How To Get Better at Basketball ?

Snatching the ball from the opponent, dribbling it to the other side of the court and 1, 2 and goal. It does sound thrilling, but it takes a lot of effort to get that Big Brown ball in the basket. If you want to know how to get better at your basketball, here are a few tips to get you started:

Practice makes a man perfect. It's the same other sports like water sports or extreme sports.


5 Ways To Be a Better Basketball Player

How Long Does It Take?

There are no shortcuts here. You have to keep practicing to master the skill.

Remember the "10,000-Hour Rule," as Malcolm Gladwell states in his book 'Outliers: The Secret to Success that it takes at least 10,000 hours to learn a skill. Genetics and luck do play a role in accelerating the process, but the most important thing is to practice the correct method.

Step by Step Guide To Get Better at Basketball

Dribbling Exercises

The correct dribbling posture: Don't lock your knees, keep them at shoulder width and your feet should always be ready to move around. When you are dribbling, don't allow the ball to go above your waist. This is the first and most important step in getting better at basketball.

Learn to Dribble: Feel the movement of the ball and then respond by applying adequate pressure in the right direction.

Practice with each hand separately, twenty with the right them twenty with the left. Do three sets like this every day. Remember to keep your knees bent. Once you get the hang of it while you are stationary, try the same while you walk or run.

Get Better at Basketball

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Do the Crossover: Once you master the dribble, start alternating the ball with two hands. Practice on the court in a zigzag manner.

Take a step forward, two steps to the right shift the ball to your left hand then go forward two steps left shift the ball to the right hand. It may sound difficult, but it is extremely easy. Try going backward too. You may even use cones placed in a line, dribble your way through it.

Get Better at Basketball

Sometimes a “crossover” can refer to simply going from one direction to another without even dribbling (in the triple threat position)

Always Keep Your Chin Up: One of the best skills to learn early is to dribble the ball without looking at it. It may be hard at first, but it’s not impossible. Focus at one point on the court while you practice dribbling.

Get Better at Basketball


Dribble Constantly

 Get used to dribbling the ball. Always try to feel where the ball is, take control and then proceed to do whatever you want to do with it.

Try not to touch the ball with your palm. A good dribble will come from your fingers. Spend your free time dribbling the basketball on the court or wherever you practice. You may even dribble to school or your friends place. You can learn how to get good at basketball only by practice.

Shooting Exercises

BEEF-C: Remember the mnemonic BEEF+C while shooting. It’s the fundamentals if you want to know how to get good at basketball shooting:

B= Balance: Stand in a comfortable position with proper balance on both legs before you shoot. Knees flexed and at shoulder width and be ready to jump.

E= Eyes. Don't take your eyes off the basket while you take the shoot. Get a clear visibility and plunge.

E= Elbow. Remember to keep your shooting-elbow tucked towards your body.

F= Follow Through. Always follow through with your shot. It should seem as if your hands are about to reach in a cookie jar perched on a high shelf.

C=Concentration. Now we come to the most important part. Concentrate on the ball. Once you decide to shoot, focus on directing the ball into the basket.

Practicing Defense

To be an all-rounder, you need to make your defense play strong. Balance your weight on the balls of your feet. Keep your hips at the back and buttocks down.

Your hands should always be up and out. Distract the opponent and try to block shots and passes.

Learn to do the shuffle step- moving sideways quickly. Switch directions and move back and forth.

Don't jump. It’s a common mistake while trying to block a goal. If you feel that your opponent is about to shoot, raise your arms in the air and block his view. This will be more useful than jumping and trying to block the ball. These are the basics to get good at the game.

Improve Teamwork

The only difference between individual best players and best team is their ability to pass the ball swiftly to their teammates. Working as a team is necessary to get better at basketball. As soon as get the ball you should be looking to pass it forward to the next player.

You need to learn your position. Every person on the court has a specific role to play. While you think that it is a compulsion to fall back after a three pointer every time you touch the ball, remember it's not the role of the Centre to do that.

Improving Basketball Skills : Games to Build Teamwork

At the point guard, you need to judge the court and develop an aggressive offense.

As the shooting guard, you have to support the point guard and be able to deliver hassle free shots.

Try to incorporate creative plays which bring out our team's strength. Utilize them to break the defense and give the ball to an open player who can shoot when least expected. Also, use nicknames for these techniques and catch the opponent off-guard in order to be one step ahead.

A Few Tips on How To Get Good At Basketball

Focus on the Small Things

Many players don't bother about little things like form and footwork, but ultimately these are the ones that lead to a big difference in your game. You need have a solid foundation.


Just as it is in the schoolbooks, the rules of discipline are to be followed in the court too. Never miss a practice or laze around if you are tired. Always give 100%. You will reap the benefits.

Tips, Skills, and Drills: Attacking the Basket

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

First and foremost learn the proper technique to shoot the ball. Playing low defensively as well as offensively may not be comfortable. But you need to push yourself to figure out what you are capable of.

Don't Cheat

To be a top player, you need to toil. You need to play till you reach the end of your energy and then for another few minutes.

While you aim at getting better and learning new skills, keep your base strong. Never forget your basics. Because at difficult times, the solution will be the easiest way out. Work hard to be the best.


Everything comes for a price. Here the price means hours and hours of effort and practice. It has to be built, nourished and molded into you. Your hard work will pay off, but right now you need to sacrifice.

The quality of your game will remain the same with your present quantity but will grow with a little extra push. So keep bouncing and learning. Don’t give up. One day you will be the best in your team, now that you know how to get good at basketball.


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