How To Start a Scooter? Know Everything About Scooters

A scooter is no more a vehicle which only grown up or not so young kids can drive. Small kids even of 4-5 years can drive these scooters. But what is the need of giving a kid scooter? Is it really necessary? What should be the minimum age of the child to ride a scooter?


Is My Kid Ready To Ride a Scooter?

Yes, unless your kid is less than 3 years. Giving the kids a scooter to drive at an early age helps them to improve their balancing skills and also helps to improve their motor skills.

Children who learn to drive any kind of vehicle at an early age face less trouble in future while learning to drive new vehicles.

Is it Safe To Give The Scooter To Kids?

Talking about safety, any vehicle is never safe for anyone until you drive it carefully. Considering these fact parents should make sure that their kids are under watch whenever they are learning to drive their scooters.

How To Start a Scooter?

How To Start a Scooter?

There are two types of scooters for kids. Non-motorised and motorized scooters. Non-motorised scooters are pretty easy to start and drive. All it takes is a gentle push of leg to drive it.

To start stand on the scooter board with one leg on it and the other on the ground and hold the handle bar,​

Now push on the ground with the other leg and try to balance the forward movement by moving the handle bar.

For motorized version, the process is same just instead of pushing with the leg you have to start the motor to move forward on the scooter.

Which Kind of Scooter Should I Buy For My Kid?

The kind of scooter to be bought completely depends upon the age of the child. If the kid belongs to the age group of 4-10 a non-motorised version is more preferred since it provides the experience of driving a vehicle for the kids but without much of the hazards of a vehicle as it is self-driven.

If the kid belongs to an age group of 11 and above, a motorized version of scooter can also be bought as children can manage to learn automatic vehicles.

What Should Be Kept in Mind While Buying a Scooter?

No perfect vehicle is ever available and obviously not a kick scooter either.

Since each child has his own requirements and making personalized scooters for everyone is not possible but doing minor changes and tinkering with the scooter can make it perfectly suitable for your kid.

Keep these points in mind while giving the scooter to your kid for the first time 

1. The height of the handle bar shouldn't be too high. Make sure the handle aligns with the child's abdomen.

2. The break wires should be carefully checked and made sure that breaks aren't very tight to be applied and work well when applied.

3. All the nuts and screws are tight, and the scooter is sturdy to hold.

4. The Wheels are well greased and not worn out.

What Safety Gear Should Be used While Riding A Scooter?

Safety gear is of utmost importance while driving any kind of vehicle. Certain things should be kept in mind whenever your kids are driving a scooter -

1. Always wear a helmet while riding the scooter.

2. Knee and arm caps should be used to avoid bruises due to falling.

3. Make sure the child wears clothes which provide enough space for him to move freely without any trouble.

4. Make sure the clothes are not too loose and do not get stuck in scooter wheels.

Which Types of Scooters Are Good to Drive?

Different manufacturers have different models of kick scooters. Some scooters have some additional features and some don't. While buying a scooter for your kid, do an analysis of all the requirements of the kid from the scooter.

A good Scooter is the one which is made up of good quality of material and has the capability of upstanding good amount of accidents and crashes. The material should be strong and should not bend easily.

The wheels should be big enough to avoid small bumps and should be able to move freely without any stiffness. The handle bar should have adjustable height so that you can adjust as per the requirements of your child. The landing board should have sufficient length to stand=.


Scooters are a great and safe way to teach your kids to drive at an early age. They can be used as a vehicle to reach schools or as a medium to travel in close vicinities.

They can be utilized as an excellent way to play and enjoy the fun of driving. But certain points should be kept in mind while buying a scooter for your kid 

1. Do not gift your kids a scooter unless they are at least 4 years old.

2. Make sure you buy branded scooters only.

3. Do make sure to buy scooters of good built quality which can hold the weight of your kid.

4. Always make your kids wear safety gear before letting them drive their scooters.

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