How To Choose A Soccer Ball

Soccer is one of the top sports most people find interest in. In fact, a lot of kids nowadays wish to be a professional soccer player one day. As amazing soccer is, you cannot play it without having the proper equipment.

One of the primary equipment is the soccer ball. Without it, there is no soccer sport. Most of us might think choosing a soccer ball is very easy. You think all you have to is to work into a store and then pick the one you like.


 Do you know there is more to just entering a store and selecting what catches your eye? There are thousands of ball in the market with different sizes, constructed with different materials, and much more. And take it or leave it, not all of them are good.

However don't panic, thinking you might go for the wrong one. In this article, we are going to discuss and show you how to choose a soccer ball perfect for you.


How To Choose A Soccer Ball

There are two common types of a soccer ball. There is the training balls and the match balls. Just as the name says, training balls are used for recreational uses and to practice while match balls are built for gameplay and must follow shape, weight and official size regulations.

Soccer balls have two parts which are the bladder and casing. These parts are made of different materials. Also, there are various sizes of soccer ball available.

For you to make the best choice of a soccer ball, check out the tips & hacks that can help you out.


 1.Consider The Material

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How To Choose A Soccer Ball

The inner bladder of a soccer ball can be made from either natural or synthetic rubber that is gendy heated and forced into a mold. The outer panels are produced from sheets of synthetic leather backed with several layers of cloth, to strengthen the material. The sheets of synthetic leather are passed through a die-cutting machine that cuts the hexagonal panels and also punches the stitch holes. The panels are then silkscreened and imprinted with the manufacturer's logo.

When in search of a perfect soccer ball for you, the first thing you need to look out for is the material. As we said earlier, a different part of the ball is made of different materials. The casing of the ball is the one that covers the ball and panel on the outside. The casing is either made of polyurethane, polyvinyl Carbonate, synthetic leather or the combination of PU/PVC.

Soccer balls having casing made of PVC are usually harder, cheaper, and highly durable. Typically, Polyurethane balls are softer, has higher quality, and highly responsive when compared to balls having PVC casing. For professional matches or highest level of playing, casing made of synthetic leathers are the best.

Talking about the bladder, it is the inner compartment that holds air in the soccer ball. It is either made of butyl or latex. Bladder made of butyl has greater air retention than the latex. With this, you don't need to reflate them all the time. On the other hand, bladders made of latex are softer and preferred by professionals.

2.  Consider The Size Of The Ball

How to choose a soccer ball might be tricky when it comes to size. They come in different sizes, and your age determines the perfect size for you.

 Also, as there are different leagues the size of soccer ball you would go with might depend on the league you play in.

Sometimes to consider the size you might need to contact your coach to know the best for you.

However, there as five different sizes from which you can select from.

  • Skill or mini ball also know as Size one soccer ball. It is just for fun and also used to improve footwork
  • Size two soccer ball which can be used for ball control drills and sometimes matches for children under age 4
  • Size three soccer ball which is the smallest official ball perfect for children under age 8
  • Size four soccer balls are perfect for children between ages 8 to 12.
  • Size five is officially the largest ball perfect for all soccer players above age 12.
  • 3. Decide On How Much You Can Afford For A Soccer Ball

    It is necessary that you consider the amount you can spend on a soccer ball. They come at different prices which range from a few bucks to hundred. Before you make a decision, consider the reason you want to purchase the soccer ball. Is it for children, to kick around once in a while, or extensive uses?

    For children and to kick around once in a while you can go for cheaper balls. If you are going to use the ball extensively, going for a high-quality ball would be perfect because they are more durable.

    On the other hand, if you are willing to spend much on a soccer ball do an intensive research. The fact that a ball is expensive does not mean it is the best for you.

    4. Check Various Reviews 

    You might not be the first person buying a soccer ball. This means there have been some people who have purchased it before you. You can check out the ratings of the ball and the comments of other users about it.

    This would make you make the best decision. Also, when reading reviews or doing your research, you can check for the best-selling soccer balls or top rated soccer balls.

     5.Go For The Best Brands

    Going for the best brands most of the time means going for the best. There are lots of soccer ball brands, but some are more popular than the other. Some of the most popular brands you can pick from are Nike, Adidas, PUMA, Brine, Vizari, Select, Under Armour, Wilson, and Baden.  

     6.Check For Warranty

    It is a big plus if the ball has a warranty. Most times the expensive and best brand soccer balls have it. This means you are safe because buying the soccer ball with warranty means you are not going to be at a loose end.


    Above are how to choose a soccer ball perfect for you. Following this buying guide means you would be on the safest side when purchasing your soccer ball. We hope we have made it simple for you. It is as easy as following the steps, purchasing your soccer ball and have fun.

    In case this article has been helpful, don't hesitate to share and help others having a problem with picking a perfect soccer ball. Also, we will be happy to hear from you. So if you have any comment, you can use our comment box.

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