How To Frontside Flip? An Incredible Trick To Show Off

Do you enjoy the adrenal rush when you try out new flips with your skateboard? Are you hooked on learning how to frontside flip?

Frontside flip can be intimidating, but it can be accomplished only when you have your doubts cleared!

The frontside flip can be somewhat tricky. Do not be disheartened if you don’t get it right after a few trials. Have patience, keep practicing, and you will soon get the right balance and timing figured out like a pro.

How To Frontside Flip?

How To Frontside Flip

In order to achieve a frontside flip with the skateboard, you need to race towards some stairs. Just before reaching the stairs you need to pop in the air and flick the board with your front toe.

The board would flip rapidly under your feet as you take a semi circle spin in the air, only to connect with your board again to land and finish off a stunning frontside flip.

DIEGO CEPEDA - Frontside Flip

Who First Showed The World How To Frontside Flipping And Made It So Popular?

The frontside flip became all the rage in the early 90s when skaters Tom penny and Andrew Reynolds showed the world how it’s done. They first started by doing the frontside flip on the flat surface.

They later took it to a higher and more challenging level by frontside flipping their skateboards down the stairs and over the handrails.

How To Master The Frontside Flip?

The frontside flip is a fusion of two skating tricks- the straight kickflip and the frontside 180 Ollie. Therefore, before learning how to frontside flip, I would recommend that you perfect the straight kickflip and the frontside 180 Ollie.

Once, you achieve that, you can go ahead with the frontside flip, and you certainly would master it pretty quickly.

How To Frontside Flip: Step by Step Process

1. Position yourself in frontside Ollie. Place your leading at the back of the front bolts. Stoop low and get ready for spinning your whole body frontside when you take the jump in the air by twisting your body.

2. Pop the tail end of your board and sweep it out towards your front. Use your leading foot to scrape the board slightly.

As you do the shuvit, the force of your body must turn the board along with you.

How To Frontside Flip

3. Your leading foot will automatically move to its side. Use your toes to flick the board’s heel side. Your target is to catch the skateboard on the track bolts, and so you need to shift your rear foot over it.

4. You must accomplish a clean untwisted landing, and your shoulder must be parallel to the tail that has turned to become the front now.

The frontside flip is quite amazing as you can do it over gaps or off drops. Now, that you know how to frontside flip, practice well to get the hang of it and astonish your family and friends.

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