Coyote Hunting At night – How to Hunt Coyotes at Night?

The idea of going on a hunting trip seems to be pretty exciting, especially for fun experiences like coyote hunting. Now, coyotes are known to be Nocturnal animals, meaning they do most of their daytime activities at night.

These activities include eating, going for a hunt and so on. If you are a complete newbie to the concept of Coyote Hunting, the below given strategically explained guide will help you learn how to Hunt Coyotes at night capably.

As we all know Coyotes are very arduous to hunt because they are quick-witted. If they get even a slight idea of your presence, you might as well just forget about hunting.

You need to have a solid technique and tricks to avoid this situation. Following tips and tricks might assist you in this accomplishment.


Where To Hunt Coyotes?

coyote hunting at night

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Even natural full moonlight is not very cooperative while hunting coyotes, you will still have visibility issues. To overcome this weak lighting issue, it is always better to hunt coyotes in a big open field with intermediate trees.

This way, when you are all set up and perform coyote calling, the coyotes that show up can be easily spotted. In such areas, they will be moving behind trees every once in a while, so you will have time to aim at them and take a shot.

Next question is where can you hunt coyotes at night? Seek out locations like Swamps, lakes, rivers, cut corn fields and so on.

coyote hunting at night

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If not this, then try to find highlands. You can go miles and miles away in search of coyotes as long as the area falls under a public land. Find any spot on highland, set up your gear against a tree or whatever you feel gives you best visibility.

In such areas, bushes or cut down trees are not much of an obstacle. With land owner’s permission, you can also hunt in a private land if you want.

Coyotes can very well adapt themselves to changing habitats for food, hence, you can find them in desert scrublands, foothills, agricultural fields and even lowlands.

Make sure you pick a location that legally allows hunting. Also, always make sure your hunting procedures are in accordance with the state’s laws for hunting. You don’t want to hunt at a time or season that is not legally approved.

Preparation For the Hunting Trip

License for Hunting

 Always make sure you carry a valid hunting license to avoid any legal hindrances. If you are a beginner, apply for your hunting license before you go Coyote hunting. The time required for getting your license approved, will depend on the state you live in and its conforming hunting laws.

coyote hunting at night

Make sure you carry a valid hunting license to avoid any legal hindrances

Wear It Right

What To Wear Hunting Opening Day

Coyotes tend to have a sharp vision, they can make out even slightest of movement and spot anything that is at odds before you know it. To keep yourself undetectable, you need to match your clothing with the environment you are hunting in.

If you are hunting in darker areas with trees and bushes, wear a green camouflage, whereas, in a snowy location, you need to wear a snow camouflage or white clothes. Even if your clothing is not a major factor to consider during night hunts, it is still better to be well-prepared.

See the situation, and alter your clothing to whatever blends you with the area. Whatever you wear, always go head-to-toe, do not just wear a camouflage jacket and regular bottom clothing. Or else, you will be detected out of place in due time.

Packing Up

Firstly, you ought to carry water with you as it is very important to stay hydrated all throughout your night adventure. Next thing is food. For overnight hunting trip, you might feel hungry or need a snack while you wait for a coyote to show up. Make sure to carry high calorie nibbles like nuts to keep you energized during the whole journey.This way, you will not be tired or give up too early, especially in low temperature weather.


Always make sure that your truck has ample amount of fuel, so if you have hard luck finding coyotes in a particular area, you can go scouting further away.


Always carry a First Aid Kit with you to be safe. Carrying a Fire Starter will also come handy during emergency deadly situations.

 What Gear You Will Need?

Basic Gear Recommendations For Coyote Hunting


 This aspect can be decided purely on preference basis. The rifle should be capable enough, should suit you and have top features to hunt coyotes at night efficiently.

Most of the centerfire Rifles work great for coyote hunting, but make sure not to choose the ones that are too heavy or large in size as coyotes are fairly small animals.

A night vision scope that comes included with the rifle will always come handy during your hunt. If you are a novice hunter and have no clue as to which rifle to choose, you could always take an expert hunter’s opinion.


There are two types of caller gear available today- mouth caller and Electronic caller. Mouth callers are small in size, inexpensive and easy to carry around. It also gives you the advantage of customizing your calls as you’d like with any rhythm, pitch, tone, etc.

But, not everybody is expert at mouth calling, so it is better to carry an Electronic caller that gives out crystal clear sound and allows you to focus more on other crucial activities and setups rather than worrying about proper calls.

Tips For Calling Coyotes

I prefer electronic caller as it is more reliable, works great even on windy days and can create sound away from you. You can easily divert the attention of your target towards this caller that is placed about 50 to 70 yards away from you, while you take a shot at it.

High-end models even come with a user-friendly remote for quickly playing the sound.

The only downside to these electronic callers is that they are expensive and comparatively large-sized than mouth callers. Both mouth and electronic caller are suitable to use depending on the type of conditions and target.

Hunting Light

What is the Best Light Color for Night Hunting

A trip to hunt coyotes at night can be disastrous if you do not have the necessary hunting gear with you, even when you are a Pro Hunter. And, one such important gear is a Hunting light.

A red hunting light is much better than other ones, as it won’t reflect off of other surroundings back to you. It even works best when you sense moisture in the air and on brighter nights when the moonlight is evident.

A green light, on the other hand, has the capability of shining at greater distances than the red one. The coyote needs to see in the direction of this light beam, so that its eyes can reflect the light and you can easily spot it.

In such situation, our eyes tend to work much better under a green hunting light rather than the red one. You can decide the type of light you use based on the area in which you will hunt coyotes at night.

This hunting light is usually mounted on your gun. Apart from this, you also need to carry an extra headlight for scanning the area, just in case of recovery. Best when this headlight comes with multiple LEDs and focusing feature.

 Best Times to Hunt Coyotes at Night

Springtime Coyotes

It is always better to hunt early in the season; you don’t want to procrastinate your hunting trip up until after holidays.

This way, you can hunt young coyotes who are new to the calling and have no clue of coyote hunters whatsoever.Avoid windy days if you can, as your calls might not cover longer distances in such situation.

Winter season, especially when the ground is covered with dense frozen snow, is the best time for coyote hunting. Coyotes need to be high on calories to beat this cold temperature and they can be seen hunting for food as well.

Also, nights are longer and it gets dark pretty soon in this season, so that’s an advantage of hunting in winter.

If you are out to Hunt Coyotes at night deliberately for the good-quality fur and premium hides, then the fur bearing season that starts mostly when October commences will be the best time.

However, you can still hunt them during spring and summer as well, just most of the hunters prefer winter season better. Summer season is perfect for novice hunters to practice and master their calls.

 Most Important Tips For You

Coyote Hunting Set Ups

You will not find a place ready with coyotes to start hunting straightaway, spend ample amount of time searching for right spots to hunt coyotes at night and note it down if you have to, this step can be termed as ‘Pre-scouting’.

Coyotes respond well to the calls during the night due to less human activity, so make sure you have practiced your mouth calls perfectly to attract your target.

If using electronic caller, pick the one that is easy to use and has a remote control with quick keys to play sounds instantly. This will save the time of scanning through the categories.

Always check the wind direction to avoid coyote from smelling your scent. The best approach is when the wind is in your face.

Find a perfect stand and a good vantage point. It is always better to shoot from highlands, so you can overview the target area and power lines.

Start calling session only when you are completely armed, have set up every gear and ready to shoot. If not, you never know, a coyote might be in close vicinity and might show up in no time while your rifle is not ready.

How to Properly Use Lights to Night Hunt Predators

Hunting light comes in various forms like handheld flashlight or spotlight and most popular are ones that mount on the rifles. Choose the one that you are most comfortable with. Mountable hunting lights make the aiming task much easier. If you use a shotgun, a headlight can work well with it.

Keep the hunting light ON during the calling session. Avoid turning it on/off too frequently.

When you spot a coyote under hunting light, do not point the main color beam directly in the eyes of the coyote. Always keep the ‘halo’ of the beam pointed towards its eyes. This way you can still see the glowing eyes of the coyote and not alert it as well.

Coyotes cannot really see anything past the hunting light. So you don’t really have to worry much about your position in backdrop at night.

Even if you spot a target with eyes reflecting light, always verify whether if it’s a coyote or any other animal. It could be another coyote hunter as well. Do not take a shot right after you spot those glowing eyes.

Take shots when the target approaches to a closer distance, as the accuracy of shots is much less as compared to daytime hunting.

When it comes close enough and you are confident that it’s a coyote, now you can point the main beam directly to its eyes and take a shot.

You can use shooting sticks to stabilize your standing posture during night hunts. Make sure you stand away from trees in an open space, so that the light does not reflect of its surfaces back to you.

Scan your surroundings before you start calling as you never know a coyote might be already too close to you.

Start with low volume calling and then eventually switch to high-pitched calling session.

While hunting with a partner or a cameraman, always make sure they know that you have spotted a coyote. You can signal this to them by shaking the hunting light or any other method. Decide on this signaling method before you start hunting. Avoid whispering or talking, especially when the target is too close.

You need to have an idea about distance ranging during night hunts. Backdrops look way different at night than they do during daytime. Taking long distance shots at night is a huge risk. It’s better not to shoot more than 125 yards of distance.

coyote hunting at night


Apart from State Laws, there are no hard and fast rules as to which gear to use and how to hunt coyotes at night. You need go out there and find out for yourself which calling method, what kind of rifle or which hunting techniques work best for you. Through experiences, you will eventually get better at this.

Vary your set up and hunting calls every so often. Using same set up won’t work each time.

If your target is just to take a game down and not pursuing its fur or hides then make sure you have loaded your rifle or shotgun with heavy ammo to prevent from just wounding the animal and not killing it.

Always wear gloves while you are retrieving the dead coyote to prevent yourself from any possible spread of disease.

Final words

Moreover, apart from learning all these tips and tricks, all you need to do is have fun! There is no particular rules or regulations as to how you ought to hunt coyotes at night, you just need to gain different experiences through trial and error method.

Additionally, respect the animal that you are hunting and make sure you do not think of it as just a playful game. All the best!

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