Are you a hobbyist spearo, scuba diver, or snorkeler? Pole spears are a reliable and friendly choice when it comes to having a fun-filled experience out there. They are a versatile and affordable way to start spearfishing.   


Even though some people think using a pole spear is an old tradition, many spearos believe for you to become a better spearo, you have to put down the speargun and pick up the pole spear. In fact, this is what the old-timers will tell you if you are starting spearfishing for the first time.

So as a spearo who want to try out a pole spear, there are lots of options on the market. But for you to get the best pole spears that can perfectly help you in your underwater hunting you need to consider some factors so you won’t be making a mistake.

Use our buying guide to understand the several variable factors you need before making a purchase.       




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MAKO Traveler Pole Spear

Scuba Choice 5' Travel Spearfishing Pole Spear

JBL Shaka Carbon Fiber Travel Pole Spear

3116 Bandito Pole Spear

Scuba Choice 7' One Piece Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Spear.

best pole spears

Polespear under tension with a cluster head attached.


1. MAKO Traveler Pole Spear

If you are looking for the best pole spear that balances travel-friendly, solid build quality, and affordability, it is surely MAKO traveler pole spear. It features a single five prong cluster paralyzer tip with barb and three interchangeable sections. This amazing feature ensures a high impact when fishing. The pole is forged from anodized aircraft aluminum, and it is resistant to corrosion and has high strength.

Additionally, the pole spear features a very long length measuring 6' 7 " and it can also be broken down to 27.5". I love this feature because it allows for easy storage and transportation. Also, it features a good amount of heft over its large full length. This feature makes the pole capable of spearing fish weighing as much as 10-15 lbs.

Furthermore, due to the build, you can easily configure the length of the pole to your needs. For example, if you need a pole that is shorter you can combine two sections for closer range hunting.

Included is a durable and strong connective joint that connects the poles and has the ability to withstand constant use. Recessed flush screw supports each section of the pole on connectors. This great feature offers extra stability while ensuring a smooth release.          

From our survey, some of the users complained about tip not strong over extended use and being short.

2. Scuba Choice 5' Travel Spearfishing Pole Spear

Scuba Choice 5’ Pole Spear will be great when you are looking for a pole spear with high performance. The pole features two-piece poles. It gives you the chance to use in open water by using the full length and also you can break it down when diving in shallow waters.

The pole is forged with fiberglass, and the tip is constructed from stainless steel which makes it heavier than aluminum made poles. This feature is gracious when your targets are big game fishes.

The pole spear has the length of five feet and can break down into three pieces: 24-inch pole + 24-inch pole + 12-inch prong paralyzer tips with barbs. An amazing feature that makes it perfect for you to take along when traveling. Additionally, included is a high-quality rubber sling which ensures safety when using it for fishing.

Adding to the amazing features of Scuba Choice 5’ Pole Spear is its ability to bend the fiberglass made shaft without making a permanent bend.

From our survey, a minority of the users complained that the design is not attractive and the barb is quite large.

3. JBL Shaka Carbon Fiber Travel Pole Spear


The JBL Shaka Travel Pole spear is constructed making use of a unidirectional carbon weave.This great feature makes sure there is no loss of inertia upon release. The pole features a carbon fiber hybrid design that is extra strong. I love this feature because it ensures the pole spear is sturdy for optimum transfer of energy.

Included is an aluminum end piece which adds more mass and ensures snaring of fish is reliable and safe. If you are working in the reef and rocky environments you can make use of the pole without any worry that it might get damaged. Additionally, it has a thicker wall power band and JBL 890 breakaway tip which makes big game fishing easy and possible for you.

They are available with two options: 6 and 7 feet. It also features an oversized sling which helps in improving penetration and speed. Adding to its incredible features is the fact that it can be separated into three pieces and also come with a travel bag. This feature ensures that you travel with it easily and comfortably.

It has one drawback which is its high price compared to another pole spear in its category.

4. 3116 Bandito Pole Spear

If you need an extra long pole, the 3116 Bandito Pole Spear is a reliable go-to option. It is a one-piece pole spear having the length of 7 feet and a diameter of 5/8 inches. The is forged from a high-grade fiberglass and surgical tubing, but the tip and but is made from aluminum.

Furthermore, it features three prongs, paralyzer having two collar type barbs. This feature ensures good catch and kill. Due to the fiberglass construction and heavy duty, you can throw a strong punch which is able to incapacitate your target. So if you like catching lionfish, this is the best pole spear option for you.         

   This pole spear is heavy and less versatile. These are its drawback.

5. Scuba Choice 7' One Piece Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Spear

    It is a traditional pole spear that features a single tip. I love this feature because it provides users an excellent penetrative power which allows you to use for slightly large fish like flounders, carps and much more. It is 7 feet long but cannot be detached. Included in the pole spear is a flap which ensures your target does not slide off.

Furthermore, it futures a black rubber sling which help protect your hand and also ensures accuracy when spearfishing. The choice of prey is limited when you use this pole spear because of its versatility.

One thing some users complained about is that it cannot be easily transported because it is not detachable.


You don’t need to be eager when buying or picking the best pole spear for you. Pay attention to the factors below.


It is one of the important factors you need to consider in any purchase you are making. You know what you can afford, then don’t go beyond it. Since there are lots of pole spear from different brands they would vary in cost and of course, you will find the one that best fits your budget.

Not all expensive pole spears are of high-quality, don’t make a mistake. There are some affordable ones with high-quality. You just need to make do a good research on the product you have selected.

2.The Pole Spear Size 

The size of the pole spear matters. They generally feature the length of 4 and 8 feet long. But you can have a pole with the length of 12 feet long using some modifications. If you are an experienced diver, you can go for the long pole.

You can gain a higher amount of reach with it. But in case you want a pole that allows for a more confined spearfishing and easy maneuver, you can purchase a pole with a short length.         

3.Materials Of The Pole Spear 

best pole spears

 There are many options when it comes to the materials used in forging a spear pole. You can get fiberglass, carbon fiber, aluminum, and wood options. Each of the options has its advantage and downside.

If you need a robust and heaviest pole, go for a fiberglass pole. But the velocity and strike speed is not as greater as the lighter poles.

 If you need a lighter pole, you can go for either aluminum or carbon fiber pole spears. However, the aluminum poles have less durability and strength, and the carbon fiber poles might have a higher cost.

4. The Tip End Of The Pole Spear

There are two types of tips: the interchangeable and fixed tip. Paralyzer is the most common tip most brand features. Another option is the Tahitian shaft which is also known as a single pivoting barb.

The pole with fixed tip has a sheer strength and durability. However, the pole with interchangeable tip is versatile allowing you to add different styles of the tip which best fit what you want to use it for.

5. Band Of The Pole Spear 

It is found at the pole butt, and it is an elastic loop usually forged from rubber. For you to find a pole spear with a durable and quality band, you need to read the reviews of other customers about the product you are going for.


  • Pole spears are affordable compared to spear gun fishing
  • They are perfect for shallow waters. You can use them around rocky shorelines and intricate or jetties
  • Unlike spear guns, you can speedily and easily reload spear poles. If you miss an attempt, youcan easily reload and make another shot
  • You can easily maneuver a spear pole especially the ones with short length    

    For you to make your investment last longer, you need to give it the perfect maintenance needed. Some of the maintenance tips are:

  • Clean the pole with water while you soak the band in water as soon as you are done fishing. Ensure that you clear out the salt and dirt from the band and pole.
  • Use a towel or dry cloth to dry out the pole and band. Make sure you don’t have a drop of water on them.
  • For the band, use a silicon grease to coat it lightly. Also, seal any cut you see with the grease
  • Once you dry up the pole and band, keep the pole in a coll and dry place. Additionally, keep the band in a ziplock bag and keep it in a cool place like a fridge. It will give the band the appearance of a new one.

    Some people think a pole spear is complicated to use, but this is not always true. All you need is some basic principles, and you are on the right path. 

    • To propel the spear, you have to make use of the elastic band which provides momentum to the spear.
    • Depending on the range of your hunting, you can either use a long or short pole spear
    • Keep the elastic band in the crook of the thumb and then pull it back above the spear. When a fish comes within range, the tension will propel the spear the direction you want it to go.
    • The elastic band must be let go as soon as you release the spear. To ensure accuracy, allow your hand to guide it.
    • Before taking any shot try and get closer to the fish, within 5 feets.


    Spearfishing is one of the best outdoor sports you can participate in. Even though it does not require any special equipment, you need to ensure you have the best pole spear. Of course, it is one of the best ways to have a great day outdoors.

    You don’t need to stress yourself looking for the perfect pole spear for you because the Top 5 we have reviewed above is enough to give you the best option.

    If you think you have enough money to afford for a pole spear, you can go for JBL Shaka Carbon Fiber Travel Pole Spear it is a good option. But in case you have a lesser budget, the other pole spears we have is also a great option. You won’t be making a mistake picking one of the top pole spears we discussed.

    Finally, don’t forget to read our buyer’s guide before making any purchase of your choice. It is very important! 

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