9 Amazing Crossbow Hunting Tips

If crossbow hunting is declared to be legal in your state, many of you would be planning to purchase a crossbow weapon. Crossbow hunting can prove to be nerve-wracking sometimes, especially if you are new to the whole process. And so, it is crucial for you to mug upsome tips and tricks regarding loading, drawing and shooting, all with precision.

Are you one of the neophytes wanting to know how to use a crossbow proficiently? So following are some Amazing Crossbow Hunting Tips to help you master the skill of Crossbow hunting.


1. Preparing For The Escapade

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Crossbow is an archery weapon that comes in widespread varieties, each having different capacity and velocity. If you are pursuing outsized animals, then a crossbow with about 170 to 200 pounds of draw weight will be optimum, which provides about 80 foot-pounds of force. Choosing a correct draw weight is one of the basic Crossbow Hunting Tips.

For average-sized animals, a crossbow with 140 or 150 pounds of weight with 60 foot-pounds of force will be ample.

2. Strength Of The Weapon

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Penetration, weight of the arrow and level of precision during shot, are some of the most significant factors to consider while crossbow hunting. For a precise shot, you need to be aware of the strength of your weapon, its trajectory and what penetration does the broad-head offer.

Select the broad-head that is in accordance with the game you are taking down. For an impeccable penetration through a hefty animal, you need to make sure to use a broad-head with constant blade featuring a heavyweight arrow.

Broad-heads that deliver high performance are the ones with tight tolerances and shrill blades. Mechanical type of broad-heads is widely used nowadays.

3. Constructive Accessories

Using a cocking accessory will powerfully support the drawback process as well as enhance the precision of your shot.

Cocking and Uncocking a Crossbow

A scope sight when integrated with a crossbow, always proves to be highly beneficial, as they will help you to shoot with extreme precision. Some of the high-end sighting devices come with multiple reticles for versatile use and allow high magnification. Most of the crossbows available in the market work capably with a three-dot sight scope.

How To Sight In Your Crossbow

The rangefinder is another ranging gear that will help you find the target and provide you with necessary data like the distance between you and the game, where to shoot, calculation of uphill and downhill angles, etc.

4. Selection Of Arrows

By far, this is most imperative part of these Crossbow Hunting Tips.

While purchasing Arrows for crossbow, you need to first check the material it is crafted from. Check the length and weight of the arrow, too short arrows can break shortly after repeated use. Also, wrong length of arrow might lose its track and fly somewhere else.

Usually, Arrows are constructed from Aluminum, Carbon, and Aluminum+ Carbon materials. Aluminum Arrows likely to break or bend easily, but are more precise in shots.

For moderate crossbow hunting routines, you can use carbon-made arrows. Novices can start with carbon or carbon & aluminum mix arrows and then eventually switch to aluminum arrows for extra precision.

High-end arrows are made from full metal jacket, extremely popular for their durability, accuracy, and speed.

Use can also use plastic bolts for practice sessions, but never use it for actual hunting.

Check the Manufacturer’s recommendation for selecting the length of the arrow. They can range anything from 15” to 23”.

These arrows are supposed to be aligned with either flat nock or V-shaped nock, use whatever is recommended by the Manufacturer. The vanes on the arrow must be premium quality, should have straight structure and installed accurately.

Choosing the Best Crossbow Arrows and Broadheads

5. Trajectory Technique

Practice is the key to the perfect shot of crossbow. You need to learn the trajectory technique of the arrow and how it works. With persistent practice sessions, you will learn how to place the crosshair for a precise shot. Also, every crossbow has its unique design of trigger.

With constant practice sessions, you will get used to the sense of the trigger. The trigger should not be jolted while taking shots, so practice smooth triggering.

6. Perfection Needs Practice

For training sessions, try to take shots from a bench rest. Practice how to use a sight scope while on it and also use this time to get used to the trigger.

Once done, now put away the bench rest and practice shooting like you are mimicking the actual crossbow hunting. Try different positions like kneeling, sitting, etc. and taking shots accurately with similar distance/angle like in actual hunting.

Also, you need to get familiar with the process of utilizing the monopod or shooting sticks wisely, without being too loud. Using such resting gear will help you to steady your position, hold the crossbow better and shoot accurately.

7. Suitable Maintenance


String and cables of the crossbow always need to be checked, whether they have worn out. Too much friction can cause the string to work abnormally. In this case, you need to replace them promptly.

Maintain the string every so often, to avoid spending money on a replacement. After every hunting session, keep the string clean and free from dust/dirt. Follow the manufacturer’s guide on how to lube the rails properly.

Maintaining your crossbow and following all the mentioned Crossbow HuntingTips will yield long-lasting usage.

8. Cost Estimation

Crossbows that are extremely quiet in performance and allows precise shooting, generally carry a hefty price tag. Such equipment often comes all-included with high-quality sightscope, dampeners and adjustable features.

Make sure to choose the Crossbow gear that is in accordance with your type of hunting game and bounds of budget.

9. Additional Tips

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Every area demands its own draw requirement; make sure you know these details before purchasing a bow.

Also, look for the crossbow that has ample amounts of safety features and a firm secure grip as well.

To remain undetectable to your target, you need to wear camouflage printed outfits, do not put on any type of scent or perfume, do not carry any smelly food with you,

Always keep your crossbow device equipped and cocked so that you can avail the hunting opportunity whenever the target is seen. Lastly, try not to perform offhand shooting. Make sure you thoroughly learn these Crossbow Hunting Tips and apply them in your routines for effective results.

End of the line

Crossbow hunting demands loads of patience, persistent practice and apt gear for extreme precision. You need to be sincere with the practice sessions, preparations and must be willing to invest in fine-quality crossbow gear and accessories. Additionally, you need to keep them clean and maintained for constructive durability.

If there are any queries or doubts regarding above mentioned Crossbow Hunting Tips, you can comment them down below without hesitation.

Make sure you:

  • Do not fall for the cheaper crossbows, invest in a good-quality gear
  • To check the quality of the string, bolts and broad-head is durable
  • Load your crossbow with useful accessories like sight scope, rangefinder, etc.
  • Check for the safety aspects that crossbow offers
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