How to Charge a Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are great things and have become a whole lot popular amongst everyone nowadays. Even though these hoverboards are very easy and simple to use, as well as considerably safe, one problem that’s always there is the battery.

The battery is supposed to be charged now and then after the use. It might become a hectic task to charge it, as it does take a long time to get charged, but if you really take care of it and maintain in properly, you won’t have to face a lot of problems with the battery.

Down below are few things you should know about the hoverboard batteries.


Hoverboard how to charge

How Much Distance Can Your Battery Cover Per Charge?

How to Charge a Hoverboard

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Now this question here does not really have an exact answer, because several things can affect a battery’s life.

In short, every battery will not cover the same distance per charge.

A whole lot of factors can either increase or decrease the battery’s life, thus the battery life is going to be entirely different for different people.

If generally speaking, a well maintained battery can go for 15 Kilometers at most, if driven at the recommended conditions said to make the battery last longer. Almost no battery can give a mileage more than that, but certain factors can affect how long the batter will live, which is explained down below.

Simple Tips To Increase Hoverboard Battery Life

If everyone would be aware of the factors that can lead to an increased or decreased battery life, we can work to make the battery last as long as possible by maintenance and special care while using the hoverboard.

3 Tips About Charging and Maintaining Your Hoverboard That You Need To Know!

Following are the factors and the solutions:

      We all know that overcharging almost anything can have a bad impact on the battery, and thus its life decreases. As the case is the same with our mobile phones as well, overcharging a hoverboard battery can be harmful.

Not only that, but the battery slowly starts to damage if you continue overcharging it. It is important to efficiently and carefully charge your battery, in a way that it stays healthy and safe.

Charge your hoverboard right away, every time after the use and do not leave it to get charged for more than 4 hours. After 90%, stay near the battery and carefully observe, taking the charger off immediately after it reached 100%.

How to Fix Your Hoverboard When it Doesn't Charge

The types of surfaces you’re driving your hoverboard on also affect your battery life. A smooth asphalt surface with no bumps at all will give you the highest possible mileage, as opposed to a rough, bumpy, rugged asphalt surface, which will result in a decreased number of kilometers being traveled in a single charge.

Thus driving your hoverboard on a smooth surface can help you make your battery last longer.

How to Charge a Hoverboard

The way you are riding the hoverboard also matters. If you’re driving it aggressively, at a very fast speed then surely it will take up more of the energy from the hoverboard, and will result in the battery lasting for a shorter time.

But if you’re driving your hoverboard smoothly, and staying in moderate speeds, the hoverboard is known to give an increased mileage per charge.

So you can see the difference here, if you want to make your batter last longer, drive it at a moderate speed, not too slow and not too fast either.

How to Test if Your Charger is Broken?

Now if you are a regular hoverboard user, charging it regularly is also something you probably do, and it’s also very important to have your hoverboard charged for you to go. In this case, the hoverboard charger is a blessing, but out of nowhere your charger can stop working, and you might not even know what’s wrong.

The following test can let you know if the fault is in your charger:

  • Firstly, plug the charger into a socket, and make sure it shows a green light. Then plug the charger into the hoverboard, where the green light is supposed to turn red.
  • If the charger is showing no light at this point, then either your charger is broken, or your power supply isn’t working.
  • Test the power outlet by plugging in another device you know is working. If your power outlets is working perfectly, it working perfectly, then your charger is faulty here.
  • If the light at the start had turned red when you plugged in the hoverboard, let it charge for around 2-3 hours, and the battery will charge.
  • After charging it for 2-3 hours, try turning the hoverboard on. If the hoverboard does not turn on, the problem if probably in the wiring of the hoverboard.
  • If the hoverboard does turn on, observe the two lights on the top of your hoverboard. If both the lights are green, it has been charged. If one of the green lights starts blinking, that means that your hoverboard battery has a low charge. If the light turns red and the hoverboard starts beeping, that means the battery is really low, mostly less than 5%.
  • If the both lights are green, drive your hoverboard around for a while. If it does not last very long, then your battery or your charger could be the problem.
  • Lastly, when you plugged the charger in the hoverboard, if the light remained green that could mean two things. Either the hoverboard is fully charged already, or the fault is in the battery.
Bad vs. good hoverboard Battery - how to tell & take apart

What Should You Do If The Hoverboard Charger is Broken?

There’s not much you can do if the charger for your battery is broken. You can go to an expert and get the charger checked, see if anything can be done about it, but if nothing can be done then you’re going to have to replace that charger with a new one.

It is recommended to buy a new charger as soon as possible, as even a slightly faulty charger can affect your hoverboard’s battery in a bad way, so do that quickly. But make sure to do the test above properly and thoroughly, in order to make sure your battery really is the problem.

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Just like any vehicle or toy, hoverboards can be fun and entertaining but it's dangerous sport. Many experts recommend wearing a helmet, elbow and knee pads, and wrist guards,,. This article has provided you the needed information How to Charge a Hoverboard, the necessary things to do when your charger is broken.This article only hopes that you are now more equipped to take care your hoverboard.

Let us know your thoughts regarding this topic and help us expand everyone’s knowledge by dropping your comments and suggestions below.


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