Enjoy a Better Experience of Fishing with Fishing Crossbow

How much passionate are you about fishing? Fishing is both a profession and passion around the World. There are various categories of fishing depending upon the area and the purpose. Fishing is equally a sport and can be very much enjoyed by people who are interested in it.

Fishing experience all together goes to a different level when it involves the use of a fishing crossbow. This almost gives you the experience of hunting and makes the sport more intriguing. The use of crossbow has been prevalent, mainly in the western countries.


What is a Crossbow ?

A fishing crossbow is generally used for the sport of bow fishing. Bow fishing is slightly different from the normal fishing and is used to catch big fishes.

Fishing crossbow is the modified in the form of an archer and is used to catch and track the fish back to the boat.

They have arrows that are specially designed for fishing and while shooting, the arrow is attached along with the fishing reel.

One needs a very good aim with the arrow and the end of the arrow must be barbed so that it can anchor into the fish’s body after being shot. These crossbows are specifically designed for the professionals, who go to the sea for hunting or catching big fishes.

These sort of bows are not meant for the simple fishing that one does at the lake. This kind of bow in mostly fetched by the professionals.

How to Choose a Fishing Crossbow?

You have to understand that a crossbow is very friendly for both the professional ones and the one who is a novice in this profession. To be a good fish hunter you will have to choose the right fishing crossbow, and while buying one, there are certain factors that must be kept in your mind.

Along with experience and skills, you also need to put your hands on the right equipment. The following must be taken care of while buying a crossbow.

 1. The Purpose of Buying

 The purpose must be very clear, as in why do you need a fishing crossbow, which also includes what kind of fish do you wish to catch.

Fishing crossbows are different from the ones that are used for the land animals, and that must be kept in your mind while buying a crossbow. The kind also varies depending upon the kind of shooting you want.

2. The Types Of Fishing Crossbow

There are mainly two kinds of crossbow. Recurve and Compound crossbow. Recurve is a very simple form of a crossbow that has been used since ages, with a very minimum and easy maintenance cost.

But there are various drawbacks as well because of its simplistic design. On the other hand compound crossbow is a revised form of the recurve crossbow with more features, but easy handling. The maintenance is a something that must be worried about a little when it comes to the compound crossbow.

Video from youtube Bow Fishing | Everything You Need to Know

3.The Weight

 The weight of the crossbow depends upon the user. Though a heavy weight might help you to keep it unmoved, you can also use a light one for the convenience of carrying it. It must be approximately of 5-10 pounds.


 The general velocity of 200-400 feet per second is the primary requirement. If a crossbow of low weight can provide you with this velocity, then you can go for it.

Draw weight

 Usually the crossbows have a draw weight of 150-185 pounds. Draw weight is the weight that is required to draw the crossbow with your hands.


The size of the crossbow should depend upon the size of the fish.


Do not settle for any amount. Before buying one, do some good research. You can visit several online sites for that. You can buy both bows and arrows separately as well as together.

Crossbow Fishing Setup

Some Basic Tips For Using a Fishing Crossbow:

  • Safety should be your first concern.
  • Be careful about where you are aiming your crossbow.
  • Before loading the arrow you must cock and on both sides of the barrel, the string must be pulled back with dead even pressure.
  • It works when the distance you need to pull is doubled.
  • Shorten the cocking rope to prevent shoulder injury.
  • The crossbow’s arrow head should be barbed so that it can anchor into the flesh.
  • You must place the arrow in the barrel and before you pull the trigger, you must see that there are no obstacles before it.
  • Lastly, after the fish is shot, you must pull it carefully with the help of the reel.
  • After the hunt is over, the arrow should be uncocked, and the only way to do it is by shooting the crossbow.

Basic Things To Consider In The Case Of Bows And Arrows

The profile of the bows and arrows must be considered while buying one for bow fishing.

There are simple, recurved and compound limbs bows and one must choose accordingly. In case of arrows, they are mainly categorized as Carbon, Aluminum, and Carbon and Aluminum Mix. You can choose them depending upon your need, and their length must be about 16” to 22.”


Crossbow Fishing is not specifically confined to the professionals only. Anybody who keeps the desire to go on a bow fishing can easily take one up with the right aids. Apart from being part of a huge industry, fishing is also a sport and is taken up by many people in their leisure.

You do not have to put much effort in learning that, a bit of practice can make you a successful fish hunter. What is important about bow fishing is if you are a professional then you must take care of certain things that are necessary for your work.

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