The Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

With basketball becoming the favorite sport for many people from the very start of their childhood, everyone wants to know things about the game. What’s good for them, what’s not? What’s suitable for them and what isn’t?

We all know that in basketball, the things included can differ for different age groups and genders. I’ve compiled all of that information over here, along with the best outdoor basketball shoes so that you can easily access all the important information without missing out!


Five Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Kids

Basketball Shoes

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Jordan Boy's Formula 23 Basketball Shoes


Jordan Boy's Formula 23 Basketball Shoes


Nike KD 8 Youth Basketball Shoe


Under Armour Boys' Pre-School Jet Mid Basketball Shoes


Under Armour Kids Clutchfit Drive 3 Basketball Shoe


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Different Basketball Sizes For Different Groups

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

When we look into it, basketball sizes actually differ according to age, gender and sometimes the level of play as well. There are different sizes of basketballs globally recommended, as well as used, for different specific groups of people. You can have a look at the list below to find out what size suits you the best.


According to age, the sizes can be divided into three main groups. The basketball sized 29.5 Inches is normally used in the men’s college and High school teams. So people in that particular age group normally play with a 29.5” basketball. The same is also used by the NBA.

For guys in the middle school, a 28.5 Inch ball is used. The same size is used for all women and girls aged over 12 years.

In the age group of 9-11, a 27.5” basketball is used, and this size is preferred for all children.

5-8 Year old children use a 25.5 Inch ball normally, which is the recommended size of the ball for them.​


 According to gender, the girls and boys use the same size of basketball up till middle school.

 At the high school level, the men use a slightly bigger basketball than the women do, which is 29.5” while the women use 28.5” basketballs. This difference is also reflected in the sizes of the balls used by NBA as compared to WNBA.

Level of Play

This difference can be seen in the size of balls used by FIBA, which uses a 30.7” inch ball in the case of men, while a 29” ball in the case of women.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

This size is slightly bigger than the one used in the NBA and WNBA, so balls at an international level are slightly bigger than the local level

Things To Look For in Basketball Shoes for Youth

Now when talking about buying basketball shoes for kids, some things can really differ from buying shoes for adults or young-adults.

For this reason, here are some things that should specifically be considered when buying basketball shoes for youth, so you can choose the best outdoor basketball shoes for them!

How to Choose a Basketball Shoe

  • Make sure the basketball shoes you’re buying are lightweight, because you don’t want the shoes from hindering the kid’s movement and flexibility. The shoes should be easy to wear and carry, not a burden.
  • Also, make sure the shoes have a soft, light weight cushioning, so that you kid can stay comfortable throughout his game, without getting any bruises or something else. The more comfortable they are, the better they can focus on the game.
  • A rubber sole proves to be the softest and the most effective when it comes to youth basketball shoes.
  • Make sure the structure is built in a way that it leaves room for air to penetrate in, which will add on to the comfort of the shoe.

Five Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Kids

1. Jordan Boy's Formula 23 Basketball Shoes

These basketball shoes for kids are by Jordan, and are available in three different colors for you to choose from.

Many of the people I know have used these, and have only said good things about it.

These are especially designed for kids, which makes it a better choice. Let’s have a look at what it has to offer:


  • Has a rubber sole, which makes it one of the best outdoor basketball shoes out there.
  • The mesh that blankets the upper part of the shoe makes it breathable, thus it is much more comfortable for the kid.
  • The mudguard that wraps all around the shoe helps in increased support and keeps the feet in one place while the game goes on.
  • The Phylon cushioning is soft, as well as extremely lightweight.
  • Modern looking shoes which add style to the game.


  • None

2. Nike Big Kids LeBron Soldier IX Basketball Shoes

These famous shoes by Nike have a lot to offer, deemed one of the best outdoor basketball shoes by many people.

This has been proved by some of its features, which prove that it has been professionally made and engineered and is really worth the price. Have a look at the pros and cons.


  •  Includes a rubber sole, which provides comfort along with support, while also not being too hard on your kid’s feet.
  • Mesh covers the shoe top for increased breathability and comfort, so that you child’s focus stays right at the game.
  • A mid-foot strap is added onto the structure of the shoe, which adds on to the already efficient support, and keeps your child’s feet in one place. It does all of this while still being very light weight and comfy.
  • The decoupled rubber-pods add on to the flexibility of your child as he plays, as well as these help the shoes have a longer life, without sustaining any damages.o
  • The hexagonal pattern helps the child to move about wherever, without any hesitation.


  •  The Nike logo might start peeling off if the shoes are used vigorously.
  • The additional mid-foot strap might make some kids feel trapped, but it depends on the preference, as many of the kids might find it alright

3. Nike KD 8 Youth Basketball Shoe

These shoes by Nike are also known for their durability and flexibility, but the biggest plus in these shoes is that they are available in about 20+ colors, so you can choose any of them at all, according to what your child prefers. Have a look at the features


  •  Engineered and manufactured in a way to make it extremely lightweight, as well as flexible to promote movement.
  • Mesh covers the upper layer to promote breathability in the shoe.
  • Rubber sole for sufficient support, as well as amazing grip on the group, to promote comfort.
  • Flywire cables help keep your foot in a place, and keep it steady and fit in the shoe.
  • Soft, Phylon cushioning that is comfortable and extremely lightweight, both at the same time.
  • Zoom air unit helps in the increased flexibility and helps you move around easily.


  • The size might be a problem or your children if not taken care, as the sizes online are slightly different.
  • Would not remain durable if not taken care of properly, especially during aggressive playing...

4. Under Armour Boys' Pre-School Jet Mid Basketball Shoes

These shoes are by Under Armour, and come in 9 different colors and designs for you to choose from.

It has several other features that make it distinct amongst the others. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got


  • The outer body is made of leather, which helps build resistance and durability, making the shoes stronger.
  •  Include a rubber sole for increased grip on the ground along with comfort and ease of movement.
  • The leather upper part, with molded quarter panels help increase the breathability of the shoe.
  • It is available in two different types, each suitable for a specific age group. One for kids in between 4-8 years, the other for kids between 8-12 years. This helps in increased accuracy in accordance with the requirements of the children.
  • The structure includes a lot of support, which efficiently locks the foot in and keeps it in a place.
  • The mesh tongue further adds on to the amount of breathability in the shoe


  • The strong grip can make the shoe very difficult to take on and off..

5. Under Armour Kids Clutchfit Drive 3 Basketball Shoe

These fabulous and modern looking shoes by Under Armour come in three different colors and styles, and are available in a wide range of sizes from which you can choose the best fit for yourself. As it is one of the best outdoor basketball shoes out there, let’s look if the features prove that!


  •  Made of synthetic, mesh material, which covers the upper part of the shoes to promote breathability as well as flexibility while playing.
  • Rubber sole to promote flawless grip onto the ground, along with added comfort and ease in moving.
  • The Clutchfit technology used in making these shoes adds on to the breathable quality of the shoes.
  • The bear trap lacing system keeps the feet in place easily and steadily.o The foam cushioning is soft, comfortable, and helps in easier movements for the kid.
  • The sole is made in a multidirectional pattern for increased traction on the ground.


  • The size can easily be confused if not paid attention.
  • Can start damaging if used in aggressive playing, especially if not taken care of it.

5 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Men

Basketball shoes

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Adidas Performance Cloudfoam Ilation Men’s Mid Basketball Shoe


Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive Men's Basketball Shoe


Nike - Air Jordan I Retro High OG GS - 575441


Nike Men's Lebron SzBasketball Shoe


Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Basketball Shoe


Tips For Buying New Basketball Shoes

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

When you’ve settled on the decision to buy new basketball shoes for yourself, there are several things that run through your mind. The most important one is if you’ll be able to choose the best one for yourself or not.

Many people do not know the things they should prefer before buying a new pair of shoes, and end up getting one which doesn’t suit them in any way. In that case, you’d want to be fully prepared before you go shopping for a pair.

Thus I have compiled together the most important and key features which must be present in the shoes in order to make it one of the best outdoor basketball shoes you can find:

The Outsole

The pattern of the outsole might seem like a mare design, but it is of much more use than you think. The rugged, uneven design of the sole gives you all the grip and traction you need in the game.

It provides support and structure along with it as well, promoting ease of movement. Observing the soul of the shoes is thus, an important part of buying the shoe.

Many have hexagonal patterns, which help in multidirectional movement for the players. Thus when you go out for shopping, a soul with a modern hexagonal pattern is what you should be looking for​

High-tops or Low-tops?

 In this matter, you shouldn’t really act on others’ reviews and opinions. Choose what you think is the best for you.

Basketball shoes are available in high-tops, mid-tops and low-tops,the low-tops providing the minimum support while the high-tops providing the maximum one.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

The mid-tops provide moderate support, but the support you need depends on how you normally play. The ones with aggressive playing should definitely go for high-tops, and the ones for mild games should go for low tops.

Also, the weight here matters as well, according to the weight you can bear on your feet. Low-tops are the most lightweight of them all, high-tops having the most weight.

Shock Absorption

 If you can, go for a shoe that provides maximum shock absorption. This can do wonders in your game, protecting you from the potential blows of landing hard onto the ground and can also make you run much more easily and swiftly over the ground.

This can really be a game changer, if you can grab onto these fast enough. Most of the best outdoor basketball shoes have this feature in them

Care About How They Look

Of course, the amount of grip, support and shock absorption the shoes provide are more important than this, but making a statement is important as well.

You can choose to really be bold on the field. Make everyone know what you’re capable of, and choose a pair of shoes which are modern looking, stylish and can scare your opponents away. That’s how you go on the field

5 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Men

1. Adidas Performance Cloudfoam Ilation Men’s Mid Basketball Shoe

These shoes by Adidas are mostly used by a lot of professionals on the field, and we’ve come to know they love it. Its features prove it to be amazing as well, as we can see


  • Available in 11 different colors and styles so you can choose whatever looks good to you.
  • Manufactured in a way to provide the maximum support and protection, as they are high-tops, making it perfect for the most aggressive games.
  • Rubber soles with hexagonal pattern for increased traction and grip on the ground.
  • Stylish three-stripe logo at the sides for added style and statement to your shoes.o The mesh that makes up the upper part of the shoe makes it increasingly breathable and comfortable to wear.
  • Leather adds onto the durability of the product.
  • Cloudfoam cushioning for increased comfort and support, and it also helps keep the feet at one place.
  • Imported quality material which won’t disappoint


  • Has to be kept in special environments to sustain it after aggressive games, or else the shoes can damage

2. Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive Men's Basketball Shoe

These shoes by Adidas come in a wide range of 18 different colors and styles for you to choose from.

They are made for the maximum amount of support and protection, and work amazingly while on the field. Here are some of the features these shoes have


  •  Have a rubber sole for increased traction and grip over the ground, as well as exceptional support while playing, especially multi-directional movement.
  • The cushioning is the latest boost technology, which provides you with additional strength and power while you’re at it. This has hardly been seen in any other pairs, which makes this one exceptional.
  • The lacing system is really up to date, which keeps the feet at one place while still keeping the feet comfortable and easy inside the shoes.
  • High-top shoes for maximum support and protection, and are also extremely breathable for the feet.
  • Durable and can stand a lot of aggressiveness.


  •  For some people’s preference, this might be a heavy weighed pair of shoes, as these are high-tops with special cushioning.

3. Nike - Air Jordan I Retro High OG GS - 575441

These shoes by Nike have a sleek, modern look which is the best for making a bold statement out there, along with features that are surprising as well as amazing for the game.

Let’s look at what it has to offer


  • Available in either black or white.
  • Made of strong leather material which is both, durable and supportive.
  • These are Mid-tops, and this makes the pair of shoes supportive and lightweight, both at the same time. These are the most preferred kinds of basketball shoes out there.
  • The rubber sole provides amazing traction over the ground, along with the air-filled section over the heel which makes a soft, light weight cushioning for the feet to feel comfortable and supported.
  • The grooves on the outer sole are deep, which helped in increased friction with the ground, thus the best grip you can get..


  •  Might not be supportive enough for people with aggressive playing, for whom high-tops are the most preferred ones

4. Nike Men's Lebron Soldier IX Basketball Shoe

These shoes by Nike are surprisingly amazing, and they are available in the widest range of over 30+ different colors and designs.

The sizes are also available in a wide range, so you can choose the exact fit for yourself. Let’s have a look at the pros and the cons


  •  Mesh covers the upper side of the shoes to make them more breathable, as well as increases the quality of the shoes.
  • Rubber sole helps in increased grip and traction over the ground as well as easy, multi-directional movement.
  • Mid-strap to keep the foot steady and in one place.
  • Rubber pods added to the shoes for increased protection and flexibility.


  • These are mid-tops, so would not be suitable for the extremely aggressive games

5. Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Basketball Shoe

These converses will catch your attention first of all, because of their modern and stylish look.

I mean, they’re the coolest looking Basketball shoes I have come across till now, and are available in around 11 colors from which you can choose one. Following are the pros and cons of these shoes


  • Made of canvas which is extremely durable and supportive.
  • Rubber sole for increased traction and grip while playing.
  • Mid-tops, so they can provide support along with being lightweight, and this is the perfect balance for everyone.
  • The toe cap of the shoe is made of rubber to provide increased protection to the feet


  • Might not be suitable for people who’d prefer more support and protection, because these are mid-tops


Now it’s time to choose the best ones out of these all! Amongst the kids’ shoes, the best one is no doubt the number 4. That is because it provides as much support as a shoe can, while still being lightweight.

The main focus of the shoes is comfort, which is the best thing in shoes for kids. They are also extremely affordable for what they offer, thus they are no doubt the best outdoor basketball shoes out there!

Amongst the shoes for adults, the winner is no doubt, number 3, as they are the most supportive ones out of all, and easy to wear as they are light weight.

They are comfortable as well, and use modern technology to make the shoes exceptional and long lasting, along with providing the most efficient performance you can imagine!

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