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Ping pong is the passion for many people, including me. When it comes to me, I personally like everything to be perfect, including the paddles and the balls. I cannot enjoy the game unless the quality is straight out unquestionable.

That is why I did a lot of thorough research to find the best ping pong paddle for me. It helps me find many ping pong paddles I liked, and many features helped them be that for me. Following are some of the things which will help you do just that!




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Mapol Professional Ping Pong Paddles

STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket

Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle

Kettler Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Bundle

Abco Tech Ping Pong Paddles Set

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How to Choose The Best Ping Pong Paddle?

When you go into the market, you’ll see several different ping pong paddles. However, wondering which one is the best ping pong paddle will not help. It is because there isn’t any universal best ping pong paddle, but it depends on you and how you play.

Different ping pong paddles might suit different people, but it is different for everyone. Following are some of the factors you should consider while choosing a paddle for yourself.

Best Ping Pong Paddle

 1.How Do You Play?

 Different manufacturing techniques are used while making the paddles. If your way of playing is aggressive, a hand-made paddle will suit you the most.

But if you go for a factory made paddle, and you play aggressively, it might not last long for you. To increase the life, you have to go for the right choice.

 2. Where Do You Stand?

There are different kinds of paddles out there, some for beginners, while the others for professionals. If you are a beginner, the best ping pong paddle for you would be the one which is light weight and provides excessive control over the game. It goes differently for professionals as well.

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How To Test If The Rubber Is Powerful Or Not?

The rubber is what the main part of the paddle is, where the ball hits the paddle and bounces back. This plays a large factor in determining the best ping pong paddle for you, as different types of paddles work differently as well.

Best Ping Pong Paddle

The rubber is basically classified with the help of speed ratings. A speed rating of 50 means you will be able to have good control over the paddle.

A rating between 50 and 70 is a moderate one, which has enough of the speed and control, both.

A speed rating above 70 is a great lot of speed, but little control; perfect for offensive play.

All of these can be used according to different kinds of play and preferences. Beginners are suggested to go for below 50, or between 50 and 70. Professionals can opt for speed rat8ings above 70.

The rubber sheets which should mostly be used, and are recommended, are smooth, inverted and sticky. These help in the best games ever. Apart from this, the thickness of the sponge is another thing that matters. A thin sponge would provide a lot of control, but very less speed compared to a thicker sponge, which will provide the maximum speed but little control.

Types of Paddles

There are mainly two kinds of ping pong paddles. There are either readymade paddles or custom made ones.

As the names suggest, the readymade ones are mostly those which have been manufactured by the companies in their own way, using their own measurements.

Best Ping Pong Paddle

Custom made ones will be exactly like you want them to be and are made on given orders. Mostly, you’ll find that the best ping pong paddle for you would be in the custom made ones, as you can clearly specify however you want your ping pong paddle to be, and you’ll get exactly that. It’s like getting your dream ping pong paddle!

But this does not mean the readymade ones are in any way, worse than the custom made ones. Some companies making readymade paddles are also manufacturing high-quality products, which can prove better than many of the custom manufacturing companies as well.

Different kinds of Ping Pong Paddles

5 of The Best Ping Pong Paddles Reviewed:

1. Mapol Professional Ping Pong Paddles

This set of ping pong paddles are by Mapol, and the set includes two paddles. By the looks, they look incredibly well made and expensive, while still being at a very affordable rate. These are manufactured keeping its use in consideration, which is why they come in handy a lot.

Some of my well-trusted friends have used these, and their opinions about this one were really great and appreciating.It is designed to provide as much control to the user as it can and helps the player to determine the amount of spin it will have while playing.

It is compact and has just the right measurements to go amazingly with the game. The paddles are known to be lightweight too. It has just enough weight to function properly in the game, while still providing ease to the player and helping the player to control it much more easily.

We like 

  • It has a 7-ply, wood blade for efficient use.
  • High-quality rubber which will provide the best performance during the game.
  • Handles flare at the end, to maintain a comfortable grip over the paddles.
  • • Include a portable fabric, carry bag in which you can easily store the paddles while going out.
  • Are amazing and perfectly suitable for advanced table tennis training, as they are high quality and are suitable for professional use.

We don't like

  • The paddles might be a little heavy for some people.
  • They might not have an enough bounce factor for some people’s preferences..

How to maintain table tennis rubbers

2. STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket

This ping pong paddle is a product by Stiga, which is a very well known brand dealing in such products. The quality for this paddle cannot be doubted at all, as the manufacturing of the paddle takes place under the most perfect measures, and each and every factor is measured and taken care of.

The paddle comes alone in the whole price, but each and every detail has been taken care of, making the quality of the game even better.It is tested after being manufactured, to record how it performs in several different conditions, and only then is it ever brought to the players for use.

The price is not affordable for everyone, but the quality of the product can justify that the price is as reasonable as it can get. Following are some things to take into notice about this ping pong paddle.

We like 

  • The rubber used during the manufacturing process is ITTF proven; so that you know you’re getting the best quality available out there.
  • Includes a shock dispersion technology, which enables the player to play smoothly throughout the game.
  • Features a 6-ply, light-weight blade.
  •  The sponge is 2mm thick for the best performance.
  • Have an amazing spin factor, and just the right speed to get you to win!

We don't like

  •  Can break very easily if special care is not taken of the paddle.
  • Is expensive for some people, not affordable enough.

3. Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle

This one by Killerspin is a single paddle as well and is available in three different colors, from which you can choose your favorite.

The thing I really like about this one is the style, the way it actually looks. It has a very modern touch to it and looks incredible as well.

More than that, it looks string and durable as well, with protective measures taken all around the paddle to make sure it stays protected, no matter what.

It has been designed to improve the efficiency of the game, as it lets you perfectly control the speed and the spin.

All the products used in the manufacturing are the highest quality and prove to be worth the price as well. Mostly, I only came up with amazing things about this one, because its performance was like one of the best ping pong paddle out there.

We like 

  • The Jet basic rubber used in these paddles helps provide the most control while playing.
  • A flexible, PVC side tape has been wrapped all around the sides of the paddle, to make it even more durable and protect against rubbing and breakage.
  • Comes with a memory book, which mostly comes very handy for storing records, scores and all of those things safely.
  • Flared handle helps maintained an easy, comfortable and strong grip onto the paddle.
  • A 30-day warranty included to help you be sure of the fact that the paddle is totally reliable.Cons:

We don't like

  • The handle can break apart if vigorously used.

How to change table tennis rubbers

4. Kettler Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Bundle

This set of ping pong paddles by Kettler is one of the most affordable set out there. It includes 4 paddles, with 8 balls included as well.

It uses the most high quality products in the manufacturing, and is made with the consideration of every small thing and aspect of the paddles.

The rubbers are used to provide the most bounce, which is perfect for ping pong. Apart from that, it helps provide a lot of control to the player.

The player can actually control the speed and spin quite well while playing, and it keeps them comfortable during the game, with the handle made in a flared design. It helps develop an amazing grip onto the paddle, and helps maintain an amazing game.

We like 

  • The pips-in rubber blade helps increase the amount of control the player has over the paddle while playing.
  • It includes a nylon carrying case, which can make carrying the paddles around easier.
  • Ii includes 4 balls which are ideal for table tennis, with their size and composition, everything being perfect.
  • More people can play along at a time with this set, as it is an ideal set for a four player game. The more the players, the more fun it is!
  • The 1.5mm thick sponge helps it to be perfect for ping pong.

We don't like

  • If not handles properly, they can break apart from the middle.

5. Abco Tech Ping Pong Paddles Set

Abco Tech is surely a well-trusted manufacturer for such sports goods. This is a set of paddles, 4 paddles along with 6 balls, which makes it perfect for tennis as well.

It is made of the softest rubber, thick enough to help you play ping pong, as it provides an amazing bounce. Apart from that, it helps provide a good amount of control to the player, thus making it great even for professional or large scale games.

The quality of this product is, in my opinion, unquestionable. It is manufactured keeping all kinds of considerations in mind.

The handles allow for a comfortable, yet confident grip over the paddles. These can work amazingly well for both, beginners and professionals. It is light-weight and has enough weight to help you control the speed and spin.

We like 

  • The handles of the paddles are made in a flared design, to allow for an amazing grip, which is perfect for a professional play.
  • Made of 5-ply blades, which are 5.6 mm thick, which are perfect when it comes to loop strokes.
  • 1.5 mm thick rubber surface provides a good amount of control over the speed and spin
  • Extremely affordable for everyone, and are high quality as well.
  • Includes a 100% guarantee for satisfaction, which proves the quality of these paddles is quite high class.

We don't like

  •  The size is standard, but it might prove to be smaller according to some people’s preferences.


Finding the best ping pong paddle isn’t an easy task, I get it. I had to go several different others to settle on these 5, with which I was totally satisfied.

However, The Stiga ping pong paddle is the clear winner for me, because it is exactly how ping pong paddles should be. The quality of the paddle was just as I normally like, with the most amount of control and the exact bounce.

Even though this one is a bit expensive, I would definitely recommend investing in this to have an amazing ping pong experience!

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