A Fool-Proof Guide On The Best Pop Up Campers

The best pop-up campers come in varied sizes and designs. Find out which type will be most advantageous for you and your vehicle today!

Can you say that you know everything about camping?

The conventional route makes use of portable shelters that you need to stake into the ground. Its less conventional version requires tying a hammock tent between a couple of sturdy trees. The modern one, on the other hand, features the best pop-up campers that money can buy (or rent).

I’m an old-school adventurer myself, so I’ve just recently tried staying outdoors in a tent trailer. How’s the experience, you ask? Well, it was so stress-free that it felt like I didn’t leave the house at all!


But then again, you can just base your decision on the opinion of one. It’s better still to read some facts regarding the subject matter today.

What Is A Pop-Up Camper?

This is a heavy-duty shelter that pops up and down using the crank mechanism. It is similar to the other canopies, in the sense that the setup process is effortless. The traditional camper is a major improvement from the rest, however, because it provides the same luxury that RVs offer.

What Should You See In The Best Pop-Up Camper?

The tent trailer should pass the following criteria before you can call it the best.

1. It Fits The Vehicle.

You can link any tent trailer to a car, but not all suit the weight limit of the latter.

Turn to the auto’s manual to know how many pounds it can pull. You should also factor in the heft of the other gears and the person(s) riding it. The finest pop up camper, therefore, isn’t heavier in comparison to your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity.

best pop up campers

Modern pop-up camper

2. It Matches The Budget.

Aiming to buy your own camping trailer isn’t wrong, but it shouldn’t drain your entire funds.

 If ever you cannot afford a brand-new camper, there are second-hand options that are also in an amazing condition. Just keep in mind that the price rises whenever the number of features increases.

3. It Doesn’t Have Faulty Parts.

The best pop up campers should have every part functioning, whether it’s old or new. Your outdoor experience won’t be satisfactory in case the extended portion always collapses or the bunk won’t flatten. These instances should prompt you to assess all the angles of the tent trailer before paying for one.

4. It Shields You From Natural Elements.

Another perk of having a portable shelter on wheels is that it protects you from the wind, rain, and sun. This camper often has a solid top, mesh sides, and elevated base box. Hence, the natural forces of nature cannot disturb your camping trip.

What Advantages Do Pop-Up Campers Bring?

There are a few benefits to using a tent trailer. They include:

Compact Build

The roof and frames of the tent trailers fold down to almost half of its size. You should not worry, therefore, about these parts blocking your rear view. The design typically comes with a lever too, which has all-around purposes.

Painless Setup and Dismantling 

The technique to properly extend and retract the camper is no secret.

For the first step, you need to ensure that its wheels won’t roll away by putting chocks on their paths. Then, it is necessary to balance the trailer with jack stands so that you can park the vehicle elsewhere.

The tear-down procedure will not frustrate you either because it entails repeating everything from the bottom. Fold the bunks and the cabinets too, in case they are available. The pieces will fit right back in their respective places after that.


Comfortability is what the best pop up campers offer to the users. With these in tow, you won’t ever have to sleep on the ground. The elevated quarters even contain mattresses and bed covers, which can make you doze off easily.

Aside from that, the big kinds of trailers have solid walls. They provide the same level of privacy that a cabin does. It ideally has a built-in kitchen and bathroom as well, so you can do your business in a non-communal area.


The idea of buying a motorhome is often at the back of the mind of every adventurer. This complete travel trailer can entice people as it’s like a home away from home. Yet, many are turning to its alternative, a pop up camper, due to its more affordable rate.

The only difference I can see between the two is that you must attach the latter to a car. The former, meanwhile, comes as a single piece. Because of that, the roving car is much expensive compared to a tent trailer.


Being inside a marquee can trigger the claustrophobia of a person. This is why some folks who want to go camping, in fact, feel discouraged to do it. Luckily, the best pop up campers are among the shelter options now.

You can move its roof high up so that it doesn’t touch your head when you’re sitting. The walls are sometimes made out of mesh material. Thus, it isn’t challenging to see your external surrounding and have plenty of air circulating in the tent.


Many choose to embark on an outdoor adventure to meet new friends who also camp in the site. The problem with bringing a canvas, however, is that you’re always wondering if your personal effects are safe there.

Well, you need not concern yourself about it once you acquire a tent trailer. The large types, to be specific, have a sturdy door that’s easy to assemble. There is even a knob that you can lock to secure all your belongings inside.

What Are The Different Types Of Pop Up Trailers?

The best pop up campers differ in sizes and weights. For a quick estimation, remember that the heftier it is, the more it will feel like a motorhome. Nonetheless, check out the variations here:

Lightweight Trailer

On top of the list is the lightweight trailer. The name originates from the fact that it displays an actual tent above the base. Despite that, it remains a better version of that since you won’t need to relax close to the ground.

There are usually cupboards at the bottom for your cooking utensils. Some may feature a sink and interior lighting as well.

Off-Road Camper

A tent trailer for off-road adventures has been customized to survive the tricky mountain terrains. You can quickly connect it to a 4x4 truck or jeep and haul it on a rough path.

The axis hitch coupler for this type rotates 360 degrees, so the camper won’t separate when you hit a bump. There are massive mesh walls too, which ascertains that the temperature won’t become stifling hot inside the canopy. Furthermore, you may select one that has a room with a sofa and a twin bed.

Toy Hauler

The camper is called a ‘toy hauler’ because it’s complete with an external deck for ATVs, kayaks, or bicycles. Such an extension lets you take the vehicles far away without needing to drive them all the way there.

What’s fascinating is that there is a ramp accompanying many of this sort. This incline is a life-saver when it comes to mounting and dismounting the toy. It supposedly collapses as well, so you’re not dragging it along the way.

Motorcycle Camper

If ever the camping grounds is quite near the house, though, a motorcycle can tow the trailer alone. This is considering, of course, that you have a strong bike and the camper doesn’t weigh a ton.

As you’ve read above, cars have distinct pulling capacities. You may check your motorcycle’s owner’s guide to find out how much weight it can handle before traveling.

Truck Trailer

The benefit of having a truck is that a pop up camper can sit at the back. This type of trailer does not require an axis coupler since you can safely settle it on the car. The only tasks left to accomplish afterward include pulling the stands down and cranking up the roof.

best pop up campers

Hybrid (Expandable)

best pop up campers

Fifth Wheel

best pop up campers

Travel Trailer


A high-wall camper is basically the result of upgrading a traditional trailer. It is known as such since the base box is slightly higher than average to accommodate a decent countertop.

The canvas walls and hard top that you know of are intact in this design. The expansion of its lower half, however, makes the camping shelter extra spacious.


This hard-sided tent trailer isn’t like the rest of the pop up campers mentioned above.

No external portion of it has fabric. Due to that, it becomes obvious that its waterproof capability is unquestionable.

The roof consistently follows the shape of the letter A as well. There are windows perched on it, so you can still see the sky.

The Final Hurrah

A tent trailer is a practical investment for an adventurer who loves to visit the wilderness often. Your shoulders won’t hurt from carrying all the gears, and you have the luxury of having privacy. The best pop up campers vary in weights and aptitudes, though, so be sure to choose well.

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