5 Best Hoverboards For Kids & Adults

With hoverboards becoming trendier with every passing day, it’s no surprise if your child is one of the many who want a hoverboard for themselves. But amongst the hundreds of brands and kinds of hoverboards available in the market, it can be hard to find the best hoverboard for kids.

 No need to worry, because I’ve brought together some of the information that might help you choose what’s the best for your child, as well as some of the hot products I would totally recommend for you people to check out.


How Does Your Kid Benefit From a Hoverboard?

Everything kids do on a Hoverboard

First of all, every single parent would contemplate the need to buy a hoverboard. I understand, because the same questions went through my mind too. Is a hoverboard really necessary? And above all, is it good for your child?

The following points can help you figure that out.

  • A hoverboard can help your child to really work on his balancing skills. It’s always good to have some extra skills on the go, and balancing skills really prove to be useful in the athletic activities, in which your child can easily stay ahead.
  • It’s a way for your child to go out in the fresh air and play. It is true that the outdoor activities of our kids have greatly reduced because of all the technological advances, but this one is, without a doubt, a great way to keep your child active.
  • It is also very easy to use and portable as well, so you can easily take it along anywhere and store it easily. Some practice, and your child can master the art of hoverboard on his own!
  • When he goes out to ride on the hoverboard, he can interact with other kids his age and make new friends out of them. That is the start of a healthy, interactive society, and so much better than your child just lying around the house with a mobile phone in his hand.

Quick Comparison : 5 Best Hoverboards


Our Rating



Scooter Hoverboard UL2272


SWAGTRON Scooter Hoverboard


Coocheer Self Balancing Hoverboard 6.5”


SagaPlay Self Balancing Hoverboard


Self-Balancing Scooter-VEEKO UL2272


How To ChooseThe Best Hoverboards For Kids?

There are many factors which determine if a hoverboard is the best hoverboard for kids or not. The following are some of them.

  Make sure you buy the hoverboard from a trusted and certified place if you’re buying it online. It’s better if you go to a shop to examine and purchase it yourself, but if you can’t, be very careful about where you’re buying it from.

This is because there have been outdated hoverboards in some online stores, which can really provide a bad performance.


 The best hoverboard for kids will probably be manufactured recently, because that hoverboard will be having improved features and latest technology, according to the newest standards.

This way you can ensure that the hoverboard is safe and will give the best performance.

  While buying a hoverboard, carefully examine the battery as well. The battery is supposed to be very high quality, not too outdated and you should also check if the battery is charging fine in the store.

This will help you ensure the battery is good and safe for your child. Also because of the several cases of hoverboards catching fire, this is something to be really taken care of.

How to buy a hoverboard that won't catch fire

          When it comes to the tire size, the three types of tires are there for different reasons. If you know your child is going to be driving the hoverboard on smooth services, the 6.5 Inch tire is great, but that tire will not support rugged surfaces.

The 10 Inch tire, on the other hand, can provide better performance on rugged surfaces. The 8 inch tire will give you a balanced, in between performance.

15 Easy Hoverboard Tricks

Top 5 Best Hoverboard Products Reviewed

1. Scooter Hoverboard UL2272

This hoverboard comes from a trusted brand, XtremepowerUS.

Apart from being available in 5 different colors for you to choose from, it accompanies features that might make it suitable to be one of the best hoverboards for kids out there.

We like 

  • Lights change color, which the kids find very attractive.
  • Good packaging and fast shipping.
  • Features a Bluetooth speaker you can pair with your phone, which I personally find very unique.
  • Long lasting battery, and the charging time is also very less; 2-3 hours.
  • Lithium-ion battery, which is the safest and the highest quality.
  • Easily used.
  • Very affordable and provides great features.
  • Perfectly safe and good looking for kids.

We don't like

  • Can be heavy to lift at times.
  • The Bluetooth connecting noise can sometimes be loud and annoying.
  • No volume control included.

2.SWAGTRON Scooter Hoverboard

This hoverboard can also be called as one of the best hoverboards for kids out there. Check out the pros and cons for this great hoverboard.

We like 

  • It can support a huge weight of 420 Lbs, so anyone and everyone can ride it.
  • Is amazing while driving over bumps and rocks. Works perfectly on rugged surfaces.
  • One charge can go for as long as 12 miles, and it can also run on a speed of 12 MPH without any problems.
  • 10” rugged tires which help in establishing better grip.
  • Can connect to your phone via Bluetooth and you can play songs.
  • Available in three different beautiful and unique colors and designs.

We don't like

  •  Expensive amongst the others.
  • Can be really heavy to carry along.
  • The hoverboard does not work as well as it normally does when the battery goes less than 2 bars.

3.  Coocheer Self Balancing Hoverboard 6.5”

Available in two different colors, red and blue, this one also has features that are excellent and account for a great hoverboard. Have a look at what it has to offer.

We like 

  • Battery deemed to be completely safe by the safety standard authorities.
  • Extremely powerful and can drive faster than the other hoverboards.
  • 6” tires that can give great performance, and go up to 10 mph.
  • Gives an amazing mileage of 15-20 km per charge.
  • Alloy wheels to ensure the best performance.
  • Can easily drive over small bumps and cracks..

We don't like

  •  Can be heavy to lift and carry.

4.SagaPlay Self Balancing Hoverboard

This hoverboard is also one of the best hoverboards for kids, as it comes in an extremely affordable price, and three different colors to choose your favorite one.

We like 

  • 250W motors provide a lot more power than the normal hoverboards, thus your hoverboard can go faster.
  • Very safe battery comes up to all the safety standards.
  • 6.5” alloy wheels to take you anywhere and everywhere.o Lithium ion battery, which is said to be the highest quality one.
  • Self balancing, gives great aid in balancing the hoverboard.
  • Comes with an amazing 1 year warranty.

We don't like

  • Can scratch easily if not taken care of properly.
  • Only supports a limited weight of 220 Lbs.
  • Can be very heavy to lift and carry for kids, with a weight of 22 Lbs.

5.Self-Balancing Scooter-VEEKO UL2272

One of the very best ones we could find, this one is also an amazing choice for your kid. Comes at an affordable price and provides extensive features.

We like 

  •  6.5” alloy tires provide a smooth, steady ride, even over bumps.
  • 350W extremely powerful motor to allow maximum speed.
  • The battery is deemed to be entirely safe by the higher authorities.
  • Comes with an amazing 1 year warranty if anything goes wrong.
  • It can go for 6-9 miles per charge easily, and can go up to a speed of 9.6 mph.

We don't like

  • Can be heavy to lift and carry.
  • It is a bit hard to get the neutral position right.

What Is The Best Way To Use It?

Best Hoverboard For Kids

The following is a step to step guide that will help you determine the best way to drive a hoverboard.

  • Place the hoverboard right in front of your feet and turn it on. Make sure it is completely charged and ready to go. The lights are supposed to be on the front, in the direction you’re facing. This is because there have been outdated hoverboards in some online stores, which can really provide a bad performance.
  • Step whichever foot you want on the hoverboard first, and then step on it with your other foot. Take your time to balance yourself and stay as straight as possible. This might take some goes, but you’ll be fine. Also, make sure both your feet are as distanced as possible, so keep your feet right beside the wheels.
  • You have to slightly lean forward, if you want to go forward, and the opposite for going backward. For turning, slightly shift your weight to the right or left, wherever you want to take your hoverboard. The key is to not lean in too much, or else you’ll fall, and we don’t want that, do we?
  • So you just practice it as much as you can until you feel like you’ve gotten a grip on it. To step off, keep one foot down first and then the other. Do not step off on the back side of the hoverboard, as you’ll be more vulnerable to slipping and falling. Always step off on the front and you’ll be fine.


Now out of all of these, the best hoverboard for kids is no doubt, the hoverboard #3, which is the Coocher hoverboard. It was a tough competition, but we can see it has cons lesser than all the other products we have reviewed.

It provides the best features, and near to none people have found it to be faulty or dissatisfying. It has a certified, safe battery and tires that give a very smooth ride.

Also, the fact that it gives the most mileage per charge out of all the others makes it exceptional. In short, this is truly the best one you can find out there for kids!


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