Best Longboard Bearings – 5 Best Bearings for Longboards Reviewed

The time will come for you to eventually replace your longboard bearings. Do you know how? In truth, it’s hardly an impossible task. As long as you know the right procedure, you’re good to go. The real question you need to ask yourself is: which longboard bearings should you go for as far as suitable replacements are concerned?


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Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

Bones Bearings Ceramic Super Reds Bearings

Yellow Jacket 608 Premium Bearings

Zealous Bearings for Longboards and Skateboards

Magic Bearing Spacers

What Should You Know Before Replace Longboard Bearings ?

There are a few things you might want to know about longboard bearings. This would include the materials that are available, the sizes, and the ABEC ratings. Having a sound knowledge of these will surely aid you in making the right choice. With that said, let’s take a closer look at…

The Materials

The first material that you may want to take a look at is steel. Bearings tend to be circular with flat sides. Each of these houses up to seven lubricated balls, which are made to spread the weight of a certain load and ease up any tension between the axle and the wheel. Steel bearings work fine for most because of the durability it provides.

Best Longboard Bearings

As long as you keep these bearings well lubricated and clean, they’ll work for as long as you need them to.

Ceramic bearings, on the other hand, are less prone to heat, making them ideal for riders who are a bit more discerning. Not only are they harder than their steel counterparts, but they’re also a lot smoother, which causes far less friction.

They also don’t require as much lubricant. The issue here is that these bearings will come at a higher price, which is always something worth taking into consideration.

The Sizes

Probably the most common size among longboard bearings is the “608 standard.” It’s characterized by an 8mm core, a 7mm width, and a 22mm outer diameter.

Being the industry standard and all that, these things will match up with just about any board out there. In contrast, there are those that are non-standard in design that you may want to go for, but these aren’t very common.​

How To Replace Longboard Bearings

A Look at the ABEC Ratings

Do They Matter or Not?Another thing you may want to know is ABEC Ratings. The Annular Bearing Engineering Committee is a division of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association. They’ve developed a certain rating system that can measure the tolerance in precision bearings. Such a system eventually became an industry standard, running from 1 to 9.

ABEC, Swiss, Ceramic, Skateboard & Longboard Bearings

The higher the number, the more precise the tolerances are. Unsurprisingly, the higher numbers will also equate towards pricier products.

They may be relevant to certain causes, but the ratings were designed to help evaluate the bearings used in machinery, rather than longboard wheels. Your specific situation may require you to take a look at a product’s ABEC ratings, but for many riders, these are not their end-all.

Now that you’re a bit acquainted with the ins and outs of longboard bearings, maybe you’d like to take a look at a few examples. Listed below are five products as well as their corresponding pros and cons.

These examples will help you get further knowledge as to what to expect when you’re finally out selecting actual bearings for your own specific wants and needs.

How to: Install Longboard Bearings and Wheels

5 Best Bearings for Longboards Reviewed

REVIEW # 1: Bones Bearings Reds Bearings


  • It has a single, non-contact, removable rubber shield, which makes for an easier cleaning experience and far less friction.


  • Has a decent quality overall, but that’s it. Some might even claim that this particular product is not worth the hype.

REVIEW # 2: Bones Bearings Ceramic Super Reds Bearings


  • These bearings provide a very smooth and fast ride, which is just what they’re supposed to do.
  • Some have pointed out the noticeable lack of rolling resistance, which is never a bad thing for longboard users.


  • This product might be a bit too expensive.
  • Some users have noted of it being non-lubricated and in poor condition upon delivery.

REVIEW # 3: Yellow Jacket 608 Premium Bearings


  • Allows for greater speed, at least compared to the red bearings


  • These bearings come coated in bearing grease. Even after being soaked in mineral spirits overnight, they proved to be 2.5-minute spinners at their best.

REVIEW# 4: Zealous Bearings for Longboards and Skateboards


  • There’s no need for a speed ring or a spacer as far as these bearings are concerned.
  • Exhibits great tolerance and comes with a lube of excellent quality.


  • Not terrible, but far from the best.
  • Many would consider this to be a bit overpriced as well

REVIEW # 5: Magic Bearing Spacers


  • This is considered to be a lot faster out of the box when compared to other bearings in the same price range.
  •  It takes at least six months before they start to slow down your longboard, which makes it durable enough for just about anyone to use.


  • The quality of these bearings go downhill real fast once the dirt and the grime starts to build up. This means you’ll have to do a lot of cleaning and maintenance once the dip in quality becomes noticeable


There is no such thing as a perfect product, and even if there is, these examples sure don’t count.

Although they each have their good sides and their bad sides, one product clearly stands head and shoulders above all else in my opinion: the Magic Bearing Spacers

A short comparison is all that takes to see how it compares to its rivals and why this is one bearing you can’t ignore.

The durability is great enough for you to enjoy it to its fullest potential, and the speed it provides you is pretty good, all things considered.

Even if it’s not to your liking, at the very least, you now have the blueprints as far as choosing the right longboard bearings for you is concerned. Choosing the right items is not easy, but a little knowledge can go a long way.

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