, and traction they provide are essential for those into parkour and free-running.


Here are a Few Things About Parkour Shoes That You Need To Consider

shoes for parkour


Rather obviously, the weight of the shoe has to be as light as possible. Considering that you’d be using your legs for the most part, you’d need to move around quickly. This is without being hampered by the weight of your footwear.

Your shoes, therefore, shouldn’t add more to the weight of your body. In this category, I’d really recommend using good, newfangled running shoes. Most of them are designed to be as light as possible, providing you with precision and speed.


People would probably think soles don’t matter when it comes to parkour shoes. In fact, they matter so much that sole designs could spell either life or death for the wearer

shoes for parkour


Essentially you should pick soles that aren’t made from pieces glued together. One-piece soles will prevent being torn away piece by piece and are generally stronger.•


The thinner the soles are, the better. When I mentioned that running shoes are ideal for parkour, I didn’t mention sole density. While thicker soles may provide extra cushioning, they can also affect your balance when landing and doing acrobatic moves.


Arched soles are great for parkour, since they can actually keep you balanced when landing on ledges. If you’re not a fan of arched soles, then you should consider soles that are flexible enough to imitate the natural shape of your foot.

Tutorial - Shoe buying guide


The type of rubber matters so much in this regard. Consider that soles need to take a lot of abuse. Softer rubber will give you a lot of grip and traction, but they may wear off quickly. Harder rubber will last longer, but it could affect your balance.

I recommend that you get the best of both worlds: for more intense activities, soles of softer rubber should be considered. For activities on the lighter side, then you should go for a more robust rubber compound.

Yes, I get that all that may be too confusing for you. So, how about you just look into shoes models that are good for parkour?

Best Parkour Shoes?

I Recommend the Following.

Onitsuka Tiger

There are plenty of variations of the Onitsuka Tiger out there. These shoes perform so well, then can be used for a variety of other sports. Not only that, but they also add more aesthetic appeal.

The soles of the Tiger are thin, which is great for balancing. This may be a problem if you’re looking for more shock absorption, though, and the fit of the Tiger can be quite narrow. Nevertheless, these shoes do their job well.

Dunlop Volley

I personally owned a pair of Dunlop Volley shoes. It’s safe to say that they’re really flexible and provide great balance. The soles are thin, but not thin enough to limit cushioning. They’re great for pulling off lands.

A major problem I’ve had with my shoes, however, was that they wore off easily. The rubber used for the soles is just too soft.

I honestly wouldn’t rely on Dunlop Volley shoes for high-performance parkouring. But for those starting out, the shoes do their job pretty well.

Vibram Five Fingers

Yes, I just had to mention these shoes from Vibram. From a purely aesthetic point of view, a pair of Vibram Five Fingers shoes look hideous. But then, you’d be missing the point; these shoes are made to perform.

Over the years, these barefoot shoes have gained praise for their performance, especially among runners who want to get that natural feel when they’re running. They’re flexible, and as with Vibram’s trademark soles, they’re also really durable.

Minimalist Running Shoes

How To Pick The Perfect Parkour Shoes!

If you’re not into using barefoot shoes like Vibram Five Fingers, then the next best thing you should get are minimalist shoes. Minimalist shoes allow you to run as you would barefoot. They provide more balance, flexibility, and overall comfort.

The grip on most minimalist running shoes is nothing short of excellent. Consider that the soles are glued and sewn in one piece, you also don’t need to worry about them coming off.

It’s hard to just mention one minimalist shoe in the market. If I were to recommend one, however, it would be the New Balance Minimus. The Merrell Trail Glove, through what I’ve heard, are also excellent for the job.

No Shoes

Barefoot parkour & freerunning

It’s always a good idea to train on how you should use your feet. Footwear can hinder this, so why not go barefoot? Plenty of athletes from all over the world have experienced the benefit of barefoot training.

Training barefoot reduces the risk of training-related injury and can overall help you practice intricate techniques. Although I wouldn’t recommend going barefoot outside of training, it’s good to take off your shoes from time to time.


How did you like my recommendations? Parkour is one of extreme sports that many young love to play.  If I were to pick a pair of shoes for parkour, then I’d go for a pair of minimalist running shoes. They provide excellent grip, are flexible enough to offer balance and stability, and they can actually simulate barefoot training.

Again, it’s important to emphasize the role shoes play in parkour: shoes provide the traction, stability, grip, and balance that you’re going to need.

I highly recommend investing in an excellent pair of shoes for such an intense activity. You’re going to have so much fun, you’ll be doing parkour long-term!

So, what do you think? Are you considering on buying the shoes for parkour above? Or maybe you have some other shoes to recommend? Go ahead. Let your voice be heard by sounding off in the comments below.

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