Comfortable Basketball Shoes- How To Choose Right One?

If you’re into any kind of sports, you’d know that the equipment used and the things worn are excessively stressed upon during the game.

The same is the case with basketball. With all the other equipment which are taken care of during the game, comfortable basketball shoes are another one of those things which are really required. But the question arises; can’t we just do well with any other shoes?



Why should we buy basketball shoes, which are much more expensive than the other sports shoes? But buying basketball shoes is important, because these shoes are specifically designed to be worn while you’re playing basketball.

They will amplify the affect, providing you more protection, efficiency and will also have a longer life as compared to if you wear any other shoes.

But all of these things might still not work if the basketball shoes you’re having are not comfortable. Following are some things you might need to know about comfortable basketball shoes.

Why Should You Have Comfortable Basketball Shoes?

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We know that basketball shoes help us a great deal while we’re playing, but all the effects it might have had would be destroyed if the basketball shoes you have are not comfortable. The following points describe the importance of comfortable basketball shoes : 

With comfortable basketball shoes, a player can play to his fullest potential while on the field. He can slay each and every move! Other shoes might be slowing you down, or might be acting as a barrier in your way to full success. These shoes will not accentuate your skills, but these will surely help you prosper.

They provide efficient protection to your feet during the match, so you can stay away from any kinds of injuries as these shoes are especially manufactured to provide full protection to your feet.

This is a proven fact, as it has happened with me too, that great shoes will provide the player with appeal and attraction

If he is nicely dressed for the game, and others observe how the player takes care of his comfort and safety during the game by his choice in several things, It is a sure thing that the player would be attractive to everyone

By wearing comfortable basketball shoes, it is a sure thing that the player with gain much more confidence, and will go out on the field with much more enthusiasm. Remember, comfort is really important.

The player would really not be able to focus on the game if he keeps getting bothered because of uncomfortable shoes. Thus having comfortable basketball shoes is a must if you’re anything near to serious in basketball.

What Makes Basketball Shoes Comfortable?

While some characteristics that make up a comfortable pair of basketball shoes might be universal, and apply to every single person.

There are some things that totally depend on the player, and what you feel like would make you feel more comfortable. To find the most comfortable basketball shoes, you should keep the following things in mind:


This is an important part of a pair of shoes. It depends on the player however, that if he is more exposed to getting injuries or his ankle twisted, he should go for shoes with more ankle support.

This way, you can have the parts of your foot which are more exposed to injuries protected, and can really focus on the game. It is also important, because if you will be having full support, it is an obvious thing that you will feel more comfortable and confident while playing.


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People, cushioning is highly essential for comfortable basketball shoes. This is the part of the shoe that makes it soft and nice to wear. If you’re going to push your feet into something hard, you know it’s never going to be comfortable.

Even if they cost a bit more, go for a pair of shoes with ample cushioning, so that you can wear them and feel totally comfortable with the way the shoes feel covering your feet. This way, the impact of running and other activities during the game might be lessened on the feet as well.


We all are well aware of the fact that grip is everything. You don’t want to be slipping all over the field while you’re playing. It is important to make sure that the pair of shoes you choose have a kind of sole which would provide you with the most efficient grip on the ground.

It is also important because slipping can cause several injuries you’d really want to stay away from. A very uneven sole is the main indication that the shoes are built to grip the ground efficiently.

This way, you will have maximum support, as well as you will be able to feel comfortable, and not hold back anything on the field, in the fears of slipping.

The Perfect Fit

Shoe Fit Guide: 5 Tips to Find the Perfect Fit

It is vital to be certain of your size while you’re buying your shoes. In fact, this is the most important thing to be taken into consideration for perfectly comfortable basketball shoes. If the shoes are too small, they will suffocate your feet, and kind of squeeze them.

Shoes which are too big would also lead to a very uncomfortable feeling, thus always go for the perfect size. Get your feet regularly checked, as the sizes can change without us being aware of it.

A good way to make sure the shoes fit you perfectly would be to wear it, and then walk around for a while. Observe if your foot feels comfortable in the shoes. There can also be an uncomfortable, cramping feeling, and you should not go for the shoes if you feel any such thing.

Also, always wear socks underneath the shoes, so that you know it will be a perfect fit when both the things are paired together as well.

 Shop From A Variety

Now we know that there are several different styles and types of shoes you can choose from (described below). While settling on a style, always make sure that you are totally comfortable with that style, and it feels better than all the others.

Try out as many styles as possible, and compare them to see which one works out to be better for you. There are also hundreds of brands out there which provide such shoes. Try out as many brands as you can until you find the perfectly comfortable basketball shoes for yourself.

Compare the prices, material, quality, and all the other factors that are mentioned over here. See which brand works best for you, and don’t try to work on others’ suggestions, because you are the one who knows what is best for them.

Types of Basketball Shoes

There are three main types of basketball shoes, and all of them vary in their performance. It totally depends on the player, and the way you play, which will determine the right type of shoes in which you will feel comfortable


These are basically the most heavy duty shoes. They are made with the maximum cushioning, and provide the most ankle support out of all the three types of shoes.

This type of basketball shoes are chosen by the professional players, who play violently and make several moves which can injure their ankles and feet.

For such kind of extra protection, high-tops prove to be best, but they are really heavy to wear, so those who prefer light weight shoes should not go for these.


These are the types of basketball shoes which are deemed to be comfortable by most of the players. These provide sufficient ankle support, and have enough cushioning, but these things are comparatively less in the mid-tops when compared to high-tops.

But these still provide efficient protection during the game. The one thing that makes these shoes better than High-Tops is that they are of a lighter weight than the high-tops. Many of the players find these more comfortable to wear and move about in when compared to the high-tops


This type of basketball shoes are basically chosen for children who don’t play basketball games at that extreme a level.

The protection this type of basketball shoes provide is much lesser than what the Mid-Tops and High-Tops provide, but what makes these comfortable basketball shoes is that they are the most light-weight, and this is a characteristic which can always help us gain extra flexibility and freedom of moving around.

However, the ankle support and cushioning is far less than the other two types, so these should not be chosen for serious basketball games


So this is where your hunt for a comfortable pair of essential basketball shoes should start, as these things are essential during the game. Remember that just a simple pair of basketball shoes is not enough.

You must go over as many brands, types and other shoes as you can, and compare them to get the best pair of shoes for yourself.

You know now that comfort during the game is everything, and when paired up with the need for protection, the importance of finding comfortable basketball shoes just doubles up.

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