A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Pond Filter

Who likes to have an ugly looking pond in their garden, do you? Ponds enhance the beauty of your garden. However, if you have a pond to decorate your garden, you need to maintain it properly.

For this reason, you need the best pond filter or a pump. Pond filtration is important to create a clean and balanced ecosystem. So choosing the best pond filter is a tough task. Moreover, if you plan to have fishes in the pond, filters would be the right thing to purchase.

 Since filters come in different types and size, hence you need to keep many factors in mind before selecting the best pond filter for your garden.


Why Do You Need A Pond Filter?

best pond filter

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Before choosing a pond filter for your garden there are certain things you need to understand. Like why do you need a pond filter? If you want to maintain a balanced ecosystem in your pond, then you need a filter, since it helps to keep your pond clean and healthy.

In general, the pond filters helps to filtrate wastewater, soil and various biological wastes. If these wastes gather, it will destroy your pool and the fish living in it.

You need a pond filter as it enables filtration and works as a reducer of wastes, sewage, dirt and various types of biological wastes. These are some of the major contents, which accumulate in your pond and harms fish and the surrounding environment.

 The best pond filter will assure you to pull out all the harmful materials just by dragging all the dirty water from the pond and pushing it into some of the filter traps and then releasing clean water back to the pond.

Review Of 5 Best Pond Filters

In this section, we will help you choose a pond filter packed with all kind of features. Let us help you choose the best pond filter for your garden

1. TetraPond Bio -Active Pressure Filter and UV Clarifier


  • The pond filter is easy to install
  • The parts which is available in the market easily are of good quality
  • The back flush is great


  • If you have a waterfall, this filter comes with a disadvantage, as it slows down the wate

This pond filter offers user with both biological and mechanical filtration. If you have a capacity of 4000 gallons in your pond, you can choose TetraPond. It comes outfitted with BP4000 that helps to clean the water in your pond. 

The healthy bio-activators give you unrestrained water supply and larger surface areas improve cleaning. It also uses the UV clarifier to control the suspended algae that can turn the water green. The device is easy to filter and find features that help to reduce the content of single cell algae in the pond by preventing them from producing more algae.

 It allows fast cleaning with the help of their back-flush valve. If you have medium-sized pond, this pond filter will be best fitted. You will find it fitted with UV clarifier to remove the suspended algae from the pond permanently

2. Pond Boss FM002P


  • The fountain is just perfect for air supply and comes with a number of in-built music
  • Great product available worth the price
  • You can have clear water in your pond


  • The base you see is very light and one has to tie weights along with the pump
  • The head of the fountain is not free to move

This product comes packed with an eco-friendly filter kit that contains a nozzle, and a pump. It is highly energy-efficient and good for the soil. When you purchase this product, you get the kit free as it helps to save money instead of buying a pump, filter and a nozzle separately.

It runs with the help of single cord and it is good for ponds whose capacity is 500 gallons or less than that. This filter specializes in saving energy and enhances the life within the pond. Highly durable and eco-friendly product does not make a lot of noise while running in your yard.

 It comes with low-water shut-off pump, UV filters, non-toxic water treatments, various pond liners, and a number of other accessories. They have excellent customer support to assist you in building and maintaining the garden ponds.

3. CNZ All-in-One Pond Filter System


  • It is sufficient to remove algae from the pond water
  • Comes jam-packed with various water feature attachments
  • It has a number of filtration stages so it makes the water in the pond crystal-clear


  • It is very hard to find any cons or bad feature in this filter

If you are looking for a pond filter to algae and parasites enjoying a deep sleep in your pond, then this is the perfect choice. I will call it the best pond filter as it comes with 13-watt UV sterilizer and three-fountain water feature optional features, that improves the look and feel of your garden.

 The UV filter helps to kill the freely floating algae and parasites. If you have a water feature that is not simple, this filter can help you to control the flow of water and completely filter it. This passes through a series of pond filter attachments like big coarse filter sponge and three bio-filter equipments.

Even if you pond is of high depth you can use this filter with ease. You do not need to purchase an external filtration system as it comes fitted with it. This filter is best for both smaller and larger ponds. The adjustment valve helps to control the flow of the water.

As it is a submersible filter so you do not need to arrange for things to hide the pump as you do with your external pumps.

4. Fish Mater 100PUV


No doubt this is one of the best pond filter that is easy to install and hide

  • With this filter ponds become easy to clear within a week
  • It easy to clean and perfectly works in a small pond


  • There are complains of leaking at time, so please verify with your sellers

If you own a small pond, the Fish Mate 1000PUV pressurized filter is no doubt one of the best options to keep the pond clean and clear. You will find that it uses a combination of both ultraviolet and biological filtration to clear at least 1000 gallons of water.

 This filter is very easy to install in small ponds. You can place it both above and below the waterline. It is also easy to maintain. As it includes both biological and UV filtration for clear water, you do not need to buy extra attachments. it comes with 16 foot long power cord so you have place it anywhere you like, away from the view of your visitors and even place it at higher depths below the pond. The pond filtration system is easy to maintain as well as install.

5. Jebao CF10 pressure Filter


  • It is worth the money
  • Comes with a great UV filter
  • The backwash feature is great


  • The material is cheap
  • Need to buy something larger in case if you have a bigger water capacity then this filter is not fit for your garden

If the pond, which you have set in the garden, is a natural one, then this filter might be coming to your aid. It has backwash functionality, a cleaning indicator and a 13-watt Ultraviolet viewing window.

You can use it as both mechanical filter and a biological filter. It is good for ponds with a capacity of 1000 gallons. In the mechanical filter, you will find two foam discs that are able to collect wastes of various sizes and encourages the growth of helpful bacteria that aid in breaking down the harmful pollutants.

In the biological filtration, you will find that it helps to grow a healthy habitat of bacteria so that it turns ammonia and nitrite into useful nitrates. UV lamp kills and clumps the algae spores in one place.

The filter uses an UV rays allowing glass made of quartz tube for the water to pass under the UV lamp allowing the UV rays to enter and leave. We recommend using it with pomp pumps that has the capability to pump water of about 850 to 1320 gallon.

What Features To Look Into While Buying a Pond Filter?

In order to choose the best pond filter, you need to look into number specialties, functions, and features to shop the best product in the market.

  • You Need To Look Into The Pond Filter Types

There are a number of pond filters available in the market. Such as –

  • Sponge filter – This you can use for small ponds with a capacity of 500 gallons or less. You will find this filter attached to a pump and you can add an extra bio-chamber to enable better cleaning.
  • Skimmer – This is one of the best pond filters, which helps to trap larger debris before it starts rotting at the bottom. It draws water from the bottom of the pond to trap larger contents.
  • Pressure filter – It is a type of mechanical filter, which forces water to move through a sponge and traps the wastes. You can place the pump either above or below the water. This filter is good for a pond with capacity more than 5000 gallons.
  • UV sterilizers – We often call it a clarifier, which helps to kill organic matters like algae, fungi, bacteria simply replacing their cellular structure.
  • Waterfall filters – A type of mechanical filter that use mesh, ball, and ceramic bead to kill harmful wastes in the pond. It is perfect for ponds with a capacity of 100 gallons.

Video: Different Types of Pond Filters

You Need To Look Into The Size Of The Pond

There are people who like to buy small and cheap filters to save money no matter how big their pond is. This let you have inadequate filtration and unmaintained ecosystem in ponds. To know the right filter size you need to calculate the volume of your pond.

 Note the height, width, and length of the ponds. Say a square pond with 10 feet height will have a volume of 10 X 10 X 10 = 1000 ft3 of volume.

However, environmental factors may double your hazards. This means you have to multiply another number to get a higher gallon capacity.

 Say if you have a pond of 2 ½ feet in height then you need to multiply the gallon capacity with 1.25 and get the final reading like – 1000 ft3 X 1.25 = 1250 gallons.

For those people located in the sub-tropical climate regions, you need to multiply the capacity with 1.35. If the climate is temperate, then you need to multiply with 1.15. If your pond is extra exposed to the sun, and you find no shade to cover it during the day then you can use 1.25.

best pond filter
best pond filter

Do You Need A Submersible Or An External Pond Filter?

best pond filter
best pond filter

Benefits Of The Pond Filters

There are a number of benefits associated a pond filter. Here are those benefits 

best pond filter
  • One of the benefits of the pond filters is to clear the water in your pond and let you see the beautiful fishes swimming in it and beautify your garden.
  • The best pond filter will also aid in improving the balance of the bacteria in the pond. When you leave fishes in the pond, it enhances the bacteria life cycle, so in order to keep everything healthy it is necessary to find a balance between bacteria and nutrients. You can find this balance available only when you employ a biological filtration system in your garden.
  • Some of the filter kits do come with a waterfall or at times, a fountain, which can add scenic beauty to your pond and garden as well as improves the air supply in water.

Fishes Require Increased Level of Filtration – Show What Type Of Filter You Should Choose.

If it is important to raise fish in a pond, you need to have extra filtration. The normal and general pump-driven filters available for gardens may be not sufficient for the big fishes.

This makes it rely on a pump to force water and let it pass through the filtration system. In the beginning, it does not allow much water to stay clean. This at times might lead to having an unhealthy pond, which comes overloaded with bacteria and algae.

As a second part, one of the main problems, if you install a pump-driven filter is that the pressure of the water reduces in reference to distance and depth of the pump. As the pressure of the water decreases, the performance of the filter decreases as well. So if you are raising fishes in the pond choose a pressurized pond filter or an external filter.

Video: How to clean a pond filter ?


This was nothing but a quick guide to help you choose the best pond filter of the garden. Each of them is unique in their own way and has some appealing features. You can obviously make the selection based on your own requirements, but in this list, the CNZ all-in-one pond filtration system is one of the best.

However, it is a submersible filter, which you do not need to hide like other external filters. It is easy to clean and maintain and its 13-watt UV filter system helps to kill the freely floating bacteria and algae. It also has three bio-filter media that ensures better cleaning at every stage.

This filter also helps you to control the flow of water as well as filtering it. You get a number of attachments to beautify your garden. Even if you have a deep pond in the garden, this filter will make sure to come handy.

Above all, no matter what the size of your pond is, it can serve both small and large ponds with ease and perfection. While there are other options in mechanical and biological filters on my list, but this is a complete set that has all the necessary features to keep your pond clean and ecologically balanced. Read the reviews and choose the system that you like the most.


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