A Guide to the Best Outfield Gloves Out There

Amongst all the important accessories that come along with playing baseball, outfield gloves are one of them. These gloves are normally there for protecting your hands, and as a outfielder, this is a must have.

The gloves are supposed to be of the best quality, to let you give your best on the field. But it can be very hard to find outfield gloves that have the best qualities in them, amongst all the hundreds of gloves out there.

For this, there are some features which should be kept into consideration to be able to get the best outfield gloves. The following instructions will help you on your journey to your dream outfield gloves!


What To Look For in Outfield Gloves?

There are several kinds of different gloves, and every single one of them has specific characteristics which suits different kinds of players. In outfield gloves, this is what you should look for to find the best outfield gloves:

best outfield gloves
  • Choosing the right fit – a glove that fits you too loose will keep on falling off your hands, while a glove too tight will make you feel comfortable. In order to perform your best on the field, make sure to choose a size that fits you perfectly. This way you can stay comfortable while playing.
  • Look for Durability – make sure that the gloves are made of a material which won’t tear off easily, and observe it to make sure the quality is high enough that it will last a long time.
  • Always consider your budget – never forget the amount you really can spend on your gloves. Look for gloves in that range. Even though the cheapest gloves won’t be the highest quality, you can still look into medium-priced gloves which can perform really well.
  • The webbing – For outfield gloves, it is usually preferred by the players that they buy gloves with a very deep webbing, making the pocket wide and deep. This way you can catch the call easily when you have to, there being near to no chance of you missing the catch!

How to Choose?

Now that you know that your glove has everything there should be in baseball gloves, the key to choosing the best outfield gloves is knowing if you feel the best when you wear the gloves. While settling on a pair of gloves, there are some special things you should consider:

best outfield gloves

       Make sure you’re buying from a trusted brand. You can refer to your friends or the reviews online to know what the others have to say about the particular brand you’re planning to settle on.

Only buy from the brand if you have had past experience with it or it has great views.

       Also make sure that whatever you’re settling on is actually worth the price. Many brands can be out there, selling gloves for a large price while they might not be the best ones available out there.

Types of Gloves

There are different gloves which are designed in different way to ensure the safety and efficiency for players in different positions. Let’s have a look at all of these:

 1. First Baseman Gloves

 These gloves are specially designed to be much stronger and resistant, in order to prevent injury to the catching hand, because the ball that these gloves help catch comes at a very high speed.

The structure does not differ much, just that they are made wider so that they can easily catch the ball.

 2.  Catchers Mitts

Now we all know how the catchers are the most vulnerable to injuries out of everyone else, thus their gloves are made in the same way. They are designed to provide them extra comfortable while also letting them all perform remarkably.

3. Infield Gloves

It is preferred that these gloves should be light weight, and sized from small to medium.They don’t have any heavy duty work, but deep shallow pockets are always preferred by the players in this position for ease in throwing the ball.

4.Outfield Gloves

At last, there are the outfield gloves. Players at this position are most of the times retrieving the ball. Thus a larger glove comes in handy with the task they normally have to perform.

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In order to perform the best on the field, it is extremely vital to have all of your accessories in the most perfect way possible.

Choosing the best outfield gloves and maintaining them can help you use the same gloves for years. Thus investing in a nice, high quality pair of gloves once can save you a lot more money later on.

So keep this in mind, handy enough to go over it before deciding to settle on a pair of gloves, and you’ll be able to find the best gloves for yourself!

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