What is the Best Tee Height for Your Driver? (The Most Useful Factors)

It’s not easy determining the tee height without help. Unless you’ve got yourself a special tee with markings on it. Such a tee shows you instantly the ideal height and yours. You can improve your game, no doubt, but it’s only temporary. This is probably one of those topics that need attention.

Without it, what’s left is measuring the height using your pinky finger. Or else going by intuition which we both know is never accurate. It’s a great idea to do your own research about the best tee height for your driver. Not because it will make or break your game. I mean, it would but that’s not the only reason.

The other reason is that there are so many theories about the best tee height for this or that. What you need is to understand your gameplay first. And then go forward and try to get a definitive answer to this question. But is there a conclusive answer? Let’s find out.

Is There A Best Tee Height for Your Driver?


I’m sure at some point you’ve stopped and asked this question. “How high should I tee my driver shots?” Well, you’re not alone there. Thousands of golfers have asked the same question but without any foolproof answer. All that is about to change now.

What people don’t talk about is how your tee height is related to the face angle of the driver shafts. Not all drivers but more specifically YOUR DRIVER!

The same can be said when you want to find that solid inch or centimeter measurement for height. It wouldn’t be possible unless you weigh in the club you’re using.

As you must already know, driver heads are versatile in shape and size. What you need is to find the correct positioning of the club and the ball on the tee.

A tee shot for a driver is much different than all other shots. Because only a driver shot hits high up through impact. The rest of the general shots are hit down on the ball.

What’s the Correct Positioning?


To maintain a high tee height for your driver, keep the ball above the level of the driver. There’s always a sweet spot for a driver. If it’s lower than the sweet spot, it will result in less impact and height. You might even take a divot through no fault of your own.

If it’s at the same level as the driver’s sweet spot. That’s wrong too.

To tee the ball on a higher point, you can easily swing the club correctly. The ball touches the tip of the clubface. Sending the ball off to a greater distance and a higher launch. This will also avoid spinning which is a detriment to a roll.

What About the Playing Conditions?


Most professional golfers say that the climate while playing golf also impacts tee height. The best time to tee your ball higher would be during dry and calm weather. If it’s windy, hitting the ball lower might make more sense.

In windy conditions, teeing the ball would cause backspin. And it’s not practical to aim for a higher tee height then. So stick to dry, windless, and sunny weather when aiming for a driver shot.

What is the Best tee height for your driver?


You must tee the ball higher than the clubface. But not too high so as to miss the step. Notice how high up the ball is from the driver. If it’s half a ball’s length above the sweet spot of the driver, it’s perfect.

You can even go slightly lower if you want to. Just make sure the top/tip of the ball rests higher than the tip of the clubface. It shouldn’t be on the same level nor below it. This is the best tee height for your driver. It means less spinning, backspin, roll, and better control of the ball.

Final Thoughts

What you’ve learned here is paying attention to how you tee the ball is important. Teeing the ball too high or too low is not recommended. So finding the right height and club and ball positioning is essential.

For example, for driver shots, the angle and loft of the driver shafts are important. Taking those factors into consideration, including the weather, can solve everything.

So next time you’re seconds away from teeing the ball. Check the height of the ball, the angle of the driver, and the loft of the club. All these factors determine the best tee height for your driver.

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