Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

If you are looking for good basketball shoes that give you the maximum ankle support, we have some good news and your search ends right here!

Here in this article, we will look into some of the best basketball shoes that provide the maximum comfort and style to the players.

Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

These shoes are a must for players and professionals, as they provide the support and traction they need for their moves and expert throws.

Since the ankle is the most crucial, yet vulnerable part of the foot, one wrong move or twist could literally mean the end of the game for you.

Perfect ankle support is very important and you definitely need the best shoe in town to go with your skills and passion. We have compiled a list of the top 5 basketball shoes with ankle support that you must have a look at when thinking about getting that perfect pair.



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Adidas Performance Men's Amplify Basketball Shoe


Under Armour Men's UA ClutchFit Drive Mid Basketball Shoes


Nike Lebron Soldier IX


Nike Men's Jordan Melo M9


And 1 Men's Rocket 3.0 Mid Basketball Shoe


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Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

1. Adidas Performance Men's Amplify Basketball Shoe

The number one shoe on our list is the Adidas Performance Men's Amplify basketball shoe for right reasons. Adidas lives up to its promise of quality, durability, comfort, style, and support.

Designed especially for the younger players, the shoe comes with a rubber sole, for an increased support to the heel. Also, it's quite soft and comfortable with padding for support on the inside.

The material is quite breathable, keeping the feet sweat-free and cool at all times. You can wear it for hours out on the field, without getting tired or feeling constrained in any way.

Plus the shoe comes with the Eva shockLiner – it helps the players go about comfortably on the field, being on the run with their special moves. Adidas helps them run about fast and stay in action thanks to the Adiprene footbed. The shoe has the classy 3-stripe web design and is available in two classy colors.

Your feet get the desired grip for those quick actions thanks to the outsole and the rubber sole that keep the heel safe from shocks and sprains. In terms of comfort and traction, the shoe really ranks at the top.

Certainly a safe choice, and that too without any compromise on the looks!

Why Do We Like It?

​Adidas lives up to its brand promise and offers the quality and comfort every player needs on the field. The shoe provides the maximum traction and also comes with the EVA shockliner support.

Plus, the lightweight design, with supportive cushioning on the inside keeps you running and performing smoothly on the field.


  • Premium quality and durable.
  • Great traction and grip.
  • EVA shockliner keeps the feet dry and comfortable.
  • Strong heel and ankle support.


  • Comes with a steep price tag.
  • The narrow front may not make it the perfect fit for all.

Video : How to Tie Shoes for Ankle Support

2. Under Armour Men's UA ClutchFit Drive Mid Basketball Shoes

These high-collar, strong traction providers are just what you need to take your game to the highest level.

Lightweight, comfortable and with a strong ankle support, the Under Armour UA Clutchfit Drive Mid basketball shoes come with the rubber outsoles and a heel counter.

If you are looking for complete support and good protection for the ankles, these are definitely worth the bargain.

The shoe also provides support to the heels and keeps them protected from shock. There is the Micro G foam, that provides complete protection to the foot and gives a good lift while jumping or aiming for the 3-point shot.

Overall the design is quite light, and soft, keeping it comfortable for hours for the players. Another key feature of the shoe is the UA Clutch Fit. It actually covers the foot like a second layer of skin and keeps it safe.

There are two color options, and the shoe also comes with the charged cushioning midsole for the most comfort and gives you a solid grip. There is the 3D molded tongue as well, to ensure that the shoe fits perfectly and hence provides the support.

Why Do We Like It?

One of the best options for solid traction and protection, especially for the ankle. The design is made to be the right fit for everyone.

The best part about the shoe is that from the sole to the tongue, every part is completely padded and well cushioned to maximize the comfort for the user.


  • UA ClutchFit technology for added protection.
  • Micro G cushioning give a boost during jumps.
  • External heel counter gives more support.
  • Extended collar for enhanced ankle support.


  • No such negatives in this one!

Video : Under Armour ClutchFit Drive Performance Review


Tough, resilient and solid, the Nike Lebron Soldier IX is one top-selling shoe in the basketball field.

Named after Lebron James, this design helps boost your performance giving you a strong backup support through the game.

The shoe provides top-of-the-line ankle support and keeps the whole foot safe from any sprains or injuries. The feet stay in place, cushioned and snug so that there is no place for extra movement inside the shoe.

This one too provides all around support to all parts of the foot – the ankle, heel, mid calf, and top, everything is completely supported and kept in place, thanks to the superb padding.

Nike has made use of straps instead of the traditional lace style, to provide the most support to the feet. The straps are positioned to enhance the support on the heel and the whole foot. The shoe always stays close and fixed to the foot so the chances of twisting or slipping are minimal.

With this soldie IXr, the traction, support and cushioning are just perfect! It is highly recommended for the long hours and tough games.

Why Do We Like It?

The shoe has all around straps for a better grip and support to the shoe. You will feel that it completely grips the foot from all ends perfectly so there’s no margin for wiggling or accidental twists. A mid-high shoe for increased ankle support and protection.


  • Provides all around support and comfort to the foot.
  • Fits around perfectly with the help of specially positioned straps.
  • Rubber sole for a stable support and grip.
  • Also, has the mesh lining for support.


  • May take you some time to break in and get used to the shoes.
  • Not very durable or best for vigorous action.

4. Nike Men's Jordan Melo M9

Starting from the looks, comfort, style, and support, the shoe is just what a keen basketball player may be looking for.

It has just the right length and width, making it the right fit for the foot. It lives up to the Nike name and is durable, comfortable, and highly supportive.

It really doesn't matter whether you are young or old, the style and design are just right for all ages.

Plus, Nike has given much thought to the sole and made it rather tough and perfect for the heel support.

You can simply wear the shoe while stepping out for a jog, running or for your basketball game. It keeps you safe from accidental slipping and falls. Light, fitting, supportive and with Zoom Air cushioning, it is an all-rounder shoe and ideal for wearing through the day.

Another outstanding feature is the TPU shank. It lies under the foot and gives a smooth and cushioned base to the arch and heel. Plus, there’s also a lateral cage, that provides all around support. So your feet are fully protected and supported all over!

Why Do We Like It?

Excellent cushioning gives you great comfort and Zoom Air cushioning keeps your feet safe and well-protected all over!

Plus, instead of providing grip to a part of the foot.

It gives you complete control and traction to all parts including the heel, ankle, and top of the foot. You will actually feel you have the complete hold on the ground.


  • Amazing grip and support to the ankle!
  • Fits the foot perfectly.
  • Comes with the TPU lateral cage for increased support.
  • High quality and very durable.


  • The material is not very breathable.
  •  Expensive.
VideoMelo M9 Performance Test


Last but never the least, we have the And 1 MEN’S Rocket 3.0 Mid Basketball Shoe. With the rubber sole and heel quarter molding, the foot stays supported and protected from shock and undesired strains.

The TPU design further enhances the stability and comfort. With the feet locked in place, there’s no stopping you!

The shoe completely wraps around the foot giving it the maximum support and protection it needs.

At such an amazing price, it is a must have! This shoe has the well-known EVA footbed for a full padded support and the TPU design that offers increased padding to all parts of the foot.

So, your feet will be snug and comfortable, letting you perform to your max. The design also has the unique multi-directional herringbone that gives a full-grip to the feet. The mesh tongue keeps the feet dry and ventilated, so you won’t feel that sweat or heat building up inside even if worn for hours.

Comfortable, light, snug fitting and supportive, these are one of the best basketball shoes you will find at such amazing price. Highly recommended for those new to basketball, and for the experts as well.

Good news for those who place considerable importance on the design and the overall look of the shoe, there are four appealing designs and color options. You can choose one according to your style and wear them out proudly on the ground!

Why Do We Like It?

If you have a low-budget or are looking for a durable yet low-cost design, then this is one of the best shoes you can buy in the markets today.

It has all the features that make it amongst the top-rated basketball shoes – you will get the EVA cushioning for support, TPU design, rubber outsole and the mesh tongue, all in this one.

These are all the factors that make it everything a good player may be looking for in his/her basketball shoe.


  • Very supportive for the ankle.
  • EVA footbed for comfort.
  • Rubber sole for more support.
  • Affordable.


  • Not as durable as the top brands.

Buying Guide – Best Basketball Shoes

So you are out on the field, but just as you are aiming for the one perfect shot, oops!

Your feet fail to anticipate the action and Oh no! The dreaded ankle twist!

Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Basketball players are always at a high risk of getting ankle injuries.

Basketball itself is not a simple sport. It requires a certain level of expertise and practice in itself to make one a skilled player.

However common the injuries may be, a solid ankle support is mandatory for all players to enhance their performance.

Hence it comes to no surprise, that the world's best players like Michael Jordon make use of the top class shoes, that give them the much-needed support and keep the feet well-gripped on the ground.

Here we have identified and put together some of the key factors you must look into before the purchase. These will also give you some insights about the vital elements of the shoe and what makes the basketball shoes different from the other sports' shoes.

Factors to Consider When Buying Basketball Shoes

While there are hundreds of footwear options, whether you are looking for normal sportswear or basketball shoes, specifically, there's one that will go most with your persona. Let's start with the Comfort:

Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

 1. Comfort

Comfort comes foremost when it comes to the selection of the shoe. If the shoe is in any way not comfortable for the user, it will constantly be a source of distraction for the player and ultimately affect his/her performance.

Many of the cheaper material shoes, often result in sores and can be a painful experience for the player.

If there's a chance that you have the looks versus comfort when deciding the right shoe, always go for the comfort!

We now have many soft leather shoes, other padded shoes with cushioning, that provide the comfort needed to keep the traction and give you the most comfort.

 2.Brand Name

When it comes to shoes, you must consider the brand. The brand name signifies the quality, features, and comfort of the shoe. It also tells you if you will get what is being promised by the name.

This is particularly important if you are considering making the purchase online. Since there may be many unauthentic brands and counterfeit products, it is best to stick with the known brands

3. Freedom of Movement

The shoe must not in any situation constrain the movement. While it may give a stronghold to the feet, keeping them in place, a good shoe must allow you to move as freely as you desire.

The player must always be able to work out his skills, rather than be confined to minimal moves.

 4. Support

You must look for:

a) Ankle support.

b) Heel support.

Since these are the most vulnerable parts of the foot, they need the maximum support and protection. Many of the shoes come with soft padding or provide extra cushioning around the collar and tongue so that the foot stays fit and in place.

5. Quality

Quality ensures longevity and gives the most comfort and support to the foot. Since you will be buying the shoe to provide you the comfort for longer, it is best to go for a quality product.

Even if it costs a few bucks more, it is well worth a bargain as a quality product delivers what it promises. It will keep you safe and protected from accidents and sprains, unlike the cheap quality materials and brands.

6. Durability

Another very important factor when looking at the basketball shoes is durability. If you go for the cheaper quality ones, you will need frequent replacements as they will wear out quickly. That may actually lead to higher costs, especially if you are an avid player.

They will do for the short-term, but for the professional players and for more protection to the foot, you must go for a durable brand.


These shoes are available in a wide price bracket. You will find these shoes at quite low prices and then, there is the high-end branded wear that may be high priced.

However, keep in mind, price and quality may or just may not be proportional. Look for the features first!

 8. Sole

The shoe must be strong enough to take all the movement and aggressive running. It must not wear out after a few games only.

One thing to be particularly careful about is the sole. Many of the good brands also have soles that are so strong that they can handle the shocks and keep the feet well-gripped on the ground.

So the chances of slipping or skidding to a fall are minimal.

9. Safety

The sole of the shoe plays a major role in ensuring safety. Most of the professionals recommend the rubber soles. These are durable, slip resistant and also quite sturdy. Players can move around with ease and with minimal chances of accidental falls or slip.

10. Other Factors

Here are a few more factors you must consider prior to the purchase so that the perfect shoe lands on your feet:

  • It must be the right fit: The size including the length and width must be perfect for your foot. Check out the size chart and other details before placing your order.
  • Must be responsive: Basketball requires balancing and requires a lot of support from the ankles. For keeping up with the player, it must be very responsive and boost the performance by providing the maximum support.
  • Must be light: The shoe must not add to the weight. Ideally, the best of the basketball shoes are light in weight and let the players freely run about on the field.

11. Other Accessories

Other accessories and essentials that go with your basketball shoes include:

All these are basic accessories that you may buy with your sports gear. They may help reduce the chances of injuries and provide maximum support for your game.

  • Ankle sleeves.
  • Brace.
  • Ankle sleeves.

What Must a Good Basketball Shoe Have?

Here are some of the additional technical features you must look into before buying the basketball shoe:

1.Strong Grip

A good basketball shoe must provide the maximum traction to the player. The better the traction, the more it will support the foot and take on the weight from the ankles.

So, grip and traction are very important! Another thing to be mindful of is the rubber outsole. Always, ALWAYS go for the non-marking rubber outsoles.

2. The Collar

The shoe collar should ideally always be decoupled. A decoupled collar gives you increased support and comfort. The higher the collar the more stable and supportive the shoe. It gives you a great grip and helps make it more responsive during the game or while running.

3. The Midfoot

The material the midfoot is made from is also very important. Some of the top-class basketball shoes have the midfoot panels made out of TPU. These are perfect for support and help take away the load from the ankles.

Players can move about much freely, with the feet affixed and gripped in place and enjoy the most comfort.

4. The Side Straps

For more support, you may also look for the side traps. Some of the best brands like Nike, have these straps for giving you more control and for keeping the feet firmly in place.

5. Ankle Support

The type of shoe you select also depends a lot on your style. The most commonly found styles of ankle support include:

  • The high-tops.
  • The mid tops.
  • And the Low-tops.

Let us look at each one here:

The High-Tops

These are the heaviest types but offer the highest stability. The ankle support is maximum with these as they have lots of padding and cushioning to keep the whole foot well-supported.

A player out on the field is often doing a lot at a point in time. A good shoe will help make it easier for him by taking on some of the load and enabling the player to run fast and carry out the swift action with ease.

The Mid-tops

 These are by far the most famous and professional-recommended shoes you will find in the markets. These are known for providing the most support to the ankles, yet enable the player to run about at his/her own pace.

Not too light in weight, but not quite heavy either, hence preferred by most of the experts.

The Low-tops

 These are quite light in weight and hence, preferred by many of the professional players. Since they are light on the feet, they give more freedom to the player to move about and also provide support to the ankle.

Overall, they are very comfortable and provide great traction to the whole foot.

We recommend the Mid-tops as they are just what he/she needs, in terms of support, comfort, and traction.

One known yet often missed tip, when looking for any kind of shoe is knowing the right size of your feet. If you want the correct measure you must visit a store during the evening. This is the time when the feet are in their expanded state and you can know the right size so the shoe won't be tight or the wrong size.

Here are some more tips for buying the right basketball shoe.

Do You Really Need Basketball Shoes?

Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Prevention is always better. While there may be no 100% safe way to completely protect your feet against injuries and sprains, you can always minimize the chances of any accidents.

A good pair of shoes provides support, traction and a good grip to the entire foot, so the player can focus on the game instead of trying to maintain his balance only.

This, in turn, helps in enhancing his/her performance and are also laden with features like slip resistance.

Basket ball shoes are designed to provide safety and comfort while walking and running as well.


A basketball player needs a good pair of shoes that will help him as he goes around the field. Just some research and knowledge about it can help you find the right pair.

While there may be many that catch your eye, the key to the perfect pair lies within its comfort and support system. So, basketball shoes may not be all about the looks, you NEED stability, the right fit, traction, and support.

The above-mentioned pointers are some very useful factors you need to consider so that you can narrow down the options and select the right fit.

Remember, it was a shoe that led Cinderella from rags to riches. A good shoe will be with you for years and can be your best friend (or worst partner) on the field. Choose wisely and get the game on!

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