Best Catchers Gear – How To Find The Right One

During a baseball game, the catcher is obviously in grave danger of being injured all the time. This is because the ball approaches the catcher at a high speed, and in order to play his role in the best way, while also being safe, a catcher’s gear is highly important.

However, it can get pretty hard to find one which fulfills all your needs and is high quality, while still being affordable enough. This is why, we’ve brought together all the information you’ll need to settle on the best catchers gear there is out there, and we’re sure you’ll be completely satisfied!


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What Is Included In A Catcher’s Gear?

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The term of “catcher’s gear” is generally used to describe the whole set of protective things which help keep you safe during the game. However, when you go out to buy a catcher’s gear, there are a lot of things included in this gear.

Some of the gear sets out there might have more things included than the others, but there are some important things which are necessary to be there in a gear. The things which are included in a complete Catcher’s Gear are:

1. A Catcher’s Helmet/Mask 

This is the thing that is the most crucial during a baseball game for a catcher.

This is worn over the head at all times, and it covers it up completely so that no matter what, your head remains safe and sound.

 It comes in two sizes generally, and they fit the user quite well. There are two types of helmets, which will be discussed later on.

2. A Chest Protector 

 This is a whole piece which is made up of a soft but firm material. It is made so that no injury would come to the area around your chest. In this way, even if the ball hits your chest, you’ll be completely safe.

 This also comes in different sizes, and you can have the one according to yours.

3. A Catcher’s mitt 

 It is obvious that catching the ball is made a hundred times better and safer if a catcher’s mitt is used. It cushions your palm and your whole hand generally, so that the impact of the ball hitting your hand doesn’t damage it. Also, it can help you have a much greater grip on the ball, without restricting anything.

4. Leg/Shin Guards

These basically cover your legs from your knees, down to your ankles. They are also made of a very firm material, and they shield your leg completely, all around the front.

 This helps them to absorb most of the impact, and thus your leg remains perfectly safe from all kinds of injuries. You can find the one which fits you perfectly, and you’ll be good to go.

5. Knee Savers 

 These are just an additional part of the gear, but it’s always good to have them. The knee savers really help make your knees feel even more comfortable, while also providing that extra layer for added protection. This way, your knees remain safe no matter what, and it’s always good to stay cautious.

6. Throat Guard 

 It does what the name says; it protects the area around your neck and just covers it up, so that it remains shielded. An especially large amount of shielding is needed, as the neck area is quite fragile and can get damaged easily. Thus the throat guard ensures that it absorbs almost all the impact.

Top 5 Best Catchers Gears:

1. Willson Catcher's Gear Kit

This Catchers Gear comes from a very trusted brand, Willson, which specializes in sports goods. This is a high-quality gear set which includes a helmet, a chest protector and a set of leg guards.

It is basically made for the younger players, as it has sizes ranging from 5-12-year-old young players. It has a lot of nice features, which helps it to be one of the best catcher’s gears for younger players.


  • It is extremely easy to put on so that the children do not need anyone else’s help to put them on, and can do the job on their own.
  • They are comfortable to wear, as they are pretty lightweight. This is why they do not restrict the movement of the kids.
  • The padding on the chest protector is firm, while still being comfortable, so the gear set provides both ease and safety at the same time.
  • It includes the hockey style helmet, which provides protection to the neck as well. This is how it provides an overall protection to keep your child safe.


  • The Velcro leg straps might be too loose for some of the skinnier kids.

2.  Louisville Youth Catcher’s Set


This catcher’s set is manufactured for the younger players as well, and it includes a catcher’s helmet, a chest protector and a pair of shin pads. Together, all of these things work to protect the kids from all sides, and the gear is found to be completely reliable to keep the serious injuries away.


  • Comes in a lot of different colors, so you can use your favorite color to wear while playing.
  • It has a very sleek and modern, matte look so that it looks completely stylish when worn. This helps boost the confidence of the player a lot and helps him play in a much better way.
  • The chest protector has a very intense foam padding, which just helps in keeping injuries away completely. It also includes an over the shoulder harness, which helps the chest protector to stay in one place, and does not let it shift up whenever you crouch.
  • The double knee design of the shin guard helps in a better and comfortable fit, along with double protection as well


  • The helmet might be a bit too heavy for some people’s preferences.

3. MacGregor Junior Catcher's Gear Pack

This gear set by MacGregor comes in a very beautiful red color which would suit anyone while on the field! ​

It includes a helmet, a chest protector, and shin pads. All of these things are made with a very high quality material, and it specializes in the gear for younger players, so everything is designed to work perfectly along with kids.


  • The helmet, the chest protector, and the shin pads, all of these things are completely adjustable. This is to ensure that everything fits you perfectly, no matter what.
  • It is durable as well, so not only will it provide twice as much protection to the user, but it will also last a very long time and won’t be broken in a matter of days or months.
  • The plastic used is a high-quality plastic, which proves to be heavy duty as well. This just means that the gear will go through a lot of abuse, without being damaged, while also protecting the player from getting harmed through injuries.


  • The gear might seem a bit heavy for some people.

4. MacGreggor Varsity Gear Pack

This Varsity Gear Set by MacGreggor comes in two very stylish red and black colors. It is basically designed for relatively elder children, around 15 year olds.

 The set includes a helmet, a chest protection and a pair of shin pads.

 All of it is made of very heavy duty material, which just adds on to the durability of the product, and helps keep the player protected from more injuries.


  • It is extremely comfortable to wear, while still being sturdy and protecting you even from the fastest balls. This way, you know you’re safe from all kinds of injuries.
  • It can fit a lot of people with different body types perfectly because of it being highly flexible, and because it can be adjusted according to the requirement, whenever and however.
  • The hockey style helmet protects the neck along with the head too, thus adding on to the protection element.


  • The straps might be too loose for the skinnier kids. 

5. Easton Youth Black Magic Catcher Box Set

This amazing Gear set by Easton is basically designed for children ranging from 6-12 year-olds. It is very versatile, strong and does the job of protection and providing comfort simultaneously.


  • Includes a hockey style helmet, which is the best one when it comes to providing additional protection to the child. It protects the neck along with the head too, and it protects the head from all sides.
  • The design is smaller, along with being lightweight. So it will fit the child perfectly well, while also not hindering his ability to play on the field without any restrictions.
  • The padding on the chin pad and the chest protection is very soft, yet firm, which just helps keep everything safe and sound.
  • The Velcro straps really help adjust the shin pads and chest protection, so that you can get the items to fit you perfectly and sit on you comfortably like a second skin.


  • The size might be too big for skinnier children.

Important Things To Consider Before Buying

There are some very important things you need to make sure of while buying the catcher’s gear, so that you can surely settle on the best catcher’s gear. Note that if any of the below mentioned things aren’t there in your gear. You might not be able to be as satisfied as you would be if you follow the instructions carefully and buy exactly what you require.


The fit matters more than anything else. Make sure what you’ve bought really fits you. Generally, within all the items that are included in the gear, there are two main sizes. One size goes for Adult, while other for the Youth.

 Some might just simply call it Small and Large. It is important to see which one you might be categorized in, and do not buy something if it doesn’t fit you completely.

2. Material:

Make sure that the material of your gear is very firm and steady. You should take note that it isn’t easy to figure out the quality at a first glance, but asking someone who has experience with this helps a lot.

The material shouldn’t be looking cheap, and you should make sure that it would last you a very long time. How can something ever readily protect you, if it itself is weak and can’t stand abuse?

3. Comfort

All of the protection is necessary, we understand, but going out of your comfort zone will do you no good. The whole point of the gear is to help you to play in a better way, as well as a safer way.

 You’ll only be able to play freely and to your full potential if every single item of the gear sits on you as comfortable as possible.

 Both the size and the material have to do with concern, and things like the heaviness and the roughness of the item can also make you feel uncomfortable. These are the things you should really pay attention to.

4. Prices

It is very important for you to set your budget before you go out in the market. You’ll find several brands selling the same things at a much greater price, which is why you must focus on the features rather than the brands. If something is expensive, do not think that it is better than the others.

You must first observe, and make sure you wouldn’t be wasting your money if you’re settling on something. You can find what you want in a very large range of prices, thus you shouldn’t go overboard, and just buy something you can afford.

Important Things You Need To Know About Catcher’s Helmet and Chest Protectors:

1. Catcher’s Helmet:

The catcher’s helmet comes in two different types, which are;

  • The Traditional Style
  • The Hockey Style

Both of these are different in many aspects. Firstly, talking about the traditional style, it is the typical two strand helmet. It does not cover the ears, and provides a very wide range of vision, so that you can see clearly whatever is going on.

It offers very little resistance, and is very easy to take off or put on. It is worn backwards, and a mask is pulled down to shield the face. Even though the traditional helmet provides quite a moderate amount of safety, it still does not provide as much of the protection as the hockey style helmet does.

When talking about the hockey style helmet, we know that it is a single piece helmet which covers the side, top and front of your head. We can see here, that the hockey helmet covers a much larger area of the head than the traditional style helmet.

The face of this helmet is also very long and goes down to cover the neck as well. However, it might be difficult to take this off when there is the need.

Both the traditional and the hockey style helmets are comfortable to wear, but the hockey-style provides much more safety when compared to the traditional style. This is the reason why hockey style is mostly encouraged amongst the younger leagues, and in some places, the traditional style is banned.

Mostly, the higher level and the more advanced level players use traditional style helmets, who need a wider range of vision and ease in taking off or putting on the helmets.

2. Chest Protectors

With chest protectors, it is really important to know that a lightweight chest protector would be a part of the best catchers gear. This is because we need protection for the catcher, but we really do not want to restrict the catcher’s movement or let the gear be an obstacle in his way.

Therefore, choose a chest protector which is lightweight, but still has a firm padding which will deflect all kinds of impact, and protect the whole area around your chest to keep you safe from all kinds of injury.

The second thing you much make sure of would be the size of the protector. Generally, the protector is supposed to protect the whole area from the bottom of your neck till the naval.

 To get an accurate measurement of your size for the protectors, you should stand straight and use a measuring tape to measure from the bottom of your neck to the naval.

Usually, the sizes of the protectors are available between 11 to 18 inches, depending on if you’re youth or adult. The chest protectors are the most important parts of the gear, and you should especially make sure that they fit you really well.


Amongst the hundreds of brands being available out there, providing to you different gears, it might just seem like an impossible task to settle on one. But through this, we tried to help you understand, what really makes a gear the best catchers gear you can ever find.

Also, we narrowed down the list from hundreds to the top 5 best checker’s gears, so that you can find the perfect gear with no difficulty at all!

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