Best Bowfishing Lights-The Buying Guide and Review

The use of bows and arrows to fish has been in existence for many years. During the olden days, they are basically used to collect foods. But in recent years, it has changed direction. People now use it for recreational activity which is now popular.

As part of the activities, archery equipment with advanced technology is now available, and they are used to shoot fishes such as alligator gar, paddlefish and much more. Whether you are new to bowfishing or you are someone with experience in it, you need some good gears to take the most out of the game. Of course, a soldier can’t go to war without his gun and expect to take the victory.


What do you think your weapon is? It is a bowfishing light. When you have a great bowfishing rig, then you need the best bowfishing lights which ensure bowfishing success on the water.

 Are you confused? No, you don’t need to, because I am going to discuss with you the basics of bowfishing, the review of the best bowfishing lights available on the market, how to get the perfect one for you and other basic information. Jump in and let’s take a ride together!

Quick Comparison 5 Best Bowfishing Lights




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Lighting Ever 100w Super Bright outdoor LED Floodlights

-Voltage of 110volts Type of bulb is LED, 6000 color temperature, 50000 hours of average life

Hyperikon LED 90w Wall Pack

The bulb is LED, waterproof is IP65, the luminous flux is 10800 lumens, and Voltage is 120227 volts.

SOLLA 60W LED Flood Light

The lifespan is 50,000 hours. The voltage of 110, color temperature of 6000 Kelvin, the wattage of 60w

LEDMO 50w LED Flood Lights

It is widely used

Color: Warm White

Material Type: Black

AMMON LED Flood Light

It has 120-degree beam angle.

20000 lumens cool daylight white

Material Type:Metal, Glass

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The Review of 5 Best Bowfishing Lights

1. Lighting Ever 100w Super Bright outdoor LED Floodlights

If you are looking for a versatile bowfishing light, this LE 100w LED flood light might be all you ever need as a bowfisherman. It has about 10150 lumens of daylight. The luminous efficiency is more than 100lm/w. I love these features because when using it, I don’t have to worry about dizzy lights and shadow. The light that this product offers is excellent and brilliant. The color of the light is daylight white.

Additionally, the energy efficiency is higher compared to old halogen lamps. When you are using it, you don’t have to worry about high electricity bill as the product saves about 60 percent. Also, it features a wide beam angle of 1200. I can tell that this amazing feature can help provide you with wide illumination range. 

Furthermore, its case is fully made of aluminum alloy die casting. Included is also a tempered glass and excellent heat dissipation. These are features that make me keep my mouth wide open in surprise because they give the lights great durability. This means your investment is going to last a long time efficiently.

It has a metal bracket on the lamp body which allows you to install the light easily. This gives the opportunity for you to adjust at 1500.  The additional features are: Voltage of 110volts, type of bulb is LED, 6000 color temperature, 50000 hours of average life, the power source is hard wired and much more.



  • check
    It has vibration and shock resistance
  • check
    Instant ON is included
  • check
    It is water resistant
  • check
    The installation is flexible as it can be mounted on ceilings, ground, walls and much more
  • check
    It is durable and versatile as it is perfect for garage, yard, warehouse, display window, garden and much more
  • check
    The only drawback I found about this product is the unattractive design and the brackets that are not so good.

2. Hyperikon LED 90w Wall Pack 

When you have a light of 600w and replace with this LED 90w wall pack, you will be saving about 85 percent on the cost of energy. The luminous efficiency offers an incredible minimum of 90lm/w with an efficient energy saving replacement for high-pressure sodium fixtures and a metal halide of 150 to 250 watt. I found this features amazing because it ensures a super bright light.

Additionally, it offers 45,000 hours life rating. This means you can use it 6 hours per day for 21 years. This is a wow! You would not need to replace your light frequently. As one of its amazing features, it comes with a dark night shield that you would not need to pay for. With this feature, lightning pollution is reduced, and it is in full compliance with dark sky requirements of International Dark-Sky Association.

Furthermore, it has an operating temperature -20 degrees to 144 degrees. It means it can survive any climate. The bulb is LED, waterproof is IP65, the luminous flux is 10800 lumens, and Voltage is 120227 volts. All these contribute to its excellent light display. The light is forged with metal and resin which makes it more durable and versatile.



  • check
    It  is easy to install
  • check
    The beam angle is 120 degree
  • check
    No climate is too harsh for this light
  • check
    Resistant to shatter and vibration
  • check
    It is extremely brightIt can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • check
    The heat output is cool and minimal
  • check
    ​The knockouts are difficult to remove, and it also has poorly written instructions.

3. SOLLA 60W LED Flood Light

It features 288 LEDs which offers daylight white color and super bright light. It has a wider angle beam of 120 degrees with this feature I can assure you of wide beam distribution of light and shadow free light. The light has an arm in the form of yoke-style. You can position this feature in almost all angles, and it has a variety of application settings.

Included is a waterproof EPISTAR chip that is energy efficient. It means you can save more than 80 percent on the electricity bill. The body is made of highly efficient aluminum and tempered glass. I so much like this feature because it makes the product durable and highly resistant to impact. The lifespan is 50,000 hours. So you don’t need to change the lamp frequently and also saves you money.

Furthermore, rubber rings are embedded in the in the chip and interfaces. It means you don’t need to worry about the weather condition and other environmental factors. Some of its other features are a luminous flux of 4500 lumens, the voltage of 110, color temperature of 6000 Kelvin, the wattage of 60w, coded-electric power source and much more.



  • check
    No hazardous emissions, IR radiations, and lead or mercury
  • check
    It is multi-choice allowing you to choose either daylight white or warm white
  • check
    It provides wider illumination range and healthy lighting
  • check
    The installation is flexible
  • check
    Offers two years unlimited warranty
  • check
    The light does not have a plug

4. LEDMO 50w LED Flood Lights

LEDMO 50W LED Flood Light offers an amazing lifestyle of more than 50,000 hours. It features low wattage that can save you 88 percent on your electricity lighting. The case of the product is made with heavy duty die-cast aluminum.    This feature provides is with high durability making sure you use it for a longer time without the worry of replacing it.

The output of the light is 4,000 lumens of warm white light that offers a superb brightness. Additionally, it has a stainless steel mounting bracket that is 270 degrees adjustable. This makes the product easy to install. Some other features are range frequency of 50 to 60 hertz, LED total power of 50 watts, the efficiency of the lamp is 90 percent and much more.



  • check
    It is widely used
  • check
    Offers heat dissipation which keeps the light cool all the timeIt is waterproof
  • check
    The warranty is two years
  • check
    It is affordable
  • check
    The LED is durable, and the light generally features sturdy materials
  • check
    Provides a great permanent and yet adjustable light solution
  • check
    From my survey, some of the users complained that the wire exiting the bottom is too short

5. AMMON LED Flood Light

 The product features 20,000 lumens of cool daylight white with no glare and shadow. This feature is amazing as it shows sufficient brightness that meets all needs.

It has 120-degree beam angle that offers wide illumination range. Included is high light transmittance tempered glass, high power Epistar chips, and case forged with aluminum alloy die-casting. I see these as great features because it makes the LED flood light sturdy and durable.

Also, it has a metal mounting bracket that is 120 degrees adjustable. This makes it possible for you to mount on ceilings, wall, and ground. It saves about 60 percent energy which has a positive effect on your electricity bill. Other amazing features are wattage of 200w, the voltage of 110v, and much more.   



  • check
    It is environmentally friendly because it does not contain lead or mercury
  • check
    Offers 30 days replacement and three years product warranty
  • check
    No IR radiations and Hazardous emission
  • check
    Easy to install and flexible enough to meet your lighting needs
  • check
    It is not dimmable

How Can You Start Bowfishing?  

best bowfishing lights

If you want to learn any form of bow hunting, bowfishing is the best thing you can start with. For you to start, you need a license. I need to tell you that every state has its bowfishing law. The type of license you will be given depends on whether you want it to be just a recreational activity or your occupation.

Once you secure the license to be a bowfisherman, you will need the gears that can see you through the journey to success. These are reels, best fishing light system, arrows, bows, and line. Night and summer bow fishing is more productive than any other time of the year.

Bow Fishing Lights: What Are They?

Lights are one of the contributors to having successful bow fishing. No doubt, tracking fishes are easy during the day especially when the water is clear. But have you ever thought of what happens in shallow water and when the night comes? You will have difficulty seeing the fish underwater.

It means you need special light and this is where the bowfishing light comes in. They will enlighten the water under the boat which provides a clearer view of the fishes you want to hunt.

How To Choose the Best Bowfishing Lights

Most times, identifying the best product out of all the tons of bowfishing lights available on the market can be overwhelming. I will give you some basic tips that can help you make your selection without a headache.


For you to purchase any product, your budget is one of the basic factors you need to consider. The lights come in different shapes and sizes and also from different manufacturers.

It means the prices will vary. So you need to choose the one that best suits your budget. But have in mind that high-quality products most times cost more. However, you can get affordable brands that can still fill the gap. All you need is intensive research.

Read Reviews From Customers

If you have any product in mind the best you can do is to read the reviews of previous and current customers about it. From there you can see some other suggestions that are better than what you have in mind. 


This is one important factor to consider, especially if you are a beginner. Most people think their favorite color should determine the color but it is wrong. The color of your bowfishing light should be determined by the color of the water where you will carry out the bowfishing activity.

For example, if you will be fishing in a clear to semi-clear water cool white led is perfect. Also, if the color of the water in your area is tea-stained warm white led lights are the best. Additionally, if your water is gloomy, you would need a yellow light. 


Of course, I want an investment that will serve me for a long time, and I assume the same thing applies to you. Ensure your bowfishing light is durable and not prone to easy damage. Additionally, you need a light that is water resistant. You can purchase lights constructed with stainless steel.

Bulb Type 

 Do you want to save some cost? Then you need an energy efficient bowfishing light. One light that fits in is the ones with led bulbs. Also, high-pressure sodium is good, but for halogen, you need reconsideration.    


 Pay more attention to the lumen instead of the wattage.

For you to better understand light, I would advise you to take the first step by getting combinations of light to see the one that works better for you.    

What Number Of Bowfishing Lights Should You Install? 

It primarily depends on where you are going to fish and the size of your both. Don’t forget, white lights are perfect for clear water, and yellow light works well on darker water. Some bow fishers use 6 Halos and 6 LEDs while some use five floodlights with 55 watts each.

What Types Of Bulb Are Available For Fishing Lights?   

There are three options of bulb, so you need to know the types of light available. 

1. Halogen

 They are available in most hardware stores. One interesting thing about them is that they are capable of giving a large amount of light. But it needs a lot of energy. It offers light weight, and the housing can accommodate different wattage of bulb.

This option works properly, no matter the condition the water throw at you. It is easily available and a good light source. The bulb does not last long like other options.


Lights with LED bulb are the most popular choice among other options. The fact remains that they are expensive, but believe me, you would be making a great choice picking bowfishing lights with LED bulbs.

Unlike the halogen that needs lots of energy, you can charge the LED lights with a battery or two and provide the LEDs with light. Additionally, they come with different wattage and options. 

3. High-Pressure Sodium        

This bulb type is perfect for murky waters. So if you are looking for a solid light source, HPS might work well. But it needs more energy most especially electricity. It means you will need flashlights and heavy generators.             

What Voltage Should You Run Your Bowfishing Lights On?

There are different voltages you can run your light system on. It varies from 12-volts DC all through to 120-volts DC.  The voltage you would require will increase with the number of light you add into the system.

If you are running a 12volt dc and you add some additional lights, then you would need to increase your voltage to 24volts. All you need are switches, lugs, terminals, and wiring.

 120volt DC is perfect for professionals that would be bow fishing for long hours. It is more effective than the other two types of voltage. But it is not without a drawback. If you make a wrong connection, it can result in a fire. So you need to be extra careful when making your connections

Easy Way to Set Up a Bowfishing Light

best bowfishing lights

The value of power needed is important after knowing the amount of voltage you need. The Ohm's law can be used to obtain the power that will be consumed. The voltage of the circuit, Amperage in amps and power in watts are the three entities you will need. The basic equation is P=IE. For example, if you are using the power of 300 watts and 24 volts, you will need 12.5 amps.  

Once you have done your calculation and known the amount of power you need to run the light, then you start making your wire connections with precaution and safety in mind.


I will advise you to consider all options before going for the best bowfishing light perfect for you. But any of the products discussed above can be a perfect choice. In case, you want to pick another bowfishing light make use of the buying guide and ensure you take every factors and information into consideration.

Do you think there are other best bowfishing lights I have not mentioned? Leave your comment in the comment box below.     

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