How to Hit Your Driver Straight and Long? (3 Most Useful Tips)

The wish of any golfer is to learn how to hit your driver straight and long. This explains why most of them end up swinging more wildly or harder. And that, needless to say, paves the way for inconsistency. In that case, you need to know how to hit a driver consistently straight and long, right?

Swinging faster does indeed help with gaining more distance. But what’s also equally important is maintaining balance and tempo. Also, you might already know that a straight and long drive actually improves your overall game of golf.

The whole idea of hitting the fairway as well as getting the approach shots nearer to the green sounds like a significant advantage. So here are the 3 most effective golf driving tips for a straight and long shot…

How to Hit Your Driver Straight and Long

#1 Make sure your alignment is right


Before actually setting up for your shot, here’s a crucial step most beginners forget to take. In fact, it’s the most important part of how to hit a driver for beginners. You have to understand and decide where you’re aiming.

Before addressing the golf ball, take place behind it. The ball should line up between your target and you. Then visualize that a line is extending from the golf ball to your target. Locate an object in that particular line around 2-3 feet from the ball. This object can be a leaf or stick, it doesn’t really matter. It’s only going to help in setting the clubface in the direction of the target.

This way, no doubt, your body is also lined up to that target.

#2 Make sure your set up is right


Your stance and set up are very important, much like your golf swing. So if you want to hit it straight every time, keep these following guidelines in mind…

  • Your feet should be wider than your shoulder width. It creates a very strong base.
  • The line formed by your shoulders, knees, and legs needs to run parallelly to the clubface line that’s aiming at the target.
  • The golf ball is to be set up toward the inside of your leading foot’s heel. That means right foot in case you’re left-handed and vice versa.
  • Your shoulders should tilt away from your target. If you’re right-handed, then the right shoulder is lower than the left one.
  • Make sure your head is behind the golf ball. The ball is at the front of the stance. So the head position comes naturally.

What these key points do is effortlessly encourage you to hit up on the golf ball during impact. And when you hit up, minimal back or side spin is created. And that matters a lot when it comes to getting a higher roll of the ball through the fairway.

Also, the speed of the golf ball through the air gets maximized as well. Therefore, the ball flies the distance determined by your particular swing speed. So now you can finally put your precious driver for beginners to good use.

A good set up also paves the way for zero or minimal chances of slices and hooks. So if you’re struggling with those, then you can breathe a sigh of relief just about now.

#3 Make sure your grip is right


This is one of the most underrated tips for hitting a driver long and straight. And that’s wrong because the grip is the most straightforward aspect. You grip in one of the three common ways. This includes baseball grip, interlocking grip, and overlapping grip.

In case of interlocking, your pointer finger of the left-hand does the interlocking with your pinky finger of the right hand. With overlapping, the left pointer is overlapping over the pinky. As for the baseball grip, there’s no interlocking or overlapping at all.

It’s the interlocking type of grip that’s the most popular. Even so, the other two are also perfectly valid. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with.


Moving on, grip your driver by using your palm for the gripping action. Ascend horizontally up the fingers. Then close the fingers around your golf club to wrap them completely around that grip. At this point, make sure your pointer finger and thumb are creating a V. This V-shaped space should be pointing up to the right shoulder.

Using the right hand, place that grip over your thumb pad and let it ascend vertically up your palm. Now close the right hand around, thus creating another V-shaped space.

Here’s the video version of what I just explained…

The End

And that’s about it. These are the 3 most effective tips on how to hit your driver straight and long. They often get neglected since they’re so basic. But your foundation has to be strong. Only then can you expect your drives to go straight and long consistently.

Just keep practicing; that’s what the game of golf is all about. A foolproof, solid foundation is necessary for a good golf swing. One that can improve your overall golf scores!

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